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URL Rewriting Tool

Submit a Dynamic URL in our free URL Rewriting Tool and convert it into a Static URL in a jiffy!

What is URL Rewriting?

URL Rewriting is used when you want to convert your dynamic URLs into static ones. Our URL rewrite module helps you in this conversion. Generally, website owners use an online URL Redirect Generator because it saves them time and efforts. Plus, it helps in improving the Search Engine Optimisation as well.

What are Dynamic URLs?

Dynamic URLs are long strings of characters that include +, #, %, etc. Dynamic URLs are bound to change over time.

What are Static URLs?

Static URLs does not run in long string of characters, they are shorter than dynamic URLs, and they do not change with time.

Webmasters and SEO professionals convert their Dynamic URLs into Static URLs because they are easier to remember and bookmark due to their unchanging nature. Also, Static URLs are preferred over Dynamic URLs by search engines, so they help in your site's SEO.

If certain pages on your website still have Dynamic URLs, you should track them down and turn them into Static URLs with help from the free URL Rewriting Tool by RankWatch.

About URL Rewrite Tool by Rankwatch

The URL Rewrite Module by RankWatch is equipped with an advanced URL Rewrite Software that is based on a robust algorithm. Due to this, our URL Rewrite Tool is capable of turning every single one of your Dynamic URLs into Static URLs within a matter of seconds.

However, our tool has certain URL rewrite rules that are to be followed. For instance, our tool only converts Dynamic URLs to Static URLs; it is not the other way around. So, if you submit a Static URL for conversion, our URL Rewrite Module will not execute the conversion process. Plus, it will show you the message conveying that your URL is already static.

RankWatch is an all-in-one SEO software that helps businesses climb up the SERPs to the topmost page. Other than that, RankWatch provides a vast set of tools that webmasters can use for managing their website, improving their keyword research, and conduct an in-depth link analysis of their domain. Every single one of our tools is free to use and user-friendly; the same is the case with our URL Rewrite Generator.

You can begin by entering the URL that needs to be converted to static and submit it by pressing 'Rewrite URL'. Just as you do that, our module will begin the URL rewrite process and produce the Static URL in a snap!

It does not matter if you need URL rewriting in PHP, an IIS URL rewrite, or the popular Apache URL rewrite. Our online URL Redirect Generator is advanced enough to convert URLs that will work with all the hosting services.

After analysing everything our URL Rewrite Module has to offer, one might wonder 'how much will it cost to use our URL Rewrite Tool?'Well, surprisingly enough, RankWatch provides the services of its URL Rewrite Software for free. So, you can convert as many dynamic links into static ones as you want. You do not have to spend a dime on our module. Plus, we do not ask for any email IDs or subscriptions.

The URL Rewrite Module by RankWatch is created only to help the community just like our other free tools.

What is the need for Rewriting URLs

Now you know in detail what is URL rewriting so, let's move on to cover what the need for Rewriting URLs is?

The purpose of a URL Rewriter is to transform the Dynamic URLs into Static URLs. You need to do that because Static URLs are shorter, more comfortable to bookmark and index to the search engine database. Furthermore, these type of URLs rank better than dynamic URLs in the SERPs.

When you have a short URL, you can include keywords in it. Therefore, whenever a search engine crawler scans your website for indexing, they can read the keywords and understand the context of your page. If you would have a dynamic URL, then it will take a lot of time for the Crawler to scan over your domain and index it. In that case, you need to use an XML Sitemap Generator that can create a sitemap of those links and upload them to the search console to get indexed. So to save you from that trouble, it is an excellent idea to use our URL Rewrite Software and turn all your dynamic URLs into Static ones.

If you provide Crawlers with short query strings rather than long ones they will index your site faster, which further helps the rankings of your website and the loading time as well. So, you will have higher rankings, more traffic, and quick loading speed, just by changing a URL from dynamic to static.

How to Rewrite URLs with RW's URL Rewriter Tool

Using our URL Rewriter Tool is not something that is very difficult to understand. It is a user-friendly tool whose tutorial finishes in three simple steps.

Step I: Open the URL Rewrite Generator Tool in the Website Management section of RankWatch's free tools.

Step II: Enter a Dynamic URL (along with the HTTP/HTTPS protocol).

Step III: Press the 'Rewrite URL' button.

Just as you press the button, our URL Re-writer Module produces the Static URL. You can copy that and replace the dynamic URL of your website with it.

If your URL is already static, then our tool will not execute the conversion. Instead, a message will pop up stating that the entered URL is not dynamic.

These are all the steps that you need to follow when using the URL Rewriter Tool by RankWatch.

Benefits of URL Rewriter Tool

The motive of our URL Rewriter tool is to convert the Dynamic URLs in your domain into Static ones. And the benefits of our tool can be understood when you comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of Dynamic and Static URLs.

  • Dynamic URL


There's more functionality in sites with Dynamic URL.

Dynamic websites are conveniently handled and update.

Even the users can operate a Dynamic Website conveniently.


It requires a lot of investment to host and develop a Dynamic Website.

It affects your SEO.

  • Static URL


Developing and hosting a Static Website is not expensive but affordable.

Improves your overall SEO.


Delivers basic information.

You need to be knowledgeable about updating Static Websites.