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RankWatch's Alexa Ranking Checker

Check your Domain's Alexa Rank and foster strategic performance using the free Alexa Rank Checker.

URL Global Rank

RankWatch's Alexa Ranking Checker tool highlights your website's current SERP ranking as per the Alexa Pagerank algorithm.

Developed by top-notch, professional developers with a high degree of excellence, this set-up has passed multiple trials before getting approved as an accountable & error-free Alexa rank checker module.

You can simultaneously add five separate domains and check their real-time Alexa rank. To begin with, you have to click on the 'Check My Alexa Website Ranking' option, and our Pagerank checker will produce the Ranking instantaneously.

The five fundamental outlooks of our Alexa Ranking Checker's report are:

Alexa Global Rank:

Fetches your domain's rank globally against the heap of other registered websites on the internet.

Alexa Reach Rank:

Measure visitors' engagement by knowing how many internet users visit your website.

Maximum Traffic Generating Country:

Know the country that is giving you maximum traffic.

Alexa Website Ranking in that Country:

Get to know the website ranking Alexa in the country producing maximum engagement.

Real-Time Performance: 

Manifest the desired performance of your domain by marking down the improvement and deceleration of your current Alexa ranking. 

Check your Domain’s Performance With FREE Alexa Rank Checker

Why Check Alexa Site Ranking?

A competitive AI-enabled tool like Alexa filters websites and produces the rank as per the position of its popularity on the internet. 

Alexa Ranking is a significant factor for digital marketers willing to understand their true marketing potential and win the search engine optimization game. 

When Should You Check Alexa Site Ranking?

Alexa Ranking is a verification quotient for the authenticity and traffic of your domain. This data is a proven way to understand visitors' engagement and build marketing strategies accordingly to outplay your competitors.

So, if you plan to track your website's progress in gaining or losing popularity online, it's high time to fetch your PageRank or Alexa site ranking. 

Today, it has become necessary for business owners to evaluate their competitors with scrutiny and streamline their operational marketing to surpass their rivals. And Alexa ranking is a game-changing factor attributed to the process. 

Learn the "How-to-Use"

If you are looking for the "how-to" steps for using our Alexa Ranking Checker, here's the answer for you:

The following steps are:

  • Open the free website Alexa ranking checker tool, 

  • Enter any number of domains between 1-5

  • Click the "Find Alexa Rank" option

The Alexa Ranking of the listed domain would be manifested instantly!

Our team of developers and IT experts have left no stone unturned to make the tool user-friendly, convenient, and precise. 

Understanding the business needs to generate accurate Alexa Ranking within seconds is a reality now. The simple interface would allow you to get the analytics and fetch the result within a blink of an eye. 

Know Everything About Alexa Ranking

Among numerous other services of Alexa, this virtual assistant of Amazon is renowned for its precise Ranking of your domain. Today, businesses across the globe are broadly relying on Alexa to monitor the current Ranking of their website.

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa Ranking defines the SERP position of your domain on the internet. The better the Alexa ranking of your domain, the better the position of your website online. Ideally, if the Ranking is under 30,000, your domain falls in the blue-chip category in terms of popularity.

Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa produces your domain ranking by analyzing the average daily visitors and the calculated number of pageviews for the past three months.

How Alexa Ranking Works?

Alexa Pagerank checker works in a very simplified fashion. It fetches your website's Ranking through its toolbar, also known as Alexa Toolbar. 

After that, Alexa monitors the user's behavior on the internet and pulls out the record of traffic routed to your website. This includes the holistic ratio of unique visitors and total page views for the past three months.

Alexa Ranking encapsulates the website ranking of most of the domains. Ideally, domains not in the Alexa analytics league may need more measures of traffic.

You can conventionally download the Alexa toolbar extension and install it in any web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer. 

If you are unaware of your current browser, you can harness the utility of our "What is My Browser" tool and further download the Alexa Toolbar extension.

Our Alexa Toolbar provides immediate information on the traffic to any website, thus a favorite of many Webmasters. 

If you have the Alexa Toolbar, Alexa may use you as one of its potential sources for collecting PageRank and traffic information to determine your Alexa Ranking.

What Differences Does RankWatch’s Alexa Rank Checker Create?

Unlike many other tools in the market, RankWatch offers Alexa Ranking Checker as a free tool for users. So, whether you have a small-scale business or a giant enterprise at a global level, time and resource management is equally essential for all. 

On top of the Alexa Rank Checker, RankWatch offers you Keyword Suggestion Tool, Redirect Checker, What Is My Browser, and innumerable other facilitation as a part of its free tool. 

So, get a comprehensive Domain's Alexa ranking, end number of times, exclusively available for you at free of cost.