Hand-Pick the Best Digital Marketing Channels

April 1, 2024 | Digital Marketing

How do you choose to sell your product and services? 

Offline market! NO. Door-to-door selling! NO. Print Ads & Billboards! Absolutely NO. 

All these manual marketing formats are gradually going extinct. 

But why? Digital marketing channels are the new marketplace of this era. The more you strive to evolve digitally, the more will be the sustainability and sales ratio of your brand. 

So today, we are going to discuss digital marketing channels and note down the best amongst them. 

Let’s proceed forward with better understanding of digital marketing channels. 

What are Digital Marketing Channels?

Image of man thinking symbolizing what

So, what are digital channels or digital marketing channels? 

Digital marketing channels or online marketing channels are the promotional platforms to advertise brands, products, and services. 

So, if you wish to make your customers engage with your selling elements, you need to first leverage your digital presence. And these advertising channels or digital marketing channels facilitate the same for you. 

Be it social media, email marketing, paid advertisement, or SEO, they all promote your business and make them visible to your target customers. 

Thus, digital channels or digital marketing channels have a high degree of significance in today’s online business era. 

Let’s elaborate the digital marketing channels with in-depth significance. 

Know the Significance of Digital Marketing Channels

Knowing about promotional digital marketing channels is not sufficient for business growth. You have to figure out some firm importance of their utility. This will help you strategize a good marketing plan and opt for the medium that is best for you. 

So, a few significant digital channels are: 

Target Specific Audiences With Digital Channels

Target audience with digital channels

The best part about digital marketing channels is that they hit a unique audience base as per the brand’s requirements. The target audiences may be categorized on the basis of demography, location, interest, age, behavior, psychography, preferences, etc.  

With RankWatch’s Ranking Overview, you can easily figure out the country-wise Share of Voice (SOV) that can further help you understand your target audience.

RankWatch SOV data

In simple terms, you can easily identify the major hot spots (locations) that are quite fond of your brand.

Further, your marketing team can take the necessary actions to execute proper campaigns to garner traction.

Ideally, the formula for SOV is:

Share of Voice = (Your brand measures/Total market measures) * 100

Using this formula, you can calculate the share of voice of a website.

However, RankWatch, with its AI-driven feature, automatically gets you the results without any tussle. 

Promote Distinct Content With Digital Marketing Channels

Different digital channels promote different content. 

For example, website SEO is feasible for promoting blogs and articles, but social media platforms encourage brand reels and promotional shorts.

Generate Potential Leads With Digital Channels

Generate potential leads for brand

Internet users tend to respond in some channels comparatively more than others. 

If you post your content on those channels, the volume of potential lead generation is certain to increase. 

Nourish Brand Awareness With Digital Marketing Channels

Nourish brand awareness

Brand exposure from the advertising channels or digital marketing channels will lead to brand awareness. 

So, choosing the proper digital marketing channels will give you impeccable internet visibility.

7 Best Digital Marketing Channels

So, here are some of the impactful digital marketing channels that can deploy an unimaginable volume of target audiences to your brand. 

Social Media Marketing: A Consistent Digital Marketing Channel

Social media marketing

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok can leverage your brand’s online marketing with a very high possibility of success. 

On top of that, there are some impeccable benefits related to it:

  1. Most of the social media platforms are accessible to all users.
  2. It would kick-start your business, especially when starting as a retailer, freelancer, e-commerce brand, creative agency, etc.
  3. Social media marketing (SMM) is cheaper than end-to-end digital marketing packages. 

You just need to maintain consistency in posting catchy content for your customers. Consequently, the magic is sure to happen!

SEO: A Phenomenal Digital Channel

Refusing to invest in SEO means you are sure to miss an abundance of potential audiences. Today, marketing consultants are striving to improve the SEO score of their websites. 

When it comes to ranking improvement in the Google search engine algorithm, SEO is a one-stop solution that any digital marketer would actively count on. 

