Checklist On Finding The Perfect Enterprise SEO Platform

June 7, 2024 | Basic SEO

Large businesses and organizations are way different than SMEs and startups. Their needs are different, supply chains are different, and even their website sizes are different!

While startups have a basic website with hardly 100 web pages or less, large organizations, like Amazon and Hubspot, have tens of thousands of web pages. Handling such large websites requires a solid SEO team that knows the ins and outs of enterprise SEO and ensures that the site is always on top of SERP results.

However, all of these seem impossible without a robust enterprise SEO platform, and selecting the right one can be a daunting task.

That’s why we have created this guide on choosing the perfect enterprise SEO platform for your business to help you make the right decision.

Let’s go!

What is Enterprise SEO?

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Before we proceed on how to choose the right enterprise SEO platform, let’s understand what the term “enterprise SEO” actually means. Enterprise SEO, the name itself suggests that it’s an SEO tactic used for optimizing websites of large businesses to improve their rankings.

Now, the term “large businesses” means organizations with websites containing tons of web pages. Why do such businesses require a different type of SEO?

Well, we are going to discuss all of that today.

Why is Enterprise SEO Important for Businesses?

A man checking website performance after using enterprise SEO tactics

Unlike startups and SMEs, enterprises have a vast supply chain to manage, directly linked to their website.

And let’s be honest, the websites of these big enterprises are difficult to manage. You need to strategize new SEO tactics, come up with new ideation techniques, and optimize your enterprise SEO on a higher level.

Let’s say Amazon had implemented traditional SEO techniques. Do you think it would be able to manage its vast website with it? Similarly, other enterprises with innumerable web pages need specific SEO techniques that fit their requirements.

Why? That’s because traditional SEO tactics won’t work here. This is where enterprise SEO tools come in handy. These enterprise SEO platforms are specifically designed to handle heavy SEO work and provide immaculate results.

Traditional SEO Vs. Enterprise SEO

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But how is enterprise SEO different from traditional SEO? There are certain areas where both formats are quite unlike each other.

Enterprise SEO Traditional SEO
Focuses on short-tail keywords. Focuses on long-tail keywords.
Opts for keywords with extreme keyword difficulty. Opts for keywords that have moderate or low keyword difficulty.
Focuses on gaining top SERP results. Focuses on building brand recognition.
Managing a crawl budget is difficult as there are several web pages. Easily manages crawl budget due to fewer web pages.
Less time is spent on link outreach as enterprises automatically receive backlinks. Involves conducting link outreach to get authoritative backlinks.
Have to spend more time on disavowing backlinks to save their site from negative link attacks. Doesn’t face much negative link attack in the beginning.

These are some of the basic differences between enterprise SEO and traditional SEO. As you can see, enterprise SEO clearly focuses on already established businesses; hence, they don’t need to follow traditional SEO tactics.

How To Choose The Perfect Enterprise SEO Platform?

You cannot simply choose a normal SEO platform for your enterprise SEO needs. That’s because your enterprise SEO has different needs that most normal SEO platforms cannot fulfill. So, while choosing an enterprise SEO platform, there are certain things that you should keep in mind.

Customized Offers

You must always select an enterprise SEO tool that provides you with customized offers. It is quite understandable that each organization is different; hence, their needs and goals are different as well. You cannot simply use a basic SEO platform that works for all other companies. Make sure to go for an enterprise SEO platform that designs a specific plan as per your needs and requirements.

RankWatch’s pricing model stating different plans

RankWatch has customizable plans that you can opt for. You can easily design one by contacting our customer service, and the plan will be ready within minutes.

Multi-user Access

Unlike startups and SMEs that can easily function with a single-user accessible SEO platform, a large enterprise requires an enterprise SEO platform that allows multi-user accessibility.

Why? That’s because enterprises have a large digital marketing team, where each team member needs to have access to all the data and insights on their ongoing and past campaigns.

RankWatch multi-user dashboard

Moreover, multi-user accessibility encourages teamwork and collaboration and increases efficiency as well. So, while choosing an enterprise SEO platform, make sure to go for one that provides you multi-user access.

Easy Integration

An enterprise SEO platform that does not provide easy integration with other tools, like Google Analytics, Google Console, etc., is of no use. Large businesses need immediate access to important tools, which is only possible through easy integration. RankWatch provides one-click integration for both Google Console and Google Analytics so that you can access important data for your ongoing campaign.

Advanced Features

As stated earlier, enterprise SEO requires advanced SEO techniques to sustain the ever-changing algorithm. Besides, the enterprise SEO platform must be able to handle large websites without lagging and provide accurate details.

RankWatch serves as the perfect example of an enterprise SEO platform. It provides numerous advanced features such as an on-page SEO checker, detailed backlink analyzer, RankWatch Console that surpasses the limitations of Google Console, etc.

RankWatch: The Ultimate Enterprise SEO Platform

RankWatch is a well-known SEO platform that adheres to all the needs of an enterprise, thus making it the perfect enterprise SEO platform. Some of the major features that distinguish RankWatch from other enterprise SEO platforms are as follows.

Keyword Researcher

Unlike startups and SMEs, enterprises need to aim for short-tail, highly competitive keywords.

Why? That’s because these websites have tons of web pages with a larger audience, and aiming for short-tail keywords increases their chances of being in the top SERP results. 

RankWatch’s free keyword research tool can be a game changer for such businesses by helping them in thorough keyword research, and boost their enterprise’s SEO optimization to the next level.

You simply need to enter your primary keyword, select your target location, and choose the “phrase match” option from the tab.

RankWatch’s Keyword Research tool overview tab

The tool will analyze your inputs and provide you with an extensive list of short-tail keywords relatable to your primary keyword.

RankWatch keyword researcher dashboard

Moreover, you’ll also get insights on each keyword’s difficulty level, CPC, and search volume to decide whether the said keyword will fit your content. In addition, the “top questions search term” will also help you form FAQs and question-based headings for better traction.

RankWatch’s keyword researcher’s top question terms section

You can easily export this data and use the keywords as needed.


A large part of enterprise SEO tactics is on-page optimization, for which businesses need a solid enterprise SEO platform. RankWatch’s SEO IQ serves as the perfect enterprise SEO platform as it not only provides a robust on page SEO checklist but also suggests recommendations on how to improve it.

Additionally, our on page SEO checker can easily analyze a web page on more than 20+ on-page factors, compare it with the top 10 landing pages in the same genre, and provide an SEO IQ score.

RankWatch SEO IQ dashboard

Once you implement the suggestions, the SEO IQ score will automatically increase, thus indicating your chances of being on the top SERP results.

RankWatch SEO IQ “Exact keyword” section

Each factor is backed by a comparison graph showing your position amongst the competitors and whether you fall within the appropriate range or not.

RankWatch SEO IQ “Exact keyword” comparison graph

The on-page site checker also has a separate section for long-tail keywords, presenting whether you have used them correctly or not in the website content.

RankWatch SEO IQ “Content Recommendations” dashboard

You can also edit your content on the go with the “Content Editor” section. Here, the tool automatically provides suggestions to improve your optimization score, readability score, and other important metrics.

RankWatch SEO IQ “Content Editor” dashboard

Backlink Analyzer

As stated earlier, large organizations don’t have to worry much about backlinking since they are already established and automatically get backlinks without any need for outreach. However, like any other business, enterprises also need to check for toxic links in their link profile regularly.

Why? To safeguard their website from Google penalties.

Yes, Google penalizes websites receiving backlinks from toxic domains. If you don’t want your established website to get banned from Google due to some toxic links, make sure to inspect your link profile from time to time.

RankWatch’s backlink analyzer dissects and analyzes your link profile on several factors, like referring domain quality, backlink quality, anchor texts, etc., to help you understand whether your website contains any toxic links or not.

RankWatch Backlink Analyzer’s “Referring Backlinks” graph

Once you enter your enterprise SEO website URL in the backlink checker tool, it automatically analyzes your entire link profile and provides a detailed table covering major factors like anchor text, indexed date, target URL, etc., along with link quality.

RankWatch Backlink Analyzer’s “Referring Backlinks” table

