Planning Ahead – Getting Your Instagram Ready For 2022 Trends

September 20, 2022 | Social Media

Instagram is a one-stop destination to connect with your friends and interests. At the same time, it offers a lot more than just posting high-quality videos and pictures. Businesses are well aware of the fact that Instagram is a highly useful tool to reach the target audience. However, it gets quite challenging to predict how Instagram will transform over time.

Since Instagram is continuously evolving, it becomes challenging to pre-plan the budgeting and resources. Some marketers even find it tough to keep up with the world of Instagram marketing. Therefore, to achieve the required success, you need to stay ahead of the curve, to catch on with its latest trends.

If you want to maintain a strong presence on Instagram, it is essential to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. In doing so, it will help your business to determine the path, to move in the right direction. In addition to that, if you’re looking forward to increasing your brand’s presence on Instagram, there are services like iDigic that can help you get most out of this platform.

Are you wondering what the future of Instagram looks like in 2022? Let’s take a look at six trends that can help you succeed on Instagram.

Instagram trends to expect in 2022

1. Vertical Video Format

Have you ever thought vertical videos would become a popular concept? I sure didn’t. A vertical video is used to be a sinful thing in the past, and most people hated it when posted on social media. At present, vertical videos are not only acceptable but also a huge trend for Instagram users. Few even think that this could be the future of Instagram marketing.

Because of its popularity, this video format is making a transition to other major platforms like Vimeo and YouTube as well. This fact indicates that the vertical video format is going to stay on forever. Therefore, it is essential for marketers to know how to create and edit these videos. By doing so, they can prepare themselves for the wave of 2022.

Generally speaking, vertical videos are a lot more engaging and helps to get more views for your Instagram account. However, before experimenting, you must try to understand the difference between planning for vertical and widescreen video formats. While making vertical video content, you must make sure that your subject is right at the center to avoid unnecessary mishaps.

Since most people consume videos on their smartphones, it makes total sense to post videos in vertical format. Instagram wants to encourage people to create vertical video content exclusively for mobile phone users. So, in June 2018, Instagram has developed a standalone vertical video application called IGTV.

Unlike other video streaming platforms, it focuses solely on vertical video playback, which makes it suitable for both content producers and marketers. It is going to be a popular platform for brands and influencers to create more personalized content. There is no doubt about the fact that vertical video format is going to be a significant trend for top brands in 2022.

Tips: You can shoot widescreen videos on your camera and convert it into the vertical format by editing in the post-production stage. Or flip your camera around to record in vertical format.

2. AR Filters

Instagram filters are a perfect example of how AR can impact our lives to create fun-filled experiences. For some, augmented technology may sound like futuristic speculation. But through Instagram, we are likely to interact with it daily. Since its launch, this is the first time, Instagram is allowing third parties to create custom-made filters.

From now on, people can create their personalized Instagram filters using Facebook’s AR studio. This help celebrities and influencers to create their custom AR filters. Many celebrities like Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and Kylie Jenner have already started using AR filters to their Instagram stories.

Even brands like the NBA and Vogue have their custom filters for promotional activities. However, these filters are only available for those who wish to follow them on Instagram. Smart concept right? So, if you want to unlock “Shine Bright Like A Diamond” filter, you can do so by following Rihanna.

Likewise, Kylie Jenner has a lipstick filter which may tempt you to purchase the actual product. These filters are primarily intended to go viral on social media. It can be a massive opportunity for your business, so keep an eye on this! This trend is a perfect example of how augmented reality can impact our lives, to be more precise, our Instagram lives.

3. Shopping Features

In 2018, Instagram introduced a lot of shopping features, and it seems like there is no end to it. While brands may take advantage of direct buy links, influencers may probably utilize Instagram stories to make conversions. Direct buy links usually eliminate the need for searching in the retailer’s website for the desired product, to make a purchase. It makes the selling process a lot easier for many fashion brands.

