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Image Resizer & Photo Compressor Tool

Reduce Image Size of any picture according to your preference by uploading it to the Image Resizer tool and pressing 'Resize Image'.

How to Resize Images Online or Reduce Size of Image

If you are wondering how to reduce the size of an image? or How to compress photos? You came to the right place. Through the Image Resizer Tool by RankWatch, you can resize photos and compress images quickly and with ease according to your preference.

RankWatch has a vast variety of free tools that people can use to conduct a detailed keyword research, finding DNS records, Identifying the hosting service, and many more. Every single one of these tools is free and easy to use.

So, when you resize images using our Image Resizer tool, you do not have to spend even a single penny to do that. Plus, to resize images you only need to go through a simple 4-step process:

Step I: Open the 'Image Resizer Tool' available under the 'Image Editing Tools' category.

Step II: Upload an image from your device (mobile or desktop).

(Note. Uploading time depends on the size of the picture)

Step III: Set the desired aspect ratio for the image.

Step IV: Click on the 'Resize Image' button.

As soon as you click on Resize Image, the Image Compressor starts resizing the image according to your preferred aspect ratio. It will take the tool less than a minute to complete the process and deliver the results. You can download the resized image by clicking on 'Download'.

Note. The file size of the image may differ according to the aspect ratio and image quality.

Advantages of Online Image Optimizer or Image Reducer

A highly skilled team of developers developed Image Reducer tool or Online Image Optimizer and also the other free tools by RankWatch. 

One of the remarkable creations of their efforts is the Picture Resizer. It operates on an advanced image compressor software that can reduce image size without losing quality. Plus, the Online Picture Compressor can resize the image that you have uploaded and processes it in a blink, hence saving both your time and efforts.

You can use every single one of these benefits of our Online Image Optimizer for free. You do not have to spend even a single penny for using our tool nor do we ask you to provide us with information like email ID etc.

When and Why to Resize Photo Size Online?

Images and pictures are an essential part of almost everything. Not only are they important to save memories or a moment, but also they are a vital part of the internet.

With images on their website, people can engage with their audience. Adding images to your blog posts helps in breaking the monotony of textual information and keeping the readers interested.

Apart from that, people can use images to make presentations and explain their idea in a far more exciting and engaging way.

However, not every image that you find on the internet can fit the size of your website or your presentation. You need to resize it based on both their structures so that it does not affect the user's experience.

To help you resolve each of these problems, you can use our photo size compressor. There are other troubling situations that you can get out of only by using our tool to resize photos.

Have you ever got an email that has a huge picture that cannot fit in your monitor's screen and also, hangs it? Such emails are very annoying and tend to compel the recipients to unsubscribe. 

You should steer clear from this email issue. You should instead use our online image optimizer and change its size based on the appropriate aspect ratio.

Large images will affect not only the email vertical but also your website's traffic and bounce rate as well. The pages of your site that have large images are bound to load slower than the pages without them; this leads to an increase in the site's bounce rate and a decrease in web traffic.

Sometimes even the guidelines of the guest posts state the appropriate picture size requirement. So, you need to use Image Resizer by RankWatch to help you with it.

About Rankwatch's Image Size Reducer

Image Size Reducer is one of the best image resizer tools available on the internet. You can use it conveniently and for free without facing any issues while you try to compress image size.

RankWatch understands how important it is for people to find solutions to their queries without wasting any time. Therefore, our developers created a tool that is fast, quick and easy to operate.

You do not have to go through a tutorial or how-to guide to learn how to reduce the size of the image. You can do that with our Image Compressor tool. First, upload an image, then set the aspect ratio in which you want the image resizer to resize the uploaded picture and click on 'Resize Image'.

If you were to do this task manually, there would've lead to numerous problems. For instance, when you resize an image manually, it gets pixelated, after that you need to work on improving the quality of the final image. 

However, if you compress images with the help of our Picture Compressor, then you will find that the image does not get pixelated. The quality of the image remains the same. Although, if you upload an image that is of low quality, then our tool will resize the image accordingly.

If you have an image that requires resizing, then I would advise you to upload it in our Image Resizer tool and check for yourself what an excellent job our tool does.