SEO ideally includes incorporating relevant keywords, optimizing images, creating valuable backlinks, fostering effective internal linking strategy, streamlining title tags and headings, optimizing web page speed and loading time, etc. 

To apply the correct SEO, you can use an internet marketing platform like RankWatch that would assist you in implementing end-to-end, on & off-page SEO in infinite ways. 

Here are some ways on how RankWatch can help you with SEO optimization:

Perform Keyword Research

Use the free keyword research tool of RankWatch to gain insights like keyword difficulty, CPC, competition, search volume trend, geographical distribution, organic keyword suggestions, paid keyword suggestions, question-based keyword suggestions, keyword grouping, and much more.

RankWatch free keyword research tool

Get these insights to develop your marketing strategy and witness successful results in the market. 

The more strategically you evaluate this data and use the keywords accordingly in your website, the better the consequences will be. 

Do Relevant Interlinking

To apply the right interlinking strategy, you first need to find out the top-ranking pages with which you can interlink your blog.

RankWatch rank tracking feature

Log in to RankWatch and visit the rank tracking section. There, you will get insights on top landing pages based on the ranking keyword and traffic. 

Further, interlink your content with those pages and influence the customers to try the products and services mentioned in your recently posted content. 

Apply Backlink Strategy

The process of backlinking involves linking your webpage to some other domain. 

Whenever a domain with a good DA score links to your website, they are vouching for you and directing their traffic to your site. This further helps improve your EEAT score, generates more impressions, and ultimately helps you convert them into customers.

The free backlink analyzer of RankWatch can help you analyze and strengthen your link profile. 

Open the backlink checker free online tool, enter the domain link in the given dialog box, and click on explore backlink.

RankWatch free backlink checker tool

The feature will instantly give you a complete data segmentation of backlinking insights including backlink overview, referring backlinks, referring domains, anchors, pages & paths, IP & subnets.

RankWatch backlink overview

You can also use this tool to understand competitors’ backlink strategies and develop effective campaigns. Simply enter their domain URL, and the tool will provide you with details regarding their link profile.

Country distribution insights of RankWatch

Further, the “Country Distribution” section will give you a comprehensive understanding of how much market value your local competitors hold and what strategies they are using to attain success. 

Maintain Good Website Structure

Maintaining the right flow of information across your website and keeping the page elements intact are other practices in SEO methodology. 

The on page SEO audit tool of RankWatch can help you get this done. It offers you insights on keywords, characters, page elements, page speed, page size, and Google-featured snippets.

SEO IQ tool of RankWatch

The insights include keywords in H1, H2, paragraph texts, alt image texts, meta title, meta descriptions, and URLs; word count in H1, H2, H3, paragraph, meta title, meta descriptions, URLs; page size with image, page size without images, speed of the website, TTBF; Google featured snippets including logos, videos, site links, FAQs, and suggestions to capitalize these page elements.

RankWatch SEO IQ tool analysis

Along with these insights, you also get recommendations on the number of times a keyword needs to be used, followed by an SEO score that determines the SEO accomplishment of your website. 

Just evaluate the data and adhere to these suggestions. As a result, the SEO score of your website will improve with greater visibility for your products and services.  

Maintain Website Speed

Maintaining a good website means your users will be able to access and load the web pages quickly.

RankWatch SEO analyzer website speed tips

RankWatch, with its website SEO analyzer, would help you check site speed and further provide tips to improve it. 

The recommendations, based on their grade, type, and priority level, can be implemented for better results in regard to site speed. 

Ensure Mobile Friendliness

A mobile-friendly website means the compatibility of your site on mobile devices. And to conduct a mobile-friendly test, RankWatch is eager to help you.

RankWatch mobile friendly checker tool

Visit the mobile-friendly checker tool, enter the targeted URL, and click on run test. Instantly, this feature will offer you a mobile-friendly score.

If you have a good mobile-friendly score, it’s fine! 

Otherwise, you can work on the website aspects like responsive layout, font size, loading speed, and web design to improve it. 

Do Technical Audit

Finally, after setting the SEO correctness, speed, and mobile device compatibility of your website, you need to see if it is free of errors or not. Well, the site auditor section of RankWatch can help you get this done. 

When you visit the site audit feature after setting your domain URL as the new project, multiple insights are offered to you, like HTTP status code distribution, issues in chronological order, page depth, page response time distribution, and a lot more. 

The issues that get highlighted are failed URLs, canonical issues, no index pages, non-200 pages, excluded URLs, non-HTML URLs, followed pages, disallowed pages, etc.

Rankwatch site audit tool

Based on the existence of these problems, you also get a patent site score from RankWatch. The more you keep on resolving these problems, the more the site score will be. 

Email Marketing: An Effective Digital Channel

Image of email marketing

Email marketing is the act of listing out the email addresses of potential customers & subscribers and directly appealing to them via mail to purchase your products and services.

It is a kind of virtual door-to-door marketing where you can bifurcate your potential customers into different segments and then send a customized email for each segment. 

The bifurcation can be done on the basis of product preferences, location demography, age, and other significant parameters. 

For better marketing practice, you can learn the best email automation strategies and generate phenomenal revenue for your business. 

Paid Advertisement: An Efficient Digital Marketing Channel

Image of paid advertisement

Paid marketing, also called PPC, is another impactful digital marketing channel where you comparatively grow quicker than SEO. 

It’s because here, you pay to directly push your brand higher in SERP ranking and put them in front of the segmented audiences.

The more awareness you have in regards to the taste of the target audiences, the better the customization of ads with appealing and data-driven elements like visuals, designs, and copies to grab their attention.

RankWatch keyword analysis

To build an effective paid campaign strategy, you must know the CPC value of a keyword. With RankWatch’s keyword research tool, you can get this data within seconds.

Just feed the targeted keyword and click on the explore option. 

Among the list of insights offered by the analysis, you also get the CPC value that serves as a significant element for paid advertisement campaigns. 

Other than PPC, you can choose to have shopping ads, paid social, and display ads for your brand. 

Video Marketing: The Best Digital Channel

Image of video marketing

Video marketing is the use of video elements that would promote your brand’s services and products. 

Research says that a normal internet user spends 16 hours per week on the internet watching online videos.

Thus, it can be taken into sincere consideration that if the right video reaches the right audiences at the right traffic hours, the conversion optimization would be much higher than you can even imagine. 

Referral Marketing: An Outstanding Digital Marketing Channe

Image of referral marketing

Referral marketing is based on customer recommendations. 

When one customer vouches for your brand’s product and services, it can be termed as referral marketing. 

The customers who refer ideally get shopping coupons, loyalty points, cash-back offers, and discounts. 

Content Marketing: A Good Digital Channel

Image of content marketing

As the name says, content marketing is the creation and publishing of content like blogs, articles, videos, social media posts, and much more. 

An effective campaign of content marketing can almost double the growth rate of your business in the respective marketplace and make it flourish on a global scale. 

Right away from acquiring more leads, improving customer base, and driving high traffic volume to getting more likes, shares, and comments on social media, everything is possible with impactful content marketing. 

Again, RankWatch, being a preferred digital marketing platform, can help you with effective content marketing strategies.

RankWatch free keyword research tool

For instance, as we discussed above, the keyword research tool offers you insights like search volume and competition of keywords. 

Any digital marketer would suggest you use the keyword of high search volume and low competition. This tool allows you to access the respective data and use them accordingly in the content.

Then, the SEO IQ feature offers you an opportunity to incorporate the right number of keywords. The more you keep the arrangement and numbers of keywords intact, the better the results of content marketing will be. 

Wrapping Up!

Well, this is all about some of the best digital marketing channels, types of online marketing, their significance for modern-day business success, and the role of an internet marketing platform like RankWatch to leverage their utility. 

Hope this blog is useful to you and has offered you all the necessary insights on types of digital marketing channels. 

We are sure that you will be able to use these digital marketing channels in an endless number of ways for your business growth. 


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