Since Instagram influencer market is flourishing, brands are looking to increase the ROI through Instagram posts. Shopping on Instagram is a proven sales channel, and hence you can expect a lot of other features any time soon. Moreover, if these features continue to do well, you can expect a new standalone application from Instagram. Watch out for it!

Shopping Features


In recent days, shopping directly on Instagram has gotten quite easy. You can use the shopping tag on the explorer page to purchase the recommended products. Many brands and influencers have also embraced this new way of selling products or services with open hands. Therefore, it is going to be a major Instagram trend of 2022.

When it comes to Instagram’s shopping features, it’s all about testing. Hence it is important to test each element to find out what works best for your Instagram account. By doing so, you can start the year (2022) with a new sales strategy. In the future, we wouldn’t be surprised if Instagram allows the influencers to tag their products in the posts.

4. Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram stories ads are one of the most important features of this platform since its launch. It is an excellent way for advertisers to communicate messages to their audience. Over 400 million people are watching Instagram stories ads every single day. Therefore, Instagram stories ads could be a significant trend in 2022.

Instagram Stories Ads


Advertising on Instagram stories is a cheaper alternative to FB advertising and is growing relatively faster. To keep yourself ahead of the competition, you must first analyze different Instagram story formats and choose the one that suits your needs. On Instagram, people are habitual of seeing casual content from their friends instead of videos with high production values.

So, if you want to prevent people from swiping past your ad, try more natural and less filtered visuals. To secure a good return on investment, your ad must be excellent in terms of look, design, and feel.

5. Instagram Stories Highlights

Unlike Instagram stories that disappear after 24 hours, highlights will allow you to organize clips and group them permanently on your profile until you delete them. Influencers can also use Instagram stories highlights to set a focus on tutorials, topics, events, and new product recommendations. Therefore it becomes a valuable addition to any Instagram business account.

Instagram Stories Highlights

When it comes to experimenting with Instagram stories highlights, I’d recommend you to come up with hashtags of your own and icons that match your brand. You can even create unique icons to make creative highlights that users want to watch. So, you can expect more content and strategies around this trend in the years to come.

How to create Instagram stories highlights: Click the New button next to story highlights on your Instagram profile. Choose a title for your stories and select a cover photo. It is always recommended to use icons instead of thumbnails. To edit or remove, you have to tap and hold the highlight on your profile.

6. Offline Events

In recent days, most brands are creating offline events as a part of their PR and social media strategy. By inviting influencers and journalists on trips and events, you can generate a lot of buzz, engagement, and sales. It seems like many beauty, and fashion brands have accepted this concept of creating social media content out of offline activities.

Especially in 2018, we have seen more offline Instagram events than ever before. Generally, companies take influencers on vacations to benefit from their significant followers. Though it is an expensive way to create Instagram content, it will not only generate likes but also sell a lot of products. Even event venues like museums, art galleries, etc., invite Instagram influencers to attract visitors through their following.

You can also create an offline experience for your customers which will not only help to gain more followers but also generate more visitors and sales for your business. When customers visit your store, they can tag your brand and location to encourage their followers to visit your business or buy your product or service.

By doing this, you can turn your shop into a modern Instagram terminal. Brands taking influencers on vacation is already a big Instagram trend, and we believe it is going to stay on forever.


Instagram – one of the major players in social media marketing. So, just being active on Instagram will not necessarily make your business successful. By the time you figure out what Instagram is all about, a new trend or feature will make you start the process all over again. Therefore, you need a solid social media strategy, to stay relevant on Instagram.

For years, Instagram has been introducing new features to keep its users engaged. As a result, keeping up with Instagram evolution can be challenging to some marketers. If you don’t adapt yourself to the changing trends, you might fall behind your competitors. It is also essential to learn how to take advantages of these trends at the right time.

How can you plan ahead when you are not mindful about the latest trends? So, be the first one to adopt it!

If you have any suggestions for new Instagram trends, please let us know in the comments section.

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