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What Is My Browser

What is my browser tool helps you find the browser you are using along with numerous other details.

About What is my Browser Tool

There are many browsers available in this world, the most popular being Google Chrome because it is fast, secure, and highly credible. Plus, it has the trust of Google.

You can determine for yourself what browser to use because it all depends upon your convenience. For instance, if your browser is not credible; does not warn you before entering an unsecured website, and download malware content, then you have confided in the browser, which makes it even more necessary for you to detect browser version that you use to surf the internet.

It is crucial to detect browser version because you will know about the brand on which you can no longer rely. And the What is My Browser tool by RankWatch is your way of knowing what is your browser. Our tool can help you detect your browser, and if you are checking via a mobile, then it will detect mobile browser as well. 

Through our WhatIsMyBrowser tool, you will get the answer to questions like 'how do I know what browser I am using ?', 'what browser version am I using ?', 'What browser do I have' and so on.

Our Detect Browser tool produces a report that includes every piece of information related to your web browser. 

What is a Web Browser?

Before you identify 'what is my browser', you must know what is a browser. 

What are web browsers?

Web browsers are software applications that can give you direct access to the world wide web or the internet. Everything on the World Wide Web has a distinctive Uniform Resource Locator (URL), web browsers can access those unique URLs from the web server and present it to the requesting user.

For instance, if you type in the browser, then it will lead you directly to RankWatch -An All-in-One SEO Tool. The Web Browser will not be leading you to Wikipedia or Google. It will only lead you to RankWatch. However, if there is a 301 redirect applied on that page, then the browser will lead you to the 'redirect' page set by RankWatch itself.

This answers your question - Whats a web browser.

Do you know what the top 10 best web browsers in the world are?

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Safari
  4. Opera
  5. Maxthon
  6. Internet Explorer
  7. YouTube Browser
  8. Netscape Browser
  9. UC Browser
  10. RockMelt

Why find out about your Browser?

The unique feature about our What Is My Browser tool is that it provides you with exclusive information about your browser which is more than just the name. It is necessary because every user should know which browser they are using.

More importantly, if you are a website developer, then knowing more about your web browser helps you in determining how your site looks like in different browsers. When you have that knowledge, then you will be able to develop your website in a way that the users can efficiently operate it on whichever browser they are using to access it. 

There are many web browsers of which you do not even know the name. It is more than necessary that you are aware of the browser you are using because there's a possibility that that particular browser is not secure. Generally, this happens while you are browsing the net from an internet café.

How do you know what browser you are using?

To save you from such troubles of web browsing, RankWatch has created the What Is My Browser tool. It provides you with detailed information about the browser you are using.

How to use What is my Browser Tool to detect Browser?

RankWatch has launched numerous tools that every large scale, small scale, and startup industry can use for free. There are free tools like Page Authority Checker, Domain Authority Checker, Keyword Suggestion Tool, and so forth. 

Other than being free, these tools are also easy-to-use. They can produce results in mere seconds and help businesses save time which they can productively utilise in additional planning and strategizing process.

The same is the case with our How To Detect Browser tool, it is free and can produce results in a matter of seconds. Plus, it is one of the best tools for newbies. They do not require any tutorial to use our Detect My Browser tool to detect web browser and also detect mobile browser.

You need to access the link from the browser you are using and our free What is My Browser tool will provide you with the name of the browser and other corresponding details related to it.

Benefits of using What is my Browser

The What Is My Browser tool by RankWatch is one of the best tools available on the internet to detect browser information. You will understand why our tool is best the instant when you start using the tool to detect web browser.


Our What is My Browser is a tool that can produce reports within a matter of seconds.


Every information provided in the report is 100% correct.


The Detect Browser tool by RankWatch is absolutely free. You do not have to spend any money; plus, we do not ask for any email IDs.

Detailed Reporting

The reports produced by our tool not just covers the name of the browser, it also informs you about the browser version, Javascript, user agent, and if your browser supports cookies or not, etc.