The 5 Groundbreaking Video Trends to Watch Out for 2022

September 21, 2022 | Video Marketing

The ever-growing craze in video marketing keeps evolving. With millions of videos uploaded to the internet every second, there are hundreds of trends that come and go– making it hard for marketers to adopt a single trend for quite a long time in their marketing mix.

By 2022, the video marketing landscape is predicted to get even noisier. Social media will become chockablock places with millions of video content uploaded every second.

That is why you need to be wise and take all those different types of video content with a pinch of salt before you include any trend in your marketing mix.

Hence, it’s always been a challenge for every video marketer to pinpoint the video trends that can gain momentum and interest.

From the latest video marketing statistics, there will be at least five video trends that will dominate social media scenes in 2022. We’re going to break them down for you.

Let’s geek out!

1. Vertical Videos 

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The rise of Stories has changed how internet users watch online videos. Internet users are 1.5 times more likely to watch online videos using their mobile phones. 

From Snapchat to Youtube, the vertical video format is stealing social media scenes. Mediabrix, a mobile advertising platform, has seen that 90% of videos watched vertically have a higher completion rate versus videos watched horizontally.

The internet users don’t even bother to tilt their phone just to watch or film a video– they prefer to hold their phone upright. It makes a lot of sense if using vertical video format helps to suit their needs.

Now, it’s still 40% of internet users prefer to shoot a video vertically compared to 60% who’s more likely to shoot horizontally. But looking at the numbers of mobile internet subscription that’s staggering, that percentage will be turning the other way around dramatically in 2022.

Look at the chart below:


As we’re looking at the chart, we know that the global proliferation of smartphones plays a significant role in changing the users’ behavior. The constant increase in mobile internet subscriptions worldwide meaning that the vertical video format is in demand.

In short, the vertical video format it’s on their way rising, and it’s a trend that is worth trying to stay ahead of shifting trends on social media.

Best practices: Knowing the ratio is critical. You’d better format your vertical video with 9:16 since it’s believed to be the most immersive ratio to give your customers the best vertical video viewing experience.

2. Explainer Videos

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Explainer videos are not a new kid in town. This long-lasting trend has been around the internet over the last decades. 

For most marketers, explainer video remains one of the most powerful tools in their video marketing strategy. This is because at least 95% of internet users watch an explainer video to learn and understand more about a brand they’re interested in purchasing. 

Those numbers clearly show us that explainer videos trend is here to stay. It is no wonder that among hundreds of new video trends, explainer videos remain a clear-cut-winner when it comes to conveying the message.

Customers like it because it addresses their problem straightforwardly and offers an end-to-end solution for it.

Now we know that in 2022, the flourishing popularity of explainer video is predicted to have a steady growth. Internet users won’t stop learning through video. Not anytime soon.

That is why explainer video is one of the best options you have to stay relevant and stay ahead of the 2022 fierce competition.

Best practices: It’s essential to keep your explainer video short under 3 minutes. Make sure to capture your potential customers’ attention in the first few seconds by addressing the problem they can relate to. That is a smart move to make them stay and watch the video all the way through.

3. 360° Videos

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360° video is a new, more-advanced trend that internet users are increasingly literate in. It’s no wonder that social media have been embracing this video trend on their platform.

This video trend provides a fully interactive look where the viewers can immerse themselves in a compelling fictional environment. Hence, it gives you the possibility to offer your potential customers a whole new viewing experience and that’s a massive marketing opportunity for any brand.

Keeping up with this technology can be your smart way to highlight how your company is innovative and forward-facing. 

Today, most businesses have already integrated this platform into their video marketing campaign. And more than 74% of them claim success from using 360° video.

Although the 360° video craze is still in its infancy, riding the wave before anyone else will give you a jumpstart in the 2022 competition.

Best practices: The format is essential. So make sure you understand the gritty details about this trend before you include it to your marketing mix — most of the 360°videos that are uploaded to YouTube or Facebook in mp4 format.

4. Live-streaming Videos

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The next video trend you can follow in 2022 is live-streaming videos. This new form of media encourages more customer engagement by allowing you to build a strong connection with your customers. 

Customers like to watch the live-stream video from their favorite brand because they can interact and ask their questions directly in real-time. The latest statistics say that internet users spend 3x longer watching a live video compared to a pre-recorded video.

So it comes as no surprise that more than 83% of marketers who use this trend claim success in increasing their brand awareness that leads to increased sales.

From those mind-boggling numbers mentioned above, now you know that live-streaming video can be your potent tool to stay firm in the 2022 noisy video marketing world.

Best practices: Choosing your right platform is a crucial thing to consider before you start to use live-streaming video. In this case, understanding the social media demographics of each platform is crucial. For example, if you want to appeal to younger crowds, you can try Facebook Live or Instagram Live.

5. Virtual Reality (VR) Videos

(Image source)

Virtual Reality (VR) is another video trend you should pay attention to in 2022. It’s a next-level approach with the potential to boost your brand online visibility and engage more customers beyond your wildest dreams.

What VR video does best is to allow viewers to experience a whole new digital world by putting them at the center of the video. So, instead of watching the video on their screen, your customers will be placed inside an ever-expanding virtual world and become a central part of it.

It provides a level of immersion that they have never experienced before. That is why VR is the best option to immerse your customers with your brand storytelling. Look at the chart below and you what it means:


As you’re looking at the chart, you know that internet users are most likely looking forward to new experiences with VR technology. This is a green light for a new opportunity to hook your potential customers.

With at least 43 million VR users worldwide, over 64% of marketers claim they reap the benefits they deserve with VR videos.

As the number of installed virtual reality headsets is forecast to grow up to 37 million by 2022, adding this trend to your marketing campaign is something you should think about this year – especially if you’re currently in a hotel or travel industry.

Best practices: Don’t over-promote your brand. Carefully provide the call-to-action while keeping the intrinsic aspect of your business as part of the video. 

Remember, the most important thing here is your audiences’ viewing experience! 

Final Thoughts

The ever-growing and ever-changing digital world allures customers to change their behavior pretty quickly. The rewards are there to reap for marketers who are agile enough to break the shackles of old trends and keep up with the latest ones. 

However, relying on a trend alone won’t get you anywhere without a marketing plan to go along with it. 

Check our Video Marketing Statistics for 2022 below to help you find ideas for your next video campaign and make informed decisions to face any video marketing challenges!

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