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Video to GIF Converter Tool

Upload a video in our Video to GIF Converter tool and convert it into a high-quality GIF for free.

Our Video to GIF Converter Explained

RankWatch provides a variety of free tools to help small and large scale businesses with actionable solutions to problems concerning Keyword Research, Grammar, Spelling, and so on.

Video to GIF Converter tool is an essential part of the many free tools provided by RankWatch. With assistance from our tool, you can convert video to GIF online with ease. 

We have set no conversion limit, which means that you can convert as many videos as you want into high-quality GIFs. Our GIF creator can entitle you as a talented GIF maker because it only takes mere seconds for our Video to GIF Software to convert video to GIF online. So, whenever you are assigned the task, you can change video to GIF instantly.

You can also transform all the popular video formats into GIF including MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, etc. However, the file size should not be more than 5 MB (MegaBytes).

How to use our Video to GIF Converter Online?

People consider our GIF creator as one of the best Video to GIF Converter tools available in the market; this is not just because of its advanced algorithm that can transform video to GIF in a jiffy, but also because it is easy to use.

Whenever you find it essential to change video to GIF, you only need to open the Video to GIF Converter under the 'mage Editing Tools' section of RankWatch's free tools.

After the GIF Creator is active, you can upload the video that you wish to convert into a GIF (max. File size = 5 MB) and then press the 'Convert Video to GIF' button.

By clicking on the 'Convert Video to GIF' button, you authorise the GIF maker to process your request; hence, our tool begins converting the video, and within seconds, the video transforms into a high-quality GIF.

Next, you need to download the converted video. There will be a designated button entitled 'Download'. You can click on it and download the GIF.

You can transform video to GIF as per your requirement. If you want, you can use our GIF maker online to convert an infinite number of videos to GIF. Plus, you can do that for free. You can use these benefits of our video to GIF software by using our free Video to GIF Converter online.

Using GIF Maker to include GIF's in your Social Media Strategy

Visuals are one of the most influential and effective forms of media on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Hence, there are social platforms which are explicitly based on visuals (Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.).

Even on platforms like WhatsApp, users can share GIFs since they are more expressive than the emojis. Plus, they are humorous and short; therefore, 23 million GIFs are posted on Tumblr daily, and 5 million GIFs are being shared on Facebook Messenger every single day.

This data helps in understanding how favourite GIFs are for the audience and the brands alike on almost every social media platform. Moreover, they consume lesser data than videos and also, you can upload GIFs faster than videos because of their lower file size.

Furthermore, here are some of the reasons that make GIF a perfect fit in your social media strategy.

Best of videos & images

GIFs are the perfect fusion of both videos and pictures. They are not as long as a video; they are not static like an image; plus, they take lesser time to upload.

GIF is shared more

A survey by W3tech states that GIF is that one form of content or media that social media audiences are sharing most amongst each other.

They can get viral as well

Since GIFs are short and without audio, they are creative and generally, funny. Both of which are the essential factors for something to go viral. So, if you are using GIFs as a part of your social media strategy, then your chances of achieving your goal will increase.

How can GIF's improve your Social Media Strategy?

Since the average attention span of millennials is 10 seconds, there is no better way to engage them other than GIFs. GIF stands for Graphic Interface Format, they are images but not static; they are videos but without audio and shorter as well.

When you start prioritising GIFs over videos or static images, then there will be a slight increase in the success rate of your social media strategies.

Wondering why? Here are some pointers to assist you in understanding:


GIFs can get more attention and have enough room for creativity. A creative and attractive GIF that people enjoy watching can get trending in an instant or over time.

An exclusive way to communicate

A brand can use GIFs to communicate with your audience in a different way. You can use funny GIFs because they are one of the best ways to interact more with your audience.

Load Faster

When someone is watching a video, he/she needs a stable internet connection for an uninterrupted experience, and also, to watch the video in high quality. If a brand provides that information via a GIF, then the viewer will be able to watch it entirely even if his/her internet connection is not that strong. Although, to use a GIF means you need to opt for a creative way to deliver information.


While your audience is scrolling down the feed, they can identify a video from the other types of content. Which allows them to decide if they want to watch that video or not. 

On the other hand, if you use a GIF, then you must know that it starts playing whenever the users scroll past through it. Everything in the feed is static apart from the GIFs -the images, the posts, and the videos (unless you play them). Hence, they can grab the user's attention quickly.

So, if you have prepared a video already and made it a part of your social media strategy, then it is advised that you convert it into a short and creative GIF. However, you should keep both the GIF and the Video format. You can publish the video on YouTube and link it back to your social media GIF (if it is an explainer video or a long video).

You can use our free Video to GIF Converter online tool and transform video to GIF in a snap without any problem whatsoever.

So, if you have any video to convert into a GIF, then you should do it right now! Just upload the video file in our GIF creator and press 'Convert Video to GIF'.