4 Reasons You Must Optimize Your E-Commerce Website for Mobile

May 31, 2023 | E-Commerce

optimize your website for mobile

In the present world, the ability to work remotely isn’t a luxury. It’s an expectation. Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives, and that too, a basic one (get the pun, millennials!). From emailing to managing social networking sites, the mobile device is not only attached to your palm; it is, in fact, close to your heart too.

optimize your website for mobile

How much has the number of mobile and internet users increased?

The research of new 2018 Global Digital suite of reports from ‘We are social’, and ‘HootSuite’ indicates that there are almost 4 billion people around the Globe using the internet. This number is on a continuous increase, and this massive growth in internet users has been chiefly driven by affordable mobile phones. It is estimated that around 200 million people got their first mobile phone in the year 2017, and almost two-thirds of the entire world’s population, i.e., 7.6 billion inhabitants now have a cell phone.

optimize your website for mobile

The above graph shows the number of smartphone users from the period of 2014-2020 (forecasted)

How E-Commerce has evolved

E-commerce has taken the world by storm; we could very well rename it to E-stormmerce, THAT’S how huge it is. E-commerce is an important profit driver for business. This form of commerce has become a fundamental part of the modern world of business, a huge platform which is going at an unprecedented rate all over the world. On the other hand, there are e-commerce companies suffering the most because of their reluctance and absence as a mobile app in the phones of customers. The e-commerce sales growth in India has touched the 25% mark.

In its true essence there are six types of e-commerce:

  1. B2B: Business-to-Business
  2. B2C: Business-to-Consumer
  3. C2B: Consumer-to-Business
  4. C2C: Consumer-to-Consumer
  5. C2A: Consumer-to-Administration
  6. B2A: Business-to-Administration

With every passing year, online sales are recording more transactions; a significant contributor to this phenomenal growth is the community of mobile phone users. Cell phone users are getting ahead of those who buy stuff from desktop devices. The most obvious reason being that you can’t really browse through your favourite e-commerce stores while laying in bed or having breakfast at the table with your desktop. Not only would that look extremely funny, but it would also be kind of tedious, don’t you think?!

optimize your website for mobile

Reasons you must optimize your e-commerce website for mobile

1. Mobile- The device where your customers live 

1.1 The benefits of going mobile

Mobile e-commerce apps allow their users to buy/sell the items they want or need at their convenience. With the advent of the latest apps, customers can make purchases when they are travelling or sitting idle in their homes. For many brands, it is important because mobile apps gave them the liberty to make a sale even if their brick-and-mortar stores are closed. This can facilitate an increase in sales by removing certain purchasing limitations.

A mobile app has become an important strategy for a lot of major brands. It boosts brand recognition and can do the same for the revenue stream if utilized optimally. App marketers can find prospects in the broad range of media inventory. In addition to this, they influence user purchasing behaviour by illustrating ad creative with trending items, discounts and fancy promotions.

1.2 Why optimize for mobile?

A research report shows that around 51.9% of people across the world use their mobile phones for online searches as compared to the desktop users who are around 43.8%.

Mobile receives the same number of clicks as desktop or tablets, but the improvement in mobile technology, coupled with users’ ease of using their phones, has paved the way for a rapid increase in mobile-based transactions.

The AOV (Average Order Value) on mobile has grown by almost 15% year-on-year, with desktop growth being 13% y-oy. Mobile accounts for more than 30% of email orders and around 25% of email-driven revenues.

  1. Almost 48% of consumers start their mobile search with a search engine.
  2. Google says that 61% of users are highly unlikely to return to a mobile site that they once had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead.

This underscores the relevance of optimizing your mobile experience to meet a visitor’s behaviours and need in the background of how they are more likely to browse your site if it is accessible to them on their phones.

2. Brand Interaction and Engagement

Different researches have suggested that mobile users who believe a site offers fascinating mobile experiences are highly likely to return for future purchases. If you have created high-converting product pages and offer a great user experience, you should become one of those sites that consumers enjoy engaging with and visit again and again.

Having said this, multiple internet users move rapidly between devices to complete a task, this process is also referred to as multi-screening. If your e-commerce site has not been optimized and customized for mobile, the chance of customers revisiting the site is weak. On the other hand, frequent visits of the customer to the website create solid brand interaction and, consequently, brand engagement.

3. Mobile Users Behavior

M-Commerce is becoming increasingly popular with online users. People don’t use mobiles out of obligation, in fact, they use it because they expect it to be easier and a lot quicker. Mobile phone users are always in a hurry and are swift to abandon websites or apps if they face the slightest of the delays (read: instant gratification), and the best answer to this is to optimize your site as per the use and ease of the users. Therefore, it becomes highly imperative for all e-commerce websites to be friendly for the mobile interface.

The experience of users varies from desktop to mobile not only because they need to optimize and craft the site in such a fascinating way to enable the users to navigate through the site but also to compliment the users’ behaviour on mobile. Mobile phone users have an entirely different set of objectives. Customers have reported that many of their purchases tend to be impulse buys. This shows the importance of optimizing your mobile experience to match the visitor’s behaviour.

4. Augmented Conversions

Habitual mobile users buy more on mobile, the purchases are quite frequent and re-occurring, and this is primarily the reason sites like ‘eBay’ do fabulously well. Majority of these sites often have their own customized mobile apps too.

The websites which lack optimization (mobile) will probably not be able to convert visitors into buyers chiefly because of the absence of an appealing CTA (Call to Action).


The current trend is if you aren’t optimized for mobile, you will be ultimately losing big on sales. Studies show that 57% of mobile users will dump your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and almost 30% will abandon a buying transaction if the buying or shopping cart is not optimized for mobile devices.

Keeping in view how important a website can be for any kind of online business, it seems only natural to take an extra bit of care to make sure that the site is mobile friendly. It’s astonishing to see even in the current world, there are numerous sites still not optimized for a mobile experience. It is no secret that people are slowly becoming addicted to the ease of online purchasing via their mobiles. This addiction provides all the online businesses with an opportunity to tap the segment and make it their own, and businesses that don’t realize this opportunity are sure to be left behind.

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