5 Unique Instagram Lead Generation Strategies

July 18, 2023 | Digital Marketing

Unique Instagram Lead Generation Strategies

After you’ve mastered the knack of generating leads on Facebook and Twitter, it may feel like you’re firing on all cylinders. You have amazing free tools, great ebooks, all types of lead magnets and surveys. You also have traffic and a huge level of conversions peeping in. Everything seems to be going great guns-your lead generation strategies have reached their crescendo.

You now turn to Instagram, and to your amazement, everything works in an entirely different way. Suddenly, your most sought-after ebook fails to entice the users. Although you may want to use Instagram as another effective lead generation platform, you can’t instantly transfer your Twitter and Facebook success on this tool.

Currently, Instagram is the rising Phoneix of social media.It may not be the largest but the most powerful. With more than 800 million active users, it’s undoubtedly a hot hub to collect equally hot leads.

I will now walk you through 5 of the most effective Instagram lead generation strategies to up your marketing efforts on this awesome platform this 2018.

Optimize Your Profile

When a user lands on your Instagram page, they must immediately be able to identify who you are and what you do. Here’s how you can optimize your Instagram profile.

Make your profile public

While creating an Instagram profile, you would love anyone to view your posts and follow your page if they want to. If your profile is private, users won’t be able to view your posts, which could deter them from following you.

Recognizable username

Ensure to make your username easily searchable and recognizable. If you see your business name already taken, use a mix and match combination so that people can identify it. For instance, Australian activewear company Lorna Jane has the username @lornajaneactive, which is easily findable. In the “name” section of your profile, include your full business name. This appears under your username or handle.

Unique Instagram Lead Generation Strategies

On-brand profile image

Your Instagram profile photo is the first thing that people see as it’s displayed prominently. Now, this has to be something on-brand with your business pages on other social platforms. Many companies use their logo.

Informative, actionable bio

Similar to your profile picture, your bio or the description is one of the first things users will notice. Use the limited number of characters to let people know what your brand is about and give them a strong reason to follow you.

A good Instagram bio should be able to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Convey what your brand does
  2. Indicate how a customer can find you
  3. Showcase your personality
  4. Propel users to take action

Unique Instagram Lead Generation Strategies

Promote With Fabulous Content

After having created a savvy profile, the next step involves attracting your target customers through your content.

What types of images or videos will your audience consume? Once you’ve decided on this, scout Instagram for keywords related to the solution you provide and find hashtags for those keywords. Use them effectively. 

Hashtags on Instagram aid in content optimization and discovery. Posts on Instagram with at least one hashtag get 12.6% greater engagement compared to those without. You can use an app called Tags For Likes, which can help you store custom hashtags and also give you suggestions. Build at least 30 effective hashtags and save them in the app.

And finally, similar to any blog post, have a strong call to action in your Instagram posts.

Doing it the right way:

Be really exclusive

Use Instagram to showcase products which you haven’t shared on your blog, Facebook or Twitter pages. This makes your Instagram fans feel extra special.

Roll out an event or product live

Make a short video of your brand launching a new outlet, a new product, or setting up for a conference or an event. You can also choose to release videos of new product launches, highlighting every important aspect of it.

Create exclusive offers

Give your followers a discount code on some of your products. Joe Wicks, from The Body Coach, is one of the many lifestyle and fitness influencers who has turned his Instagram account into a thriving business with his content. He posts short and snappy videos on how to keep one healthy.

Unique Instagram Lead Generation Strategies

Tap into user-generated content

Even though you can be a master storyteller, the stories you create about your brand can never be as prolific or powerful as the stories told by your community. If someone tells a story about their experience with your brand, they have an affinity with you. And their posts may be worth 1000 times more than what you got to say about your own business.

A lot of brands are sharing Instagram content from users and fans

Take the example of Xero, the accounting software used by many businesses worldwide. Even though they create great content, they don’t post about account software so much. Instead, they focus on user-generated content. They do so by telling stories of businesses that use Xero to save time and get more work done.

Here’s an example:

Unique Instagram Lead Generation Strategies

Offering user-generated content furthers your relationship with your followers and encourages them to interact with your brand on a long-term basis.

Hold Contests

Choosing to hold contests and invest in prizes that your ideal lead would wish to claim and then request people to tag a friend for greater exposure can be a unique way to generate leads on Instagram. Here’s how you can hold a productive contest:

Create a cool theme

One way to ensure that your contest succeeds is by coinciding with what your followers are thinking about. You can do this by running contests based on the seasons: tax season, back-to-school, holidays, sporting events etc.

Have a fabulous prize

Ensure that your prize provides sufficient incentive for your fans to participate and share it with their friends. Picking a prize that’s somehow linked to your target market is a great strategy.

Have a voting element

Including a voting element will hugely improve the chance of your contest going viral, ultimately boosting your brand profile. If implemented well, participants will share it with their family, friends, and friends of friends.

Here’s an example from Pepsi:

Unique Instagram Lead Generation Strategies

The contest is straightforward. You need to take a selfie with Pepsi products and get an opportunity to gain VIP access to a party at a high-end hotel.

Neil Patel goes into depth in this post on how he generated great leads by spending $57,000 on Instagram contests.

Boost Your Results With Instagram Ads

This is perhaps one of the easiest and fastest ways to start a solid Instagram lead generation strategy. It can be a wonderful option, especially if you have a tiny number of followers but want to generate leads quickly. At the same time, it’s also ideal for businesses with a huge number of followers and wants to make it easy for them to get to their site since each Ad can be clicked.

You can precisely target users who can be your potential leads. Some widely used targeting options include industry, job title, geolocation and hobbies/interests.

If you’re familiar with Facebook ad campaigns, then this would not be greatly different. Facebook owns Instagram and both the networks have similar Ad building dashboards. You can use the same target audience for your Facebook ads on Instagram, and literally, get started with as low as $5.

Here are some handy tips for running an Instagram ad:

  1. Use powerful and natural images
  2. Useless text in your image
  3. Keep the copy short
  4. Don’t disappoint users with unresponsive landing pages
  5. Add a strong call to action
  6. Use the right hashtags

Here’s one example from 8fit app.

Unique Instagram Lead Generation Strategies

The ad is eye-catching as users love seeing the instant gratification of side-by-side results. You can see how happy and fit the man looks after the changes.


An effective Instagram lead generation strategy can be done in many other ways; these are just five of them. Still, you have a decent idea of where to start from to entice your target audience and propel them to make a purchase. Try putting a human touch to your interactions with followers and tell true stories about how others have benefited using your products or services. This will help establish trust with a new audience, eventually helping you generate quality leads.

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