Get to know Mark Barber, Founding Partner at Overflow Local

February 16, 2018 | Interview

Mark Barber is the Business Development Manager and Founding Partner of Overflow Local – A multi-award winning web design and digital marketing agency with locations in Appleton, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois. Overflow Local has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, The Milwaukee Journal and much more.
It is Mark’s passion to help local businesses grow and gain the competitive advantage that led him to embark embark on a career in Digital Marketing. Mark has been responsible for creating successful marketing strategies for Radio Stations, Government Agencies to promote tourism and local businesses across a wide variety of industries.

Please introduce yourself and where you work.

Hi, my name is Mark. I am the Business Development Manager and a founding partner at Overflow Local. We are an award winning Web Design and Digital MarketingAgency with locations in Appleton Wisconsin and Chicago Illinois

How do you think SEO has changed over the last 10 years?

SEO has changed a lot over the last 10 years. I remember back in the day the focus was on links, specifically the quantity of links. Now the focus is on the user experience (Mobile Focus, page load speeds, etc.) and creating unique, well written, relevant and useful content for your target audience.

How did you get introduced to digital marketing, more specifically SEO?

While I was in college I met a guy whose computer repair business was killing it. I learned how he was able to get his website to dominate the first page of Google. I took that knowledge and began helping friends rank their websites on the first page of Google. As a result of the demand and the results that my friends were experiencing I launched a Marketing Agency that was acquired by a large media company.

What are the services you provide to your clients?

We are a full service Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency. With a focus on Web Design, SEO, and PPC.

What strategy according to you will prevail in 2018 for SEO?

A sustainable strategy for 2018 is content marketing. Creating unique content that is useful and relevant for the target audience. Focus on creating a great user experience on site. Don’t forget long tail keywords.

What would your advice be to people who are looking to take up digital marketing as a career choice?

Don’t overcomplicate things. Focus on long term results. Invest in yourself, and continue to educate yourself on the changes in the SEO and Digital Marketing industry.

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