SEO Keyword Suggestion Tool

Enter your seed keyword in RankWatch's Keyword Suggestions tool and get a wide variety of keyword suggestions related to your seed keyword.

About Keyword Suggestion Tool by Rankwatch?

RankWatch's Keyword Suggestion tool produces a broad list of keywords depending on your seed keyword. The suggested keywords in the list can assist you in preparing an effective content marketing strategy.

The keyword suggestions extensively include the keywords that people search for and the ones which have a high search volume out of the infinite keyword data available on the internet. 

Our Keyword Suggestion Tool is similar to Google Suggest, where you type a seed keyword and get all related keyword suggestions; however, the only difference between both of these tools is how broad their lists are. Google Suggest will provide you with ten suggestions, but when you perform keyword research on our tool, the suggestions are much larger in number.

There is no limit to performing keyword research on our tool, neither are you required to make any payments. So, basically, the tool can be used UNLIMITED times and that too for FREE. 

How vital is Keyword Research for SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's a process that is used to optimise one's site, so it gets positioned in the top SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

There are numerous optimisations that should be executed to attain top rankings, and keyword research is the central aspect of it. It is after you have done keyword research and prepared a list of keywords that you will and must include in your content, can you be able to move to the other optimisation steps.

SEO is an extensive process. You need to work a lot on your site. You need to facilitate on-page and off-optimisation, along with working on the technical aspects of your site as well.

When you do on-page optimisation, you focus on the title, the H1 tag, the meta description, and the URL. While writing content for these elements and for it to get ranked, a business must optimise them with related keywords so that they get listed when searched.

Consider keyword research as the baseline of your content marketing. If there is no keyword algorithm for bifurcating the relevant content, then the searcher would continuously be looking for the needed information and would still not be satisfied when provided. When you optimise your content with relevant keywords then, it is easily identifiable for the search engine bots. After that, the bot indexes them and ranks the most relevant content when a user searches a particular keyword. Hence, saving them time, and delivering them the appropriate information.

Using Rankwatch's Free Keyword Suggestion Tool Online?

Performing keyword research on RankWatch Free Keyword Generator Tool is not time-consuming or complicated at all All that is required of you is to enter the seed keywords and click on search. 

After that, the tool starts extracting a list of keywords with impressive search volumes that are related to the seed keyword and delivers you the results within seconds. Keywords accounting for higher search volume gets listed on top and keywords with the least search volume are listed last. 

The tool does also provides you with valuable keyword data that has enough potential to generate top Search Engine rankings for your site. 

RankWatch's Keyword Generator tool will provide you with two forms of keyword suggestions, short tail keywords and long tail keywords. Short tail keywords comprise of one, two, or maximum of three words; keywords made up of four or more words are considered as longtail keywords. Short Tail keywords have the potential of driving a large amount of traffic to your site, but if a keyword has a high search volume, it is only natural that everyone will optimise for those type of keywords.

However, you should focus more on Long tail keywords because more than 70% of the searches performed online are long tail. They have low competition and high conversion rate, and should you ever wish to run ads for these keywords, you must know that their cost is also low. Plus, an additional benefit of such type of keyword is that long tail can be made up of short tail keywords as well. 

For instance, here's a short tail keyword: Reebok Sneakers, and here's a long tail keyword including a short tail keyword: Cheap Reebok Sneakers available at Amazon. You can use such techniques and generate higher rankings.

Get the most relevant Keyword Suggestions with our Tool?

The most crucial part of a keyword suggestion tool is how relevant the suggestions it makes. If the suggested keywords are not related to the seed keyword, then you will start ranking for an entirely different search query.

Ranking for an unrelated search term can be catastrophic for your website because people will open your page and will soon realise that you are talking about something else. Hence, the traffic drops, bounce rate increases, Google notices that and positions you down the SERPs.

To save your site from such mishap, you must optimise your content with relevant keywords. You might not rank like you were doing previously, but at least the bounce rate has decreased. Soon enough you will climb your way to the top.

Apart from that, you must organically place the suggested keywords in your content. If you start putting them where they are not even necessary, Google will notice that sooner or later and will drop you lower in the rankings. Also, If you have created a long, vast list of keywords from our keyword suggestion tool, you must identify a primary keyword and place them appropriately in the H1 tag, the title, the meta description, the alt tag, the content body, and the slug. Doing so shall bring ultimately bring a lot of traffic to your site.


Do not ever stuff keywords in your content. It is a black hat technique that Google advises every website not to follow. If you begin stuffing keywords here and there in your content then, your site will get penalised by Google. You will lose your SERP positioning, your pages will not be indexed, and eventually, you will lose your readers and sales.