How To Plan And Generate AI Content Quickly That Gets Traffic

August 18, 2022 | Interview

Welcome to Rankwatch’s webinar session on how to plan and generate AI-based content quickly that gets traffic. We have two guests, Mustapha Ajermou and Ezzaky Adelmalek, co-founders of Atlas Web Solutions and Typli.AI.


Hey everyone, welcome to today’s Marketing Lego Webinar. My name is Harshit, and I am the director of business alliances of two brilliant marketing SAAS tools, Rankwatch and Web Signals.
Today’s special two guests are the co-founders of Atlas web solutions. They are also the co-founders of a brilliant product,
Welcome Mustapha!
As the key onboard, I am happy to have you in this session today.

Thank you, guys. Thank you, Harshit!

Today’s topic is pretty interesting. For this particular strategy, we’ll be specifically using two tools: Rankwatch, which is a 360-degree SEO tool, and Typli, which is an AI-powered content generation tool.
RankWatch is a 360-degree SEO tool; it covers the entire SEO operations. It provides more in-depth data because AI powers it. That means you’ll find AI-powered insights in every module.
RankWatch will help you analyse your rankings for your target keywords, spy on your competitors, and help you with SEO opportunities.
Let’s talk more about RankWatch’s core modules. The first is Rank Tracking. It can go as hyperlocal as you want and be at the national level. It’s brilliant and very close to accurate.
The second core module that RankWatch offers is Competitor Analysis. You can do clustering according to your business category and rank, generated after analysing the top hundred pages within that cluster.
It gives you a true competitor for that specific category, which is something no other tool in the market does.
Site Auditing is the third one. It will give you proper bifurcation based on your website’s issues priority. It analyses more than 110 parameters and gives you the report.
You have a better edge when you act on improving the SEO health post running the audit.
Next is Backlink Analysis. The database is again very big. You’ll get very in-depth, very deep insights into your website and your competitors.
You’ll get details of the anchors they’re using, CF/TF, and each key parameter you can think of. Filters are also available for better analysis.
Keyword Research and Hidden Opportunities are AI-powered core modules. It is very useful for new keyword research and also to be able to identify low hanging fruits easily.
Since we come from an agency background, the tools that we developed are 100% white label. You can use your own logo and create engaging SEO reports for your clients.
The data you’ll provide will not be limited to Google Analytics and Webmaster; you can have your ranking data. You can include competitor analysis data, site audit reports, backlink analysis reports, etc.
So that’s it. Now, switching to you, Mustapha. Please share more about what all does.

Thank you, Harshit for having me. So, Typli is one of the most complete AI content writing tools. It offers not only content generation capabilities but also has extensive SEO features.
With Typli, you can write long-form, 100% original, SEO-friendly content.
We have a keyword research tool; we also have copyscape so that you can make sure your content is 100% unique.
Furthermore, we have AI content spinning so that you can make sure that you generate unique content and many variations of the same content.
We can also export your content on sites like Google Docs or to a Microsoft Document or PDF. We also offer integrations with other tools such as WordPress and have browser extensions.
So, Typli is one of the most complete content generation tools. And of course, in combination with Rankwatch, our users can even scale up their day to day SEO capabilities.
They can generate better content and be more ready to rank higher for future niches.
So, I will pass it to you, Harshit, and if you stay till the end, we are giving away some giveaways. Stay till the end and you will be amazed. It is up to you, Harshit now!

