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December 27, 2022 | Video Marketing

Video Content

As a modern business owner, one of your main goals should be to create an online presence for your company. While this may sound like a relatively easy task, it is anything but. The ever-changing online landscape requires you to stay in the know regarding current marketing trends and adapt to them accordingly.

Video Content

Considering that over 500 million hours of videos are watched online every day, now is the time to embrace this marketing method. Most people are more likely to watch a video than they are to read a lengthy blog. Combining both video and written content is a winning recipe that can help you grow your customer base with ease.

While your existing site filled with written content may rank high on Google search results, adding video will only help you rank higher. Recent studies show that posting videos can increase web traffic by nearly 65 percent. Are you curious about how to have success with video marketing? Check out these tips for success.

1. Be Mindful of Video Length

Let’s face it, the modern consumer has a very short attention span. Using this information to your advantage is essential when trying to have video marketing success. Making sure your marketing videos are the right length can make a big difference when it comes to how popular they are.

Where the video is being published makes a big difference in reference to how long it should be. For instance, if you are publishing your videos on Facebook, you need to keep them under three minutes long. However, if you are using Facebook Live, your video can be up to ten minutes long. In order to find the best video length, a bit of trial and error will be needed.  

2. Planning Out Your Videos is Essential

One of the biggest mistakes that most business owners make when it comes to video marketing is failing to properly plan. Trying to fly by the seat of your pants when recording a video will usually lead to a number of crucial mistakes being made. While off-the-cuff videos do have their place, they should not be a part of your initial marketing strategy.

Creating an adequate plan will allow you to get the results you are after with a new video. While drafting a storyboard and writing a script may be time-consuming, they are necessary. Working with seasoned video marketing professionals can help you properly prepare with ease.

3. Your Videos Need to Tell a Story

Deciding what subjects to cover in your marketing videos is paramount to their overall success. Ideally, you want to tell your audience a story that is both engaging and informative in these videos. Attempting to make the entire video about selling a product or service will usually turn a large portion of your audience off.

This is why appealing to the emotions of your audience is so important. Humanizing your company in these videos can go a long way when it comes to attracting new customers. Adding in things like customer interviews and testimonials is an excellent way to give your company instant credibility in the eyes of a video viewer.

4. Don’t Leave Out the Tags

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, you are fully aware of just how popular YouTube is. One of the keys to having success on the video-based website is by using tags when posting your content. These tags are used each time a person searches for content relating to your industry.

Using tag words that detail what your video is about can help people find it with ease. As a business owner, you should already be familiar with keywords and how to use them in written content. Creating video tags is just as important as content keywords when attempting to have video marketing success. Choosing five or so relevant tags for your videos will make them far more searchable. If at all possible, you need to keep these tags short and sweet.

Video Content

5. Fill Out the Description Box

Giving your viewers an idea of what your video is about is what the description box is all about. Some business owners get a bit stressed out when looking at this white box because they don’t know what to write. Instead of having a mini freak out, relax and develop an informative description.

Each time people search for videos on YouTube, they are presented with thumbnails and a few lines of the description. This is why making sure your video description stands out is important.

Google also relies on these descriptions to filter search results, which is all the more reason to fill this box out. When writing a video description, make sure it provides the viewer with value. You should also put a link to your website or landing page in this text.

6. An Appealing Video Title

The video title is just as important as the video description. Most marketing professionals recommend sticking to 100 characters or less when developing video titles. Instead of trying to develop a clickbait-esque title, you need to be honest with your audience.

The last thing you want is to trick a prospective customer into watching your video with a dishonest title. This will usually lead to disastrous consequences and may make it difficult to develop solid customer relationships.

7. Your Video Thumbnails Need to Be Eye-Catching

When uploading your marketing video to YouTube, you will be presented with a few sample thumbnails. This thumbnails are stills from your actual video and are auto-generated by the website. However, these auto-generated thumbnails are not always appealing.

A good thumbnail should act as a visual accompaniment to the title and video description you have in place. Ideally, the thumbnail should intrigue viewers to watch your content.

8. The Right Intro is Very Important

Once a prospective customer clicks on your thumbnail, you only have a few seconds to get their attention. This is why having a strong video intro is a must. Start your video with a short greeting, a brief description of your business and then get right into the crux of what the video will be about.

Wasting the first few seconds of your video can make it difficult to attract the attention of a new customer. Keeping your intro, brief and engaging will allow you to pique the watcher’s interest.

9. Include a Call to Action

While you need to avoid making your entire video salesy, you will need to have a call to action. A call to action basically provides the watcher with information about how they can take advantage of the service or product covered in the video.

Generally, the call to action will go at the end of the video. Your call to action should include your company’s phone number, email address, and information on how to follow you on social media.

10. You Must Have Social Sharing Button

The key to having a viral video is making it easy for watchers to share. When putting marketing videos on your website, you need to make sure there are social share buttons in place. These buttons will need to be both easily visible and simple to use for visitors to the site. Beta-testing the buttons before launching them can help you avoid functionality issues.

11. Make Your Videos Interactive

Interactive video has become very popular with marketers and business owners around the world. These videos feature interactive elements like click buttons, touch screens, and even voice recognition. Entertainment brand and retailers use these videos quite often due to how engaging they are.

Usually, interactive videos will cost more to produce, but they are worth the money. Interactive videos get over 66 percent more engagement than traditional content, which is why they are so popular.

12. Use the Power of Humor

Making a video that is too stuffy or boring can lead to lackluster results. Embracing the power of humor can help you appeal to a wider audience. While you need to avoid being offensive with the humor in your video, you can use funny puns or corny jokes is perfectly acceptable.

If you don’t have the comic chops to develop a funny video script, working with professionals in the video marketing world may be your best bet.

13. You Are Bound to Make Mistakes So Learn From Them

If you go into the process of making marketing videos thinking you are going to get it right on the first try, you are setting yourself up for failure. You are going to make mistakes during this process, so your main goal should be to learn from them. As time goes by, you can figure out what your audience likes which will help you greatly during the video production process.

14. Develop a Publishing Schedule and Stick to It

The most successful channels on YouTube stick to a publishing schedule. People who are avid video watchers like the certainty this type of schedule provides. This is why developing and sticking to a publishing schedule for your videos is a must.

You need to avoid making a schedule that is nearly impossible to follow. Be sure to think about what the future holds and how much time it will take to make and publish videos when trying to come up with a manageable schedule.

Video Content

15. Analytics are Your Friend

Once you have published videos on your website or on YouTube, you need to closely monitor them. Looking at the number of likes and dislikes your videos have can help you figure out what direction you need to go. Targeting your videos to fit the needs of your audience can help you achieve the success you are after with ease.


The time and energy invested in developing and publishing videos will pay off. Failing to embrace this marketing method can lead to you losing your competitive edge. Even if you have to pay video marketing professionals to help you out, it will be worth the money.

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