Don’t worry WebMeUp users, RankWatch will save the day!

May 2, 2023 | Feature Update

As you may have heard, WebMeUp is discontinuing its services from the 11th of July 2014.

We understand this is a difficult time for their users due to the uncertainty following their discontinuation. However, this is not the time to get anxious or panic but consider it as an opportunity to make a change for the better.

An Alternative to WebMeUp = RankWatch

Keeping in mind WebMeUp was a core Rank Tracking and Analysis Tool, RankWatch is not only able to provide all basic and advanced Rank Monitoring services for over 200+ Search Engines, but also caters to a whole range of SEO related solutions, which makes us a Complete SEO Management Platform and all of this with the prices being extremely competitive.

Why Choose RankWatch?

Besides our numerous features, RankWatch is also known to the world as having an incredibly simple yet effective interface, which is centric to providing Marketers and CEO’s alike with actionable data and profitable metrics.

RankWatch also offers extremely competitive pricing with the lowest package starting at just $29 per month- with no data limits applicable.

Being 100% Results Driven, RankWatch believes in providing a 360 Degree solution to all SEO related channels such as Competitive Analysis, Backlink Analysis, Keyword Suggestions, SERP Archive, 100% White Labeling, Trigger Emails, LHF, Analytics and the recently launched Website Analyzer.

Features WebMeUp RankWatch
Online/Desktop Online Online
Plan Reviewed Premium Premium
Price $99.95 Per Month $99 Per Month
Trial Version 15 Days – No Data Limit 14 Days – No Data Limit
Number Of Projects 10 Unlimited
Number Of Keywords 1500 1500
Custom Dashboard Yes Yes
SERP/ Rank Tracking Yes Yes
Organic Competitor Analysis Yes Yes
Paid Competitor Analysis No Yes
Website Analyzer No Yes
Backlink Analysis Yes Yes
Keyword Suggestions Yes Yes
Low Hanging Fruits No Yes
Google Analytics Integration Yes Yes
Google Webmasters Integration Yes Yes
Unlimited Reporting No Yes
Schedule Reporting Yes Yes
100% White Labeling Yes Yes
SERP Archive No Yes
Trigger Emails No Yes
Social Visibility Yes Yes
Keyword Tagging No Yes
Agency Dashboard No Coming very soon
Phone Support Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes
Blog Yes Yes
FAQ’s Yes Yes
Account Manager for Premium No Yes
SCORE 19/29 28/29


Future Features.

This is certainly not the end. We are in the process of adding multiple features to this extensive list in the near future, and just to add to that, all users are entitled to free of cost updates to all future features that we will be launching.

Import your Data Directly from WebMeUp.

As WebMeUp has informed users to export their data onto a .CSV file in order to retain their information. You can directly import that .CSV to RankWatch and continue where you had left off.

Do I get something special if I am a WebMeUp user?

Ofcourse, WebMeUp users please use coupon code “rankmeup” to get an additional 50% off on your first payment.


For any further information or assistance in anything else please email us at [email protected]


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