How To Automate And Improve Ad Campaigns?

August 3, 2023 | PPC

Marketers are always busy with never-ending tasks like ad optimization, PPC campaign optimization, email marketing, social media handling, and much more.

They are relentlessly brainstorming for new ways to advertise their brand and products. After all, advertising is one of the most essential parts of any digital marketing campaign.

Many competitors are offering similar products and services. Unless your brand becomes popular, if not famous, no one will pay attention to your products.

But even after putting in so much effort, marketers fail to tick all the tasks on their lists.

That is why advertising automation came to them as a technical boon.

What is Ad Campaign Automation?

Ad automation is the process of creating, scheduling, publishing, and tracking digital ads using software to reduce human intervention.

Ad campaign automation

Advertising automation is designed to trigger consumer actions like subscribing to a tool, buying a product, filling up a form, etc.

Types of Ad Automation

Following are the types of automated ads used mainly by digital marketers.

Search Ad

When a user searches for a specific query using short-tail keywords, digital marketers provide them with the most relevant information through search ads.

Search ads appear at the top of the search engine result pages satisfying the searcher’s exact query.

Search Ad

Due to the users’ search intent specificity, paid search optimization has one of the highest ROI.

Social Media Ad

It is hard to find a person nowadays who is not on social media or does not spend time on social media regularly.

Digital marketers integrate their ads on social media platforms to reach their target audience.

Social media ad

The most significant advantage of social media advertising is that it allows marketers to target specific audiences by segmenting them based on age, gender, location, hobbies, interests, and many more.

That helps marketers to effectively gain potential customers even though social media ads are typically less costly than other automated ads.

Display Ad

This form of automated advertising comes with images and banners to create a visual impact.

Display Ad

Marketers use display ads on various websites and platforms. That helps them target a broad audience from various demographics, behaviors, and interests at a much lesser cost.

Display ads are efficient in driving traffic and boosting brand awareness.

Video Ad

Video ads are gaining popularity at a fast pace. These are small video clips inserted in video content on various social media and other platforms.

Most of us encounter video ads daily while watching video content on YouTube. The automated video ads appear at the beginning, during, and after the video content.

Video ad GIF

Video ads provide an immersive experience with the highest audio-visual impact on target audiences.

Benefits of Ad Automation

Among countless benefits of automated ads, the following are the most crucial benefits of ad automation.

Greater Efficiency

A digital marketer always needs more time to complete endless tasks.

Automated ads provide them with a time cushion by saving them from performing repetitive tasks.

Greater efficiency

That significantly boosts their efficiency by allowing them to invest that time in other essential tasks.

Better Leads Nurturing

It is a delicate and tedious task to nurture each lead individually.

Lead nurturing

However, it is essential to do that to increase your conversion rate.

Automated ads allow marketers to nurture leads in bulk while maintaining a personalized experience with your brand for each lead.

Increased ROI

Automated ads boost ROI by providing improved targeting through accurate lead nurturing.

Increased ROI

The more improved the targeting is, the more the conversion rate. That means more leads become your paid customers and thus boosting the ROI.

Enhanced Reporting

Ad and PPC automation not only streamlines your marketing efforts but also allows you to gauge the success of your marketing campaigns accurately.

Enhanced SEO reporting

That helps in measuring the effectiveness of your SEO activities and their results. That, in turn, allows you to generate enhanced SEO analytics reporting for your clients.

The Best Ways to Automate and Improve Your Ad Campaigns

Running several ad campaigns simultaneously is typical for any reputed digital marketing company.

But, the salt to their wound is that all these campaigns are from different niches. Focusing on each campaign separately and maintaining continuous progress is a mammoth task.

Moreover, the digital marketing company must regularly update all clients with detailed progress reports.

Performing many critical tasks simultaneously can be hectic without the right tool.

Hectic GIF

RankWatch has proven to be the most accurate tool for digital marketing companies in handling several ad campaigns simultaneously.

RankWatch agency dashboard

It offers a bundle of features at the most competitive rates. The tool also allows you to add as many ad campaign projects as you wish.

To use RankWatch, you must log in to your RankWatch account, 

  • Add a new project

Adding a project in RankWatch

  • Insert keywords and location where you want to target, and then head on to the main dashboard.

Adding location and keywords in RankWatch

The RankWatch dashboard will give detailed information on your site, competitors, and other vital metrics. Besides, you can easily switch from one campaign to another by selecting from the drop-down menu at the top.

Now as you know the detailed status of your ad campaign projects, you can start improving the weak areas of your campaigns.

Once you are done with that, you must inform your clients about the campaigns’ current progress.

And here, only the numbers speak for themselves.

It is time to submit a detailed progress report.

RankWatch’s Reports section can help you achieve that most professionally. Let us find out how in the following steps. You can also avail of a detailed video tutorial on this here

  1. Login to your Rankwatch account and go to the dashboard.
  2. Go to the reporting section by clicking the ‘Reports’ icon on the dashboard.

    RankWatch reports section
  3. Scheduling your reports provides you flexibility on how you want to represent the SEO reports to your clients and at what intervals. You need to click on the ‘Schedule Reports’ bar for that.

    Schedule Reports barScheduled reports
  4. If you click on the ‘Schedule Reports’ icon at the top right-hand corner, it will open the following window. 

    Report scheduling window

  5. It allows you to select the website for which you want to share the report with your clients. Further, you can select the Search Engine, Sub-URLs, and Tags for your report.
  6. You can choose the file format between PDF and Excel for the white-label SEO reports.
  7. Now, select or create a template for the report.
  8. If you want to send monthly reports, then select the frequency as ‘Monthly’. You can also select the date, date range, time, and time zone. 

    Scheduling reports in RankWatch

  9. The tool offers you with the provision for sending the reports automatically via email. Just fill up the details in the dialog boxes and you are good to go. 

    Sending reports automatically

  10.  If you want to customize your report further, click on the ‘Templates’ bar. 

    Templates bar

  11. You can customize the template as per your requirement by clicking on the ‘Edit Template’ option. 

    Edit template icon

  12. It will enable you to create a complete white-label report, without the mention of RankWatch anywhere, by choosing the appropriate template name, uploading your brand logo, and checking footer options. 

White label reporting


Automating ads like search ads, social media ads, display ads, and video ads allows a digital marketer to handle multiple ad campaigns simultaneously.

Automated ad optimization provides greater efficiency, boosts ROI by accurate lead nurturing, and enhances reporting.

However, it is essential to choose the right tool for the accuracy and reliability of the results. Moreover, the tool should allow you to create professional white-label reports to increase your brand value and image.

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