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May 8, 2023 | Video Marketing


Video Marketing is big these days, and there are good predictions about it. Even before the onset of fast bandwidths video has always captured the imagination of people through television and movies. Since the internet is now capable of transmitting big data at lightning fast speeds, the prediction is a lot of data on the internet will now shift to video.

If you are a business or a company, you can’t ignore the statistics as it stands now. It’s been said that 85% of American internet users are watching online videos. Roughly 76% of B2C marketers use video to connect with their audience just slimly behind social media posts without video.

Video is coming up to become a juggernaut in the future of online content. The prediction is that by 2022 video will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic. Video is the future, and as early as now, digital marketers are getting real ROIs from embarking on Video. For example, digital marketers have reported landing a new customer from a social media video 9 times out of ten. In addition to that ¾, customers have said that watching a video has motivated them to download a service or app. Why is video so powerful? For one thing, video is immediate. The experience of videos puts you right it on the action, and you get the straight facts as it is.

Create More Video Content

Right now, videos are great for the dissemination of information, and demos on the internet. Another thing why videos thrive so much is from a scientific point of view. Your brain loves it! Seven out of ten of the human body’s sensory receptors are in the eyes, and one half of the human brain is devoted to vision. It only takes a tenth of a second for the brain to understand a visual scene. Videos are better understood and put you in the middle of the experience. There is a vast difference between watching basketball live versus reading about it on a blog. Since video is powerful, now is the time to make the shift to this type of content if you want to thrive in your business or any area of the internet for the years to come.

Your search engine rank is essential in marketing your business. Without website traffic, your company has a little chance of being noticed by your prospects. If you have used various digital marketing strategies in the past but still didn’t get higher website traffic, chances are, you are using the wrong tools to skyrocket your traffic.

Search engine rank is essential in marketing your business

If you want to increase your website traffic, one effective strategy you can utilize is video marketing. Why? This is simply because visuals and content in video attract more customers than those in other forms of media. The simplicity, accessibility, and clarity of videos keep the audience engaged and keep them coming back for more.

Various websites like YouTube have helped a lot of marketers over the world in growing their business. By uploading a variety of videos on these websites, companies can deliver their message without being too promotional. If the content of the video is informative and entertaining, it quickly affects and influences the viewer’s buying behaviours. The videos used in marketing should make a lasting impression on the viewers so they will revisit your site and eventually buy your products.

Videos also have a significant impact when posted on social media. Millions of people use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every day, and a lot of them enjoy watching viral videos. Once your video gets viral, you can reach a larger audience and have a higher number of prospects. What’s amazing about social media videos is they can be addictive. When people see your videos a lot of times, and if your content is exciting, it will be hard for them to keep it out of their mind. The more they see your videos, the more they get interested in your products. Eventually, they will drive traffic to your website and help you gain more customers.

Guide about your traffic through video marketing

While video marketing is a proven strategy to generate sales, not all videos can be compelling. You can’t just create a video and expect people to love it or even be interested in it. If you want to be a video marketing superhero, you have to employ the powers of video and focus on improving your content.

If you’re trying to use videos to drive customers, the first thing you need to get the attention of your prospects.  This can be the hardest part of marketing as people are already overwhelmed with many advertisements and marketing content on the Internet.

Nonetheless, you can apply several attention methods that work in video marketing. The most common among these methods is the “mystery” method. You should make a video that will make your prospects curious. Their “desire to know” will make them play your video and watch it until the end. You can also use the “shock” method where you create a shocking video, filled with exciting music and engaging visuals.

Another method that often works is the “reward method.” People love being rewarded, and they can be crazy about promotions. There’s no need to wait until the end of the video to showcase the benefits of your products but tell your audience right away what they are going to get out of their purchase.

Once you get the attention of your prospects, the next thing you need to achieve is to evoke their emotions. Your video shouldn’t be just, but it needs to be something that tugs at their heartstrings. Connecting with your audience emotionally is an effective way to take them to the buying process.

While you’re at it, make sure that your video is not only engaging but more than that, it should be valuable to your audience. If your prospects find your video useful, they are likely to share it with their friends, increasing your click-through rate.

The last superpower that your video should exude is clarity. Videos are a great way to help your audience understand complicated businesses or products. If your video is easy to understand and follow, your prospects will quickly learn and become interested in what you are trying to offer.

In a nutshell, a video has superpowers that can make you a marketing superhero. This is if you will use these superpowers efficiently and make your videos as engaging, as clear and as valuable as possible. The content of your videos can make or break your marketing success, so only create content that has a high chance of being watched and shared on the Internet, especially on social media.

Traffic through social Media

Also, people’s attention span is getting shorter than ever, which makes them choose video over text. A lot of people don’t read anymore, and those who do tend to stop after reading just a hundred words. This is why keeping the attention of your audience is essential. People get bored easily these days, so make the first seconds of your videos count and avoid being around the bush. People’s time is precious, and you don’t want them to waste it with dull, complicated, useless content. Get straight to the point while still keeping things interesting. Make your videos short, simple yet engaging, and your audience will surely get your message and embrace your content.


Video marketing is a powerful tool to generate leads and increase ROI, but if you keep making the same mistakes, it’s time to up your content and develops new video marketing approaches and strategies. Knowing what your audience wants and giving it to them is the best way to make your video marketing campaign productive and successful.

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