Thank you, Mustapha!
One of the biggest challenges that businesses and marketers face is generating content. That’s one of the reasons why we came up with the idea of hosting this webinar.
I have been using Typli for quite some time now, and it does such a brilliant job when it comes to creating long-form content.
Also, I like the pricing point of the tool. For a month, it’s $29, and then for a whole year, it’s just $290. That is so pocket friendly.
Now, let us talk about the core topic, how you can generate content using AI that has the potential to rank.
Before you go ahead and generate the content, you need to do the planning. The first thing you do is keyword research, which is a time-consuming activity.
Now there’s a good approach to it. Think of a good pyramid structure – you can pick a few of the main keywords or business categories that are specific to your business to build it.
Once you build a perfect pyramid structure, which is extremely crucial, you avail yourself of many good things.
First, internal linking becomes easy because you have the whole free map. Second, you build a good topical relevance for your business. When you build that authority, your content pieces rank much higher; you get a better link mileage.
For example, most long-tail keywords are very specific to a given topic. They have low competition, so it’s easy to rank for them, and because they are so specific, they have a higher tendency to get a backlink.
On the other hand, your money-making pages struggle to get backlinks. They could carry products and might not naturally get backlinks.
You can pass the link juice to them with proper internal internal linking. So the link juice increases their authority.
There are multiple ways to build a pyramid structure, which I will cover in the next few slides. But, there’s a good debate you can follow for your internal linking.
A good silo structure is a good approach for beginners, but you don’t have to stick to it. You can build more logic and do more internal linking to your main money-making pages to improve their authority further.
You can use the keyword research module of RankWatch, which is again really brilliant. I’ll show you how to use it with an example. The example that I have taken here is “best diet”.
When you enter this keyword, RankWatch will give you all the key parameters and all the other relevant keywords for ‘’best diet’’. It has given me more than 4000 keywords with the search volume, the cost per click, and the competition.
Below, you can see the bifurcation into questions, and when you click on it, you’ll get more topics.
It will help you build a perfect site structure and plan your content. This becomes the very feed for the AI (Typli) to quickly generate content for those specific topics.
So that’s the whole idea. Obviously, they have a premium version, but you can also this as a free tool also. It will also give you a good bifurcation for the research.
The other tool you can use for your keyword research is Domain Research. Here, again, you can put down any site. This particular website is into “pet insurance”.
When you look into the metrics, you’ll be able to find all the keywords that this particular website is already ranking for. You can use it to research the keywords you are already ranking for.
Maybe you’re not on the top page and you want to put down more effort to improve the on-page experience factors or off-page strategy, to further push the page on the first page of Google or the top three to get more value and more traffic.
You can do that or put down any of your competitors and see what keywords they are ranking for. It will also help you identify keywords from where your competitors are dropped out of, say, the top ten or even the top hundred, right?
So you can do all those things and identify a competitor’s weakness and bank onto that as well. That’s another of the cool things you can do.
Let’s move to the third way of researching, which is spying on your competitors. See what exactly they are targeting and build on it. First thing first, just be concerned for that specific keyword.
Check what your website’s current position is. If you’re not ranking in the top hundred and the keyword is extremely competitive. You know straight away, chasing that it will take a lot of time to rank.
So pick other keywords around that particular primary keyword and build that topical authority over time. Look for quick wins that you can have.
Look for long-tail keywords that you can chase and rank easily. They’ll have very low competition and further increase your topical relevance over time, help your backlink building, etc.
And then the timing is crucial. You might aim for a high competitive keyword as well and rank soon. So that’s the whole idea.
Keyword difficulty is extremely important, but you need to look into tons of other things that come with it. It entirely depends on your long term and short term goals.
You should always have a good blend of the things you want to achieve in the short term, satisfying your traffic and lead needs. For the long term, include high difficulty keywords, which are really important for your business.
Search volume again plays a very critical role. You don’t want to waste your resources on a keyword which has very negligible search volume and doesn’t bring any traffic to your website, right? Target keywords with decent search volume.
After that, relevancy plays an extremely important role. If a keyword is not relevant to your business, there’s no point in targeting it or ranking for it. You’ll end up bringing a lot of irrelevant traffic, which is not adding any value to you.
Building outlines takes time of your resources, right? That makes more sense to chase keywords which are highly relevant to your business.
You can bifurcate it based on the purpose. Is it like just for the awareness of the target audience at a consideration stage or the bottom of the buying stage? Prioritise based on that.
Certainly, there are more qualifiers, but your main job will be to focus on these five metrics, have a pyramid structure built, and finalise onto the keywords. Doing this in itself is something which is way too time-consuming right now.
All the tools that we have in the market are way too manual. We are coming up with a module that will make this much more automated and help you save time.
Let me just Zoom in on this particular thing – the keyword discovery tool. You enter your seed keyword, which is like on top of the pyramid of your business category. Then, you add some of your main primary competitors for that specific category.
You add two more keywords around that parent keyword topic and then RankWatch will give you good clustering. So, your page will not just be optimized for just one keyword, and it won’t rank for only one keyword.
There will be many secondary keywords that automatically get covered, and you want to further optimize it. Even on the search console, if you look into any of your website URLs, the keywords it ranks for are multiple, right?
So all of those clusterings will be done automatically for you. You’ll have those groups ready, and this will help you save a lot of time.
Basically, you need to do planning and have a bunch of keywords that you wish to target ready.
The first thing that you can do is build an outline of exactly what all needs to be covered within a specific page. Right now, there could be two scenarios.
It could be first like you are building a page from scratch; there’s nothing out there on your website. It’s an all-new outline that you are building. The second scenario will be like you already have an existing page but you want to further optimize it and rank higher. You can use RankWatch’s SEO IQ in both scenarios.
I’ll walk you through how I have build an outline for a page of one of my websites (Australia based), which is into beauty tips. I wanted to build an outline for the keyword “blue French tips nail”.
Now because I do not have any page, I picked one of the pages which is ranking in Australia for this specific keyword and ran SEO IQ onto it.
RankWatch analysed the top ten pages ranking for this specific keyword for more than 40+ parameters in my location. Then, it gave me results and recommendations related to on-page optimization.
Now, this on-page result, even though it is specific to another URL, can be considered when you’re building a page. You can see what heading should be included, page-level metrics, etc.
One of the seed inputs that I would definitely take from this will be what should be my ideal word count. How much content do I need to outrank the already ranking competitors.
The report is really extensive. It tells me how many images I should be using, the alt texts, the paragraphs and all the other metrics are there. The kind of schema that I need to generate is also covered.
Under the content recommendation, you’ll find all the phrases and words that I should use and even their frequency. It is again a very useful feed that I’ll be using when I generate the content using AI.
The coolest benefit is that this particular tool will not throw any garbage at you.
The prepositions are included here and you’ll find really useful phrases and words that you should be actually focused on. So that saves you more time, right?
Once you do that, once you have the SEO IQ report ready, that is when you switch to Typli. Using the Typli feature, you build the whole content feed.
So the ramp was SEO IQ, it becomes your initial feed, and Typli helps you generate that content piece quickly.
It could be a new page or an existing page that you want to further optimize to increase the word count or just take care of the on page factors onto it to improve your ranking.
Mustapha, what would you like to add? Because what I did was I actually used this particular keyword and I generated one content piece using Typli. It works so brilliantly!

