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June 8, 2023 | RankWatch

“Good enough isn’t good enough. Because good enough will leave you in the middle of the pack.”

SEO is an industry where there are a lot of people who just kind of suck. They do a

very poor job of service and it makes the entire industry look bad, nurturing the trust issues.

I am sure while you are reading this script, your inner you would be like:


But, I promise to you by the end of this blog, you will be like:


(Yes, I love memes)

Quick tour into the past, (almost 7 years back) while I was brainstorming over the features to keep in RankWatch, I signed up with 17 SEO management platforms including the major players (And let’s face it, the I-can’t-afford-but-have-to-do-it-for-my-website tools) in the SEO industry like Moz, SEMrush, AgencyAnalytics, Authoritylabs and many others.

Most of the oh-so-wow features overlapped in almost all the tools.

The problem was with the basic features. Yes, the basic Rank Tracking. Let’s talk more about those hows, whats, and whys now.

The Problem

I don’t think I need to say it but as the protocol requires it, Rank Tracking is the most important part of measuring your SEO success.

Let me rephrase the importance of any website ranking analysis. Your rankings tell you:

  1. If your SEO efforts are converting into rankings
  2. Which pages and keywords bring the most traffic.
  3. what’s causing changes in traffic and sale
  4. Spot algorithm changes early.

I believe these are quite important KPIs for your website.

Imagine what a mess it would be to get inaccurate rankings. Not just that, but creating and molding your business plans on the basis of this wrong data?

While the attractive tools available in the market have a plethora of tempting features (most of which their clients won’t even use), they fail to do the basic thing the right way.

Yes, Inaccurate rank tracking.

This is the sweet and simple story (I’d rather say inspiration) behind the existence of RankWatch.

Taking all the considerations, loopholes, reasons, solutions into mind, I built RankWatch.

Now, allow me to tell you how RankWatch will do your job better than any other tools or to put it simply:

Why would you choose RankWatch?


(I promise this is the last one).

RankWatch is a cloud-based one-stop-shop for all SEO needs, which has Artificial Intelligence of its own. It helps in the process of developing a complete online strategy for your website. Specialising in SEO management, it includes most Advanced Analytics, Backlink Watch, Keyword Position Checker, Local rank tracking, Competitor Watch, and much more.

Yes. You have heard about these features a multitude times. I will save you the pain by not going through the awesomeness offered by these features (but trust me, they are quite awesome).

I will just be focussing on the solution of every marketer’s problem- accurate rank tracking and how RankWatch nails the art of doing it.

I know how much effort goes into earning that hard earned money.

And goes without saying, had I been at your place, I would not have spent my money on anything which simply claims to be the best.

So, I armed myself with enough data to convince you.

Let’s do this.

  1. RankWatch uses Localised IPs to calculate ranks

To understand this, I will have to explain a little on how the entire system works.
Basically, Google has different data centers situated across the globe (like U.S., U.K., Singapore and so on) which returns and responds to search queries for quicker and better search results.
Let me help you with an example
For example, If you make a search query from an Indian IP address, this query is more likely to give faster results if it were to hit the Indian data center or a Singapore one rather than a U.S. situated data center. This sometimes leads to a conflict in rankings.

A website would sometimes rank at #5 (hypothetical) for query searched from an Indian IP and might rank at #9 for a person searching on a U.S. Ip, leaving the webmaster in confusion to decide his actual and accurate rankings.

So to overcome this error, we calculate website rankings using the localised IPs of US., U.K, Australia and India.

It’s a little difficult to show you exactly how we do it, but we surely do have people who can vouch for this (since I promised I won’t be making any false claims).


(This is a RankWatch review on G2Crowd)

  1. RankWatch gives the option to “Re-run” your ranking calculations to give real time or your latest ranks at that moment.

I don’t want to brag here but no other tool offers this option (well maybe I do want to brag). I suppose you are already aware of how crazy Google algorithm works. One moment you are on Rank #2, next day you find your site stooped down to #8 or maybe #1.
So let’s say you checked the ranking today to find your website on the #8 position. 4 days later you find it on #3. But this won’t be reflected in your results at that moment as each software takes some time to record the change in rankings on its Dashboard.

This is why RankWatch gives an option to re-run your rankings to see the updates in your rankings in real time.

The screenshots below will help you understand better.

This is how the keyword rankings are reported on the dashboard:


On the left column, you can see a list of keywords. Subsequent to each keyword, you can see its current rank, initial rank, highest rank it ever got till date and its search volume.

If we take the first keyword, it is currently ranking on #2. These numbers or keyword rankings will be revised the next time your website ranking calculations are processed (weekly or daily, depending on your chosen package).

But what if you want to check if your keyword ranking has fluctuated in the next 4 hours or maybe 2 days later (in terms of weekly rank calculations)?

You will have no other option other than manually checking all your keywords. That would take up at least an entire day of your work (And would seem insane too).

This is why we allow our clients to do a re-run of ranking calculations of any keyword they wish for at any time they want. The best part? There is no restriction in terms of keywords or number of re-runs.

Let me show you how it is done:


On hovering over the ranks of keywords, you are given an option to “Re-run Rank”/

It also shows the last time the rank calculations were revised.

On clicking the Re-run button, the rank calculation processing starts:


When it’s completed, you can now check the updated or the latest rankings of your keyword, which in this case has not changed.


This feature goes an extra mile to give you the most accurate keyword rankings at any given point in time.

  1. RankWatch gives you a proof of your keyword rankings

Client trust and satisfaction is of utmost importance to use. It took us some extra effort but we made sure we left no room for doubts.

Along with the keyword rankings, we provide a SERP screenshot of each respective keyword search query. This screenshot is the exactly how the SERP would look to any user searching your keyword.


This makes sure that the rankings we calculate can be tallied from the screenshot for its accuracy.

When you click on “View Screenshot”, you are redirected to a new window where you can see the search result page of your keyword and tally your website position.


This eliminates your effort to go and manually check and tally each of your keyword rankings one by one.

Also, this way you can get doubly sure of the accuracy of website rankings.

  1. Human emulation based dynamic algorithm

Going back to the first point, we use localised IPs to record and show website rankings for geolocations targeted locations.
The accuracy in our rankings is backed up by our strong and dynamic algorithm with changes as per the changes in SERPs with immediate effect.

How do we do it?

We emulate localised IPs to get geo targeted keyword rankings.

The tool passes each keyword via our algorithm and opens 10 pages (for the given searched keyword) of SERPs as it appears to any user searching that keyword.

Our bots then crawls through each of these pages, picks out your website positions, stores it in our database and then reflects it on the dashboard.

Again, I cannot literally show you how this is done. But I have something, which can vouch for it. The other day while browsing I came across this:


(One of our user’s review on an external website)

Here were the results:


Have a look at the comments below:


I hope this information is enough to validate our claim about the accuracy of our Rank tracking

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  1. I’ve been using RankWatch for a while now, and I can’t stress enough how much it’s helped me in managing my SEO efforts. The accuracy of its rank tracking is truly impressive. It’s like having a reliable GPS for your website’s performance in the search results. With RankWatch, I’ve been able to make informed decisions, optimize my content, and climb the rankings faster than ever before.

  2. RankWatch has some really great features as compared to other SEO tools available on the market. I would love to sign up for 14-day trial

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