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About Alexa Ranking Checker by Rankwatch

If you want to check your website's current SERP (Search Engine Result Page) rankings according to Alexa Pagerank system, then the Alexa Ranking Checker tool by RankWatch can produce that for you.

Professional developers, who excel in their field, have designed the Alexa Pagerank Checker. The module has gone through several trial runs, and a majority of times accurate Alexa Ranking was produced almost instantly.

You can add up to five separate domains and check website Alexa rank of each domain. To start the process, you need to click on the 'Check My Alexa Ranking' button, and our Pagerank Checker will produce the Alexa web statistics in a snap.

Our Alexa Ranking Checker will include these elements in the final report:

Alexa Global Rank

Get the standings of the submitted domain amidst the billions of registered websites on the internet at a global level.

Alexa Reach Rank

Know about the number of people that are visiting your website.

Highest Traffic Generating Country

Name of the country from which you are getting the most traffic.

Domain's Ranking In That Country

Know about your Alexa ranking in that country where most people access your website.

Current Condition

It is based solely on your Alexa ranking. Our Alexa Pagerank checker provides you with a number that describes how your site has been performing in terms of the rankings. By studying this section, you will be able to monitor how your Alexa rankings have improved or deteriorated over time.

What is Alexa Ranking? | How Alexa Ranking Works?

Amazon's Alexa offers numerous services one of them being the virtual assistant, but it is known majorly for Alexa Ranking.

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa Ranking provides you with the SERP position of your domain. Higher Alexa PageRank would symbolise the stature of a domain online.

Alexa Ranking is a service provided by Alexa - an product. It performs an in-depth analysis of your website through Alexa toolbar or Alexa plugs and gathers data related to the traffic driven to your domain.

How Alexa Ranking Works?

Alexa PageRank checker does not have a complex working; it has a simpler much-advanced algorithm to determine the ranking of a website instead.

Alexa keeps track of internet users' behaviour and records the traffic driven to your website. The traffic data include unique visitors and total Page views for the last three months from Alexa toolbar users. Based on that data, it estimates the Alexa Ranking of a particular website.

The Alexa Site Ranking list includes website ranking of most of the domains, if not all of them. Generally, domains which are not included in the Alexa Analytics, probably do not have enough traffic driven to their website.

You can download the Alexa Toolbar extension and install it on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. If you are unaware of the browser you are using, you can use our 'What Is My Browser' tool. You will know about your browser and then download the appropriate Alexa Toolbar extension.

After installing the Alexa Toolbar, you can get information about your site's statistics in a matter of seconds.

Since every webmaster requires instant data about their website's traffic, so they will download the Alexa Toolbar on their browser. If you have the Alexa Toolbar, then you also become one of the potential sources through which Alexa gathers PageRank and traffic data and identify your Alexa Ranking.

Why and When to Check for Alexa Rankings

Why Check Alexa Ranking?

Alexa Ranking data is beneficial for your domain. When you check Alexa Ranking, you know about your site's inbound traffic. If the traction is lower than estimated, you can start putting extra efforts in your site's On-page and Off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and improve Alexa rank of your domain.

When to Check Alexa Ranking?

The time when you should check Alexa site Ranking or PageRank of a website is during verification and advertising. When you know your Alexa Rating, it becomes easier for you to quote an amount to the advertiser for advertising on your domain and get more advertisers.

On the other hand, the Alexa Website Ranking will help the advertisers to verify the traffic stated by the domain holder. So, you are not misled into advertising on a platform which produces minimum returns.

It is necessary for businesses to keep track of the Alexa Web Ranking of their competitors, allowing them to plan ahead and succeed with the generation of higher returns.

How to use our Alexa Rank Checker?

You might be wondering, how to get Alexa Ranking with our Alexa Ranker tool? Here's the answer.

Developers at RankWatch know how important it is for businesses to generate instant results about their Alexa Website ranking. Therefore, they created a tool with a convenient user interface, that studies Alexa Analytics and Alexa Statistics of your website and produces your Alexa Ranking report in seconds.

You should begin by opening the Alexa Ranker Tool, then enter 1 or up to 5 domains of which you need to check alexa ranking, and, in the end, click on 'Find Alexa Rank' button.

And that's it.

Why choose Rankwatch's Alexa Ranking Checker

Alexa Ranking Checker is a part of RankWatch offered free tools. These free tools by RankWatch include Keyword Suggestion Tool, Redirect Checker, What Is My Browser, and numerous others.

The reason why you should be using free Alexa Rank Checker and even the other free tools by RankWatch is they help in saving both time and money.

You can check your alexa ranking an unlimited amount of time without spending even a single penny. Moreover, our Alexa Ranker produces the report within seconds and includes the actual Alexa ranking.