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Free Domain Price Calculator Tool

Enter a link and find the most reasonable domain value of it with help from our Domain Price Calculator Tool for free.

About Domain Price Checker by Rankwatch?

With RankWatch's Domain Price Calculator, you can quickly determine an approximate value for your domain. 

Through this tool, you will help yourself in gaining knowledge about a minimum price that you should be asking for your domain if you decide to sell your site. Plus, if the case is the opposite and you are considering buying one domain, you can determine an estimated domain value of it by running the link through our Domain Value Calculator.

The Link Price Calculator by RankWatch does not just guess the domain value. It's algorithm carefully analyses the ranking, the domain authority, the content, the age of your site, it's popularity, so on and so forth, before it decides to provide you with an approximate domain value of your site.

You can not only benefit from the Domain Price Checker when you decide to know the domain name price but also, our free tool can help you identify the baseline for bargaining the costs for promotional content or inclusion of links of other sites in your content. This can be done by running a domain price check on our Domain Value Calculator.

How is a Domain Value calculated?

There no rocket science behind the working of a Domain Value Calculator. You don't have to provide us with details related to your site's age and daily or monthly traffic. Neither do you need to tell us about what your business is all about. Our Domain value checker requires no such information, all it needs from you is the link of your website and that's it. The tool's algorithm will run and process result within a matter of seconds. 

To determine an estimated value of your domain, the link price calculator has specific parameters which are as follows: 

Age of your domain.

The quantity and quality of inbound links.

Your ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages.

The average traffic generated by your site.

And the bounce rate

When do you need to know the Net Price of a Domain?

Estimating the most appropriate price for a domain is not at all an easy task. Even if the website owners manually try to calculate their domain's value, it won't be easy for them to decide a reasonable amount. Plus, they will be wasting both their time and efforts. On the other hand, our tool calculates the net price of a domain in a jiffy. It does not require any hard labour, just copy, paste, and click.

Our tool will come in handy when you are getting paid to either link a website in your domain or any one of your guest posts. Generally, people get confused about how much they should charge webmasters for creating a database of quality backlinks. So, what our link Price Calculator tool does is it helps you in setting a baseline for the amount that you should ask from the website owners.

Apart from that, when a website owner wishes to sell his/her domain, he/she can get an idea about the minimum price should they be asking for with the help of our Domain Value Calculator. Similarly, someone who wishes to purchase a domain can get an idea regarding the approximate price of it before negotiating.

Tips on using our Link Price Calculator?

Using Link Price Calculator is one of the easiest tools you could use. But when you efficiently utilise it, you can formulate a better buying or selling decision effortlessly.

When you submit a site to calculate its domain value, the Link Price Checker produces results such as the entered site's traffic page views, and revenue earned from ads for the period of daily, monthly, and yearly. Through this information, you can calculate a more precise domain value of your site, so you do not incur a loss.

Plus, the Domain Value Checker tool is 100% free. You can use it infinitely and scan as many sites as you want.

What is the best time to use a Domain Price Calculator?

Whenever you wish to buy a new domain or sell yours, you can use the link price calculator to determine a net price of your domain on the basis of which you can negotiate later. Apart from that, the free Domain Value calculator can be used to get an estimated value of the backlinks too.

How would you feel, if your domain is worth 5000 USD, but you end up selling it for 3000 USD? Bad, right? The reason why you sold at such a loss and did not get the reasonable amount for your website is you were inexperienced. You didn't know how to determine a price. And that's why RankWatch launched the Domain Value Calculator to help you identify the real worth of your site, and you never succumb to loss.

It is not just the seller who can use our Link Price Calculator to determine a price. It's the buyer as well. Both the buyer and sellers can use our tool and establish a baseline to further negotiation.

Other than that, Link Price Calculator can be useful for investors as well. For instance, if you want to invest on a site or become a partner of it, then you need to have an idea as to what you are willing to get yourself. Would it be a good idea to partner with a particular site? Would it prove to be profitable? Now, at that moment you need to learn about how much a site is earning through advertisements; about how much traffic does a site os generating on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Our Domain Value Checker has an algorithm that not only calculates an approximate price but also, it informs you about the traffic and ad revenue that can further help you in formulating a more precise idea about whether you should invest in or partner with a site or not.

The same goes for backlinks as well if you want inbound links from a site, to make it easy enough for you to negotiate for your benefit.