As I told you, Typli is one of the most complete AI content tools in the market. It gives you the ability to write original content.
And I believe it’s one of its kind because it can also write long-form content. This is where other tools struggle. They cannot basically write long-form content; they can give you a few sentences, and then you need to generate again, etc.
But with Typli, you just need to put in some significant amount of words or sentences so that our AI understands what you are looking for, and boom, it will give you accurate content as an output.
And not only that, but we are also giving some basic SEO capabilities. That’s why we worked with the RankWatch. Now, we also cover the SEO IQ side of the business so that we are complete.
You write content, you can optimize the on page with RankWatch, and you can optimize the off-page. So you have everything to make content that ranks and gets the results.

I’ll just take some time because I’ve worked on this pretty closely. Say for example, when I was just writing the intro, I went to my SEO IQ and checked how many words do I need ideally, in a paragraph.
Then, to generate the intro paragraph, the second thing that I did was find out which tools are required for “French manicure” simply. What are the tools we need? And I got a few of them, and then I started elaborating on that paragraph and stuff.
Then, the third thing that I took care of was what are the steps to do a French manicure. I defined a word count for that, keeping in mind how many idle words do I need?
For this case, I needed just 1000 words pointing to one of the things that I learned from SEO IQ, and I entered that. They gave me each and every step that I needed to go for. And once I did that, Typli generated the full content.
Then I referred back to digital feeds like how a particular targeted keyword is included in my H1, H2, all of those things; whether my images have alt text.
Again, one of the cool things that I referred back to was making sure that the LSI that the SEO IQ gave me, all of those phrases, are included in the recommended frequency.
Typli gives me such good data on whether my keyword density is high, low, whatever, all of those things. Then again, a few of them overlap that I see just in case.
So that is how I was able to generate great SEO optimized content.

I should say, in the top input, just type your main keyword, and you will have everything updated accordingly.

