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Free Word Combiner & Generator Tool

Enter or upload keywords in our free Word Combiner Tool and press the 'Generate Words' button to produce numerous combination of words for a better SEO.

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Free Word Combiner & Generator Tool

Create numerous combinations of customized keywords with our FREE word combiner and name combination generator tool for a better SEO now!

Have you ever felt the need for new words while writing content? Or brainstormed to find a unique name for your business or domain, but there were none ? Trust us, many of us are in the same boat looking for a solution.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a tool that comes up with brand-new words whenever you need? A word generator from words that can combine existing ones and design new words that we have never heard before. It would serve as a source of inspiration for domain and business names.

Well the cries of our woes have been heard! There exists a tool, RankWatch Word Combiner & Generator, that allows you to create unique words and use them for your business. Besides, this word generator is FREE of cost!!!

About Word Generator & Combiner Tool

RankWatch is a comprehensive SEO tool that not only tracks changes in your search engine rankings but also aids in enhancing them on SERPs. 

We have expanded our services to assist businesses of all sizes and cater to the demand for free tools in the market. The platform offers a range of free tools such as keyword research, spell check, link analysis, etc.

The word combiner and generator is one of the free tools offered by RankWatch. This free tool is trustworthy and delivers excellent results like other RankWatch free tools.

Our word combiner and generator formulates unique and SEO-friendly word combinations by simply entering keywords manually or uploading them from Google Adwords.

What Makes Our Word Generator Unique From Others?

Various Word Combiner Tools available in the market combine words even if they are irrelevant. However, using such word combination generator tools can harm your SERP rankings and make it difficult for your audience to comprehend your message.

When it comes to SEO, keyword research is the most critical component that serves as the backbone. If your keyword research tracks low-volume keywords instead of high-volume, then your SEO efforts may not yield fruitful results.

Most word combiner tools available in the market do not create new word combinations optimized for SEO. They simply merge the words and provide the output.

However, RankWatch’s Name Generator Tool is different from them. Our word combinations are SEO-friendly and include keywords that people search for. Additionally, our Word Combiner saves time and money by generating results quickly and free of cost.

How to use RankWatch Word Combiner & Generator Tool?

You can use our word name combination generator by following the simple steps mentioned below,

  • Perform manual keyword research and add them in the box named “Type Some Words”'

  • You can enter as many keywords as you want by adding more boxes by clicking the ‘+’ button.

  • You can also enter keywords using Google Adwords.

  • The next step is to add a pre-phrase. Pre-phrase is any word you want to add before the keyword. For example, if the keyword is 'Smartphones' and you want to add 'Buy' as a pre-phrase, then the result will be 'Buy Smartphones'.

  • The word mixer also allows you to add separators like space, commas, a hyphen, etc., between the pre-phrase and the keyword. You can keep the separator as 'Nothing' if you have no such requirement.

  • The next step is to add a post-phrase. Post-phrase is any word that you want to add after the keyword. For example, if the keyword is 'Smart phones' and you want to add 'on Sale' as a post-phrase, the result will be 'Smartphones on Sale'.

  • The word merger allows you to wrap the keyword along with the post-phrase using (),{},[], etc. If you do not require that, you can select 'Nothing' in the 'Wrap-in' section.

  •  After completing the above steps, you need to click on the ‘Generate Words’ button.

  • Our word merger will generate unique word combinations and show them in the ‘Result Box’.

  • You can copy the result by clicking the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ icon and use it as per your requirement.

However, if you enter a vast list of keywords, the tool may need up to a minute to load the results. Otherwise, our tool generates results almost instantaneously.

Benefits of Using Our Word Mixer & Merger Tool

Following are the key benefits of using our word combiner tool:

Ease of use

You need not be a techie guy or go through a tool user guide to use our word combiner tool. Even a minor can handle this; the tool offers that convenient user interface.

Time Saving

Manually making the right combinations of words demands a lot of time. The motto of using any tool is to reduce human effort and time. 

But choosing a random word combiner tool available in the market may take time to produce results.

However, our word combiner and name generator tool generates a unique combination of words in seconds and saves your precious time. 

You can invest that time in other productive work that can help your business grow faster.


The free word combiner tools available in the market either perform slowly or produce irrelevant combinations of words. On the other hand, the word combiner tools producing instant fruitful results ask for paid subscriptions.

Our tool is the only exception that produces the right combination of words in no time and offers you that for FREE.

SEO-friendly Results

Any random word combiner tool available in the market combines words and produces keywords that are not SEO-friendly. However, our tool ensures the production of unique word combinations optimized for SEO to provide you with better SERP rankings.


Our word mixer produces combinations of words that are easily readable. You need not invest time editing them further to enhance their readability.

However, it is advisable to go through the results before using them to optimize your website. That will ensure that the combinations of words are relevant to your web content.


Our tool provides 100% trustable results you can rely upon. Moreover, RankWatch tools maintain user privacy by not tampering with or sharing the information provided by the users. That makes us one of the trustable service providers in the market.