5 Different Ways to Attract More Leads with Videos

July 8, 2023 | Video Marketing

attract more leads with videos

The recent influx of video content has increased engagement as source of entertainment and has been used for awareness, but another interesting thing about video content is that it can also be adopted by your brand. Did you know that? You probably have done some video integration in your digital marketing plans, yet unable to explain if the views on your videos are generating leads or even increasing buyers’ decision to purchase.

The recent survey revealed that many marketers think that videos can generate more conversions in comparison with other content format. Obviously, it is because videos are more engaging, memorable, drive much traffic and prevail over text. Therefore, with video’s success at generating more leads and becoming more popular, video content is now replacing text as a marketing medium.

On a monthly basis, an average of 206 videos are being viewed by an average consumer, and 59% of CMO’s told that they would prefect watching video instead of text reading on the same topic. In essence, video marketing taking over is indisputable.

Meanwhile, a well-packaged video merged with accurate CTA and position tracking tool guarantees a conversion of those who watch your video into potential clients. In this light, here are five great ways to gather qualified leads through your video content and motivate your viewers to make decisions:

1. Effectively Integrate Videos on Your Landing Pages

integrate videos

It is a very useful way to get more conversions using video. By placing video content strategically on major landing pages, you will surely generate leads. Possibly, you might have added videos on different pages on your website, but check their positions. Where did you place them? Are they likely to catch enough attention? Will your visitors view them easily?

To get the optimal result from the video on your website, you need to align your video well enough to make your audience click on your page and increase their interest in the product or service you offer. Remember that 60% of users who prefer watching videos over texts, you should adopt it to the advantage of your brand.

To get more link and boost viewership, you can embed YouTube videos with your content on landing pages what help you stand out from your rivals. You don’t need to have special skills to integrate the video into your site. To know video keywords and rankings, you can use the Youtube position tracking tool.

2. Include Calls to Action on Your Videos

The lack of calls to action on your videos will make people bounce your website and search for more information about your product or services elsewhere what is not good for you.

Remember that people are lazy by nature. Don’t make them take additional steps to get what they need on your website because it will affect your conversion rate.

Based on the research carried out by Vidyard, he divided viewers of their explainer video on the homepage into two groups:

  1. Group 1: watched the video without any calls to action at the close.
  2. Group 2: watched the video with calls to action at the close.

But you know what?

1. Vidyard revealed that the video increases conversion rates by 20% in group.

2. Free trial sign-ups were added in the ex-plainer video as calls to action.

How to integrated these CTAs into your video?

You can add YouTube cards and annotations to your key moments of videos that will drive more traffic and leads. Here is an example:

  1. 0:42 you describe your SEO software, and you can integrate CTAs to your landing page right now.
  2. 1:53 you talk about a tool for growth hacking in politics, add CTAs to lead them to the website, probably on the top right corner.

To increase conversion rates on your video, try to include a URL and a phone number to help users find out more about your odds.

3. Use an Email Prompter

email prompter

Another way to know who actually is interested in your content or the message is to use an email prompter at the beginning of your video content. This does not only make you know who but also gathers adoptable data about them.

Just before the play button or at the hovering of the mouse on the video thumbnail, or after a short intro, let there be a pup-up of a request of your viewer’s email address to gather the number of those watching your video and the frequency. You would be able to offer the custom-made content that your audience likes or needs when you know who they are.

Note: Providing an engaging and quality video should be the ultimate so as to give an access to the email prompter. And when you use a reputable tracking tool, you will be able to gather those who have responded to the gate!

4. Adopt Testimonial Videos

Since influencing is the new oil in marketing, video content automatically has a higher advantage over text. Talking of buying, a video testimonial from a satisfied client is far better than a text review placed on random websites. Why? Videos have more pictorial and visual appeals than text that comes static. Imagine that you have lots of testimonial videos reviewing your product or service on your website, it appears convincing than a bunch of reviews written in text.

In terms of Customer Relationship, adopting testimonial videos would help forward a better relationship pattern between you and your customers, and also bring out the humanity of your brand. It is easy to get this done, make a request to your consistent buyers, or create a compelling social media post interest customers or buyers to have their own share of testimonial videos about your products or services.

testimonial videos
The Xero’s website will give you a great insight into how to create your own testimonial page.

5. Conduct Webinars

In the present world of proliferation of many concepts, people are looking for those who are authorities in any of their interest to listen to or learn from. And like provision of eBooks and whitepapers give you avenues to establish authority and help you position yourself as an expert in an area, videos can also be used as a credible source of your expert opinions, useful insights, and feasible facts.

With webinars, you will be able to cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to your leads in a detailed form and occasionally. You can also invite guest speakers to join the webinar sessions. You are not only building a credible reputation for your business, you are also on one way to convert leads into paying customers.

Therefore, using webinars will open you to live video sessions to connect with your audience. They are episodic like podcasts, visitors get motivated and leads are generated.

That’s why they would keep returning for more valuable insights. It is through the reoccurrence of this that you would build an archive of informative video content that could also degenerate into forms like: slideshows, infographics, and articles for distribution on multiple platforms.


Judging from the above successful video adaptations, it is evident that videos are the new gold in marketing, especially for leads generation. When you use them effectively as suggested above with the right tracking tool, you are sure of wonderful results.

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