Learn the Know-How of Optimizing the Technical SEO of Your Website

December 8, 2023 | Technical SEO

Technical SEO in digital marketing is an impactful area of your website. A major portion of your online business success depends on your brand’s tech SEO accomplishments. 

So, Technically optimizing the website is not a bare minimum requirement; it’s more than a fundamental necessity for advanced digital marketers. 

Thus, in this article, we will discuss this trending SEO vertical that has been prioritized by countless online businesses to make their stars work in their favor. 

What is Technical SEO? What is the Significance of Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is all about improving or updating the technical strands of your website so that it ranks better in the SERP algorithm. 

Earlier, traditional SEO was only focused on keywords and content, but with the advent of digital marketing, we have started addressing many elemental factors of a website, including crawling, indexing and other user-friendly aspects. 

Now when this particular SEO vertical is so significant to modern business, let’s find out some more about it. 

Afterall, why is technical SEO required? 

  1. Better search ranking of the website
  2. High domain traffic
  3. Upgraded user experience
  4. Fewer bounce rates
  5. High loading speed
  6. Mobile-friendly navigation
  7. Improved security

These are the few fundamentals that drive the need to have technical SEO accomplishment in your website. 

Crawling & Indexing: The 2 Important Pillars of Technical SEO

The two fundamental pillars of a full-fledged technical SEO guide are crawling and indexing. 


Crawling is just a process when the search engine spider discovers the updated content of your website. Now, the content could be images, GIFs, blogs, articles, videos, and so on. It happens in a way when a Google bot finds new pages from the domain link that they already know about.

Now, to make sure that the Google spider crawls your content, just adhere to these two methods:

Good Site Architecture:

Good site architecture

The better the overall structure of your site, the higher will be the crawling possibilities. If the pages are organized and aligned with each other, Google bot will undoubtedly crawl it quite easily. 

Apply Google Site Map: 

The site map is the XML file consisting of the list of important pages. It streamlines the flow of your website, making the bot crawl over your domain very easily. 


Indexing is a post-crawling application of search engine spiders. It is basically putting your content in the database so that it can be accessed and read by users. 

The two methods of quick indexing are: 

Say No to Noindex Tags: Less is the availability of noindex tags, more is the possibility of indexing. 

Avoid Canonicalization: Canonical URLs are the biggest threat to indexing. Resolving canonical issues will simply get the job done. 

Know the 7 Best Technical SEO Guide

So, when you know the broad significance of technical optimization, there must be a severe curiosity in your mind about knowing the best and trending practices in the market. 

Let’s learn the seven best among them:

Improve Page Speed 

In today’s fast-paced era, a high-page-speed website will witness the minimum bounce rate and maximum conversion ratio. Thus, the accelerated page speed is an instigating factor for your users to spend some more time on your website. 

Now, if you are wondering about the page speed of your website, the SEO site checker tool of RankWatch can help you figure it out.

RankWatch’s website analyzer

Firstly, it comes under the free tool section, so you don’t have to pay a penny for it. Secondly the comprehensive interface would allow you to get the report within seconds. 

You just have to feed the domain URL in the given column and the AI-based tool will quickly offer you the insights on loading time, loading speed, on-page SEO factors, meta tags, and other parameters that hold an integral role for the page speed of the website. 

Work on HTTPS 

HTTPS is a secure format of HTTP that protects your website from malware and unwanted spam. Working on HTTPS is highly recommended by SEO consultants who look after the technical aspects of your website.

RankWatch site auditor

Use the RankWatch Site Audit feature to get the list of HTTP Status Code distribution and work on the issues accordingly to elevate the SEO from the technical perspective of your website. 

Ensure Mobile-Friendliness

Today, your business success is highly reliant on the virtue of how much your website is compatible with mobile devices. So, ensuring the mobile-friendliness of your website is a major part of technical optimization. 

Furthermore, the mobile-friendly checker of RankWatch helps you to conduct a mobile friendliness test within seconds.

RankWatch mobile friendly checker

Login to your RankWatch account or take a 14-day free subscription. Open the mobile friendliness checker, feed the website address, and click on run test. The tool will instantly offer you the results, that too, without any charges.

Next, you can work on areas like responsive layout, font size, loading speed, and web design to take the scale higher. 

Maintain Structured Data 

A structured database allows the search engine to understand the content better. The more the Google bot understands the content, the better will be the crawling possibility followed by indexing. 

So, to make the structure better, RankWatch brings an SEO IQ feature for you. It offers you on page seo analysis for insights like page elements, featured snippets, words, characters, body tags, heading tags, meta keywords, page optimization status, and much more.

RankWatch SEO IQ

All these insights and overviews will help you to streamline the structure of your website and keep it technically sound. 

Identify and Fix Duplicate Content Issues 

Duplicate content is generally due to the canonical URL issues existing in your website. They add up to wasted crawl budget, backlink dilution, and unwanted URL ranking. So, fixing this duplicity is an essential part of tech SEO, and you need to streamline the URL structure at the earliest.

Again, to identify this issue, RankWatch site audit is the best that you can have in your bucket. Here, you can detect canonical URLs, canonicalized pages, noindex pages, non-200 pages, failed URLs, non-HTML URLs, and much more.

RankWatch site audit data

Work on these issues and eradicate every duplicate content problem from your website. 

Fix Broken Pages

Broken pages are inversely proportional to the visibility of your website. Any SEO consultant working on the tech SEO of your brand will tell you to fix it. Here, the crawler or any user trying to access it will return with a 404 or 410 status code. 

Again, in this situation, the RankWatch Site audit feature can be taken into consideration. It helps you find out the broken pages so that you can fix them as a prominent action of your technical SEO strategy. 

Core Web Vitals Optimization

Core web vitals are the list of metrics that calculate the real-time user experience of your website. It includes performance, loading speed, interface compatibility, visual interactivity, and other similar parameters. The technical SEO of a website immensely depends on the optimization of core web vitals.

Use the RankWatch website analyzer to measure the core web vitals optimization of your website and work on their upliftment to heighten up the tech SEO of your website. For complete online SEO analysis, check speed and responsiveness, evaluate traffic performance, and strengthen servers of hosting, the site analysis feature of RankWatch is best for the business. 

Summing Up!

Well, this is all about technical optimization, its significance, and the best ways to practice it. Understandably, an internet marketing tool like RankWatch will boost the entire process of technical SEO in digital marketing. 


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