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What are Meta Tags & Why use Meta Tag Checker?

Before we proceed to the working and benefits of our meta tag analyzer, it is important to understand what exactly meta tags are. SEO professionals are well aware of the term and its importance in the world of digital marketing, but for beginners meta tags, let alone using a meta data checker, might be a bit of a challenge.

When we talk about Meta tag, we refer to it as an umbrella term that consists of several sub-parts, that are, meta title, meta description, H1 tag, Alt tags, and slug, each of which contains the primary keyword as the focus word.

In simple terms, meta tags are the brief advert or summary of your website that appears on the search engine results pages, just below your website’s heading. These metrics summarize your content and showcase it to users, who then decide whether viewing your website is worth it or not.

That’s why it is important to design effective and unique meta tags for your site pages to improve rankings. Besides, these metrics are considered an important on-page SEO factor that should not be ignored at any cost. 

Now that you know the importance of meta tags, you should start using a meta tag checker immediately. 

Why? That’s because meta tag checkers are designed specifically to analyze your website’s meta tags and let you know if they are good to go or not. Based on these reports, you can easily optimize your meta tags and see the changes in rankings for yourself.

About Meta Description Checker Tool | Meta Tag Analyzer

Our meta tag analyzer, as the name suggests, is a tool that analyzes a domain’s meta tags that includes the meta title, meta descriptions, Alt tags, and other important on-page SEO factors.

But why do you need a meta tag analyzer, or meta tags for that matter? Wouldn’t it be okay if you simply upload content on your website without these things? Search engines will still rank your site. They will, but at what cost? Your website won’t even appear on the 2nd, let alone the 1st search engine results page.

Every search engine has crawlers designed as per their algorithms and codes. These crawlers are responsible for crawling through websites and indexing them as per different categories. That’s why the rankings are always different on different search engines.

Crawlers go through a site’s meta data, which includes all the sub-topics, and analyze them on several factors. Based on this analysis, the crawler decides whether the website is fit for ranking or not. For example, if the crawler detects that your meta tags are too long or too short, it will flag the website and degrade your SERP rankings.

This is where our Meta Tags Analyzer comes into play. Our free meta data checker analyzes your domain’s meta tags based on ranking factors and gives you a report stating all good and bad about it. Based on this data, you can rectify your mistakes and work on the on-page SEO metrics to increase website rankings.

Meta Tag Analyzer Tool's Working Explained

Now that you know what our Meta tag analyzer does, it is time to know how this advanced tool works. Well, the working of this tool is not rocket science; you just need to paste the URL of the site, and the meta tag analyzer will perform the job.

As stated earlier, the meta description checker’s report contains both passed and failed factors of your website. But how does it determine what factors work best for your domain? The tool detects whether your domain’s meta tags contain the primary keyword in focus or not. If yes, then the meta description checker goes on to view the character count of each sub-part of the meta tags, viewing if they fit within the character count limit or not. After undergoing all these tasks, it notes down everything on the report that you can use for further process.

Advantages Of FREE Meta Tag Analyzer & Description Checker

Apart from correcting your meta tags, our free Meta tag analyzer tool can also help you in many ways, especially in improving your website’s ranking.

The Meta analysis report from our meta analyzer is an absolute gem for SEO professionals. It not only shows the character count of each meta tag but also shows the page speed, number of inbound links, and amount of robots.txt files. Robots.txt files are the ones that inform the search engines not to crawl or index a particular page on the domain. Most of the time, these files are present in areas where it’s not necessary. That’s why you need to remove these files as soon as possible.

Apart from that, the meta description checker also shows the total number of keywords present on the website, hence giving you an overview of your keyword optimization efforts. It shows you whether the optimization process worked or still needs a few tweaks.

Find out SEO Meta Tags using Meta Data Checker

Here’s a quick summary of all the things that you will get from our detailed meta description checker’s insights report.

Meta title

Meta description tag

Meta keywords

Robots.txt files

Number of URLs

Page Speed

Page Size

How is your site being displayed in the SERPs

Each of the above-mentioned sections is detailed so that you can work accordingly and improve your SERP rankings. You can check the character count for each meta tag, the website’s size, loading time, the number of robots.txt files in the domain, amount of URLs linking to you, and much more.

Each of the aforementioned factors is present in our meta tag analysis report. Based on this data, you can make changes to your content and check again with our free tool. Yes, that’s the best thing about our free meta tag analyzer tool: you can check your website, or any other site for that matter, for unlimited times and get detailed reports for each one of them.

Why use our Meta Tag & Description Checker?

Unlike other meta tag analyzers, our free tool is extremely fast and efficient. You can get reports within seconds of entering the domain URL. You get actionable insights on the metas of your domain, along with other on-page SEO metrics.

Besides, you can also use our free meta analyzer tool to discover your competitor’s meta tags and how they are performing on search engines. It will help you devise your metas and on-page SEO factors accordingly. You can also combine this information with our patented SEO IQ tool and get in-detail suggestions on how to improve your on-page SEO metrics.

With our free meta tag analyzer, you can save time and utilize it on other important tasks. Besides, we also have other free tools that will help you in SEO optimization. For example, we have keyword research, word counter, plagiarism checker, XML sitemap generator, Favicon generator, URL redirect checker, and many more free tools that can help you design an effective SEO strategy for your website. These tools, if used properly, can also improve your SERP rankings and place your site on the 1st search engine results page.