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Integrating Your RankWatch Data With Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is an advanced data reporting dashboard that pulls data from numerous sources and compiles them together to formulate a visual report. 

RankWatch is one of the Partner Connectors of Google Data Studio, which means you can integrate your RankWatch database with GDS and create custom reports as per your needs.

In this post, I have covered every necessary detail that is crucial for you to know when integrating your RankWatch database with Google Data Studio.

However, before that, let’s briefly cover the basics about Google Data Studio:

What is Google Data Studio?

GDS is a free tool that allows users to compile and transform data from Google Marketing Platform and other external sources into appealing visual reports. These reports are informative, quick to study, and customizable. As of 2019, Google Data Studio allows you to access your data from 500+ data sets from over 180 connectors.

Why should you integrate RankWatch with Google Data Studio?

When you integrate RankWatch with Google Data Studio, you no longer have to extract the report and upload it to GDS separately and invest more of your efforts and time. You just have to enter the project and Search Engine ID and GDS will start extracting the data.

Apart from that, by creating graphs and visually appealing reports, its interpretation becomes easier and convenient to understand.

Now, let’s head straight to the integration process.

How to integrate your RankWatch data with Google Data Studio?

Open Google Data Studio and login in with your Google account. 

Now, click on ‘Create’.

And then, ‘Data Source’.

If you are a first time user, then you will have to provide some basic details and agree to the terms of GDS.

However, if you’ve accessed GDS previously, then you will be directed to the ‘Connector Zone’.

Here, you will find three separate categories:

  1. Google Connectors
  2. Partner Connectors
  3. Open Source Connectors

Since RankWatch is a Partner Connector, you will find it listed under that category. Otherwise, you can go to the search bar and search for ‘RankWatch’.

Now, choose ‘Select’ to open ‘RankWatch Project Connector’.

This will lead you to a new window, where you will be asked to submit your RankWatch username and password.

Now, for this step, you need to create an API key in RankWatch and use the API Token as the username and API Password as the password.

Once you’ve logged in successfully, a window will open where you need to enter the project and search engine ID.

Where to find the Search Engine ID?

Access your chosen project’s Ranking Overview dashboard in RankWatch, and choose a Search Engine.

The URL will change as per your selection of the search engine. You will find the Search Engine ID next to the cluster of numbers and letters in the URL itself.

When you’ve entered the project and the Search Engine ID, click ‘Connect’ located in the top-right corner.

After you’ve given your authorization, Google Data Studio will start collecting the data related to your project and accumulate it into one sheet.

Then, you can click on ‘Create Report’ and head on to convert the data into a report.

…and done.

If you still have any queries regarding the integration process, feel free to drop a line at

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