Again, this was very helpful. So we made perfect sense, and I could write 1000 word articles. If your content writer is really good, it will take around 3 to 4 hours to produce this content.
Because I come from an agency background, I know that is what the rate is. But with Typli, it may be only a 45 minutes task, and I’ll be able to do better with practice.
But I’m not a content writer, so I’m not a good judge as well. But yeah, taking care of the LSI was a bit more time-consuming.
Then again, once you generate the content, you push it live, give it some time, and see how the ranking movement takes place. Once you see that things aren’t moving great, you might leverage more pages.
See, that’s one of the biggest benefits of using these two tools together. SEO IQ is already analyzing the top ten pages, ranking for that specific keyword. So it will help you a lot to optimize your page and build it.
Using the Typli tool, you’ll be able to create superior quality content. So your page is very much sorted. You end up building a superior landing page altogether and stand strong against those ranking competitors.
But that is not the limit, right? You’ll still go ahead and work onto your off-page as well as your topical relevance, which plays a very critical role.
If you’re not getting that high push, these factors will definitely help you reach that level. Measuring again is extremely, extremely important. For any keyword that you are optimizing for, make sure you’re monitoring regularly.
See how the rankings are going. Any on-page change that you make or any off-page activities, see its impact on your pages.
Again, one of the cool USPs of Rankwatch is random tracking. So in here, you’ll find all the keywords you’re tracking and a good graph and your share of voice in here.
All the important key metrics. So that is what I mean. You have to couple both the tools together and get the most out of it.
I’d also like to take this opportunity here to talk a little bit more about RankWatch. So Rank watch, just like I mentioned, helps you identify your true competitors.
Just a quick example, Parts geeks is one of the high traffic websites. They deal with automobile parts (US-based) and are operating since 2008. Now when you look into their competitors, you’ll find tons of competitors, which are very generic.
That is something free tools and every premium SEO tool would offer. As long as they’re not relevant at a macro level like Amazon or eBay, they are not a true competitor, because they deal with millions of products, and have tons of business categories.
They sell products based on makes, parts, brands, and all of those things. So for every category, the competitors will be different. So you need to go to a more micro level where you formulate your strategies.
I said to build structure before even going to generate content because clustering helps you a lot.
So if you look into, say BMW Parts, which is one of the main money-making categories, the kind of competition that runs for that specific category, it’s way too different. It’s not Amazon; it’s not eBay yet.
So what I did was I first clustered keywords together. I clustered some of the BMW parts related categories (around ten of them here) and added the tag BMW to them. Once I do that clustering, I can look into my competitor. Let me apply that tab over here.
Now you’ll see different visuals altogether. When I build the on-page or off-page strategy specific to my BMW parts, I will look into these competitors and not Amazon, not ebay.
Actually, the party is a seller on eBay, so not competitive at all. This level of thing is something you won’t find on any other tool. That’s something to look into it like. I would basically research using my domain research tool.
I’ll see what all the other keywords that shop BMW US is targeting and build my keyword pool. Then, build more content, try to cover those keywords, and all of those things.
And even with my off-page link building strategy, again, I’ll put these as benchmarks for that specific category and not Amazon because Amazon will have millions and billions of lists. I don’t want to compete with them. So, this will make better sense.
The second step that you can do is look into the backlink analysis tool. Rankwatch offers it here just for testing. I have put down one of the competitor’s URL, and Rankwatch gave me results for that specific URL.
You can also go to the domain or root level and analyse either your website or any of your competitors as well. You’ll find really extensive data.
All the active links, deleted links, the trend of link acquisition, your trust score, and citation score – all the key parameters are there.
Among the brilliant things are the anchor text diversity and the specific link that specific page has targeted.
One of the coolest things is that we have our crawler, and then we have also tied up with one of the industry leaders, Majestic. Both the tools combined, this is a result that you’re seeing right now.
So, it’s very extensive and accurate. Thus, beneficial.
To do this better, your page should be the priority first. Then, you can move to the link building.
Just in case you might be ranking in the topmost position, keep improving your content, your page, and all of those things as well. And again you have to use both the tools. Leverage RankWatch for improving your SEO and for further improving the content.
For example, your ranking has slipped from the first position. When you analyze it using SEO IQ, you might find that the word count has increased and the specific ranking page is much more updated and informative.
What would you do next? You would optimize and try to improve your page, so that it ranks higher. You can keep repeating this step to improve your site’s content further.
Coming down to the end, we have good news for all the Typli customers. You get a free $99 credit off RankWatch so that you can try the tool out.
It will have all the features loaded; you’ll have 15 keywords with daily tracking. You can go for as hyper-local level of traction as you want.
You have a really good bandwidth for monitoring backlinks, and you can set alerts on the basis of the ranking fluctuations (anything that you want).
It provides everything specific to agencies, and white label reporting even for brands as well.
So SEO executives might just present reports to the seniors, but we can use this particular feature of including their logo in the generated reports.
Put down multiple logins computers, and take benefit of identifying your true competitors, their weaknesses and strengths, and build better strategies.
Good luck, and you can collect the reference link from the Typli team.
Mustapha, do you have any final thoughts to share?

Thank you, Harshit, for the extensive demonstration and presentation. I can’t agree more.
We invite your audience to take advantage of this limited-time offer. Create extensive and original content using Typli and get all ranking related insights using RankWatch.
Thank you for this presentation again, Harshit. That’s it from my side.

Yeah, well-done, man. On the presentation, you did well. So we’ll learn more about SEO and how you can rank and crack Google to be in the first pages of Google.
Thank you, man. Thanks for the offer, and I hope our users will benefit more from using RankWatch to better their SEO in 2022.

Thank you so much for your valuable presence. I am grateful; I appreciate your time. See you soon!

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