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June 14, 2019 | Interview

James started his career as a web developer over 15 years ago, however leading more into the technical SEO field has expanded a wide knowledge in both the technical and marketing aspects of a successful website. Fascinated by how user experience can impact the psychology and how simple text changes can make a google listing light up, James pushes himself to thrive in the ever-evolving website industry. Now Director of JPS Media, James can use his extensive knowledge to assist his clients to success.

Please tell us about yourself, where you work and your role at your company.

I am a freelance web developer and SEO consultant. I specialise in the technical aspects of SEO and focus on user engagement, UI and general SEO practices.

How did you get introduced to digital marketing, more specifically SEO?

I started out as a web developer, which was going great but I needed customers… this is how my first marketing and SEO campaign started. With a lot of research and trial and error, I managed to rank against huge companies and agencies in my local area. This then lead me off with other sites and sidelines I had going and I did the same again. Once I had repeated the process a few times, I began selling this as a service and this is where it all began.

What was that one strategy that did wonders for your brand? In other words what helped you kick start your revenue growth?

The best strategy that did wonders for my brand would be spending about a week when I first started out on Local SEO. We targeted every little village, town and area that was local to us. This allowed us to outrank competition massively and not only attract new customers it also made us seem impressive to our clients as they would say things like “We googled web designers or online marketers in X and other locations and every time it was your company that came up #1 no matter where we were searching. So we knew you were the company we wanted to use” This not only drove traffic to us but showed the customer we knew what we were doing before they even contacted us. So it provided us with guaranteed clients rather than potential leads.

How do you think SEO has changed over the last 10 years? And, how do you think year 2019 will shape up for SEO industry?

SEO has only really started to exist over the last 10 years seriously, and it’s only becoming more and more competitive. I do think at some point there will be a dynamic shift if not even this year. With Google AI’s ability to predict user engagement more and more I think this will start to make a huge impact. I hate to say it, but I also think backlinks will eventually fall off as being a big ranking factor. Due to the fact they are easily spoofed and paid blog posts etc. I think eventually this kind of SEO will be obsolete. I could literally talk about this forever!

What are the services you provide to your clients and what do you think makes your business stand out among your competitors?

I offer website design, development and SEO so the full online package. I build my customers websites and then rank them on search engines to get the customers and we do very well from it, as do my customers. I guess the one thing that makes me unique, is it’s me and my partner who runs the business we offer a family business touch. We care and really get to know our customers and work with them. We guide and assist though-out the process, to help bring their business into the modern era.

Everybody knows what you have achieved, I would like to talk about your failure stories and how they impacted your professional life. (As we know Rome was not built in a day)

I guess my main failure is not taking my own advice. One issue with spending all day looking after our client’s websites is that we don’t get enough time to spend on our own. Sometimes we often let our own site SEO slip and we drop down the rankings slightly which can impact our new customer rates. But with a few tweaks and articles here and there we are able to get this back to where we are.

What features do you think are missing in mainstream SEO tools? Are there any processes you’d love to see automated?

One feature that would be lovely to see added to mainstream SEO tools would be an automation of finding blogs and linkable assets and ordering them by DA, so we could say “I need bloggers in X category” and we can then view a list of blogs ordered by DA” Now that would be a lifesaver and I am sure people would pay ALOT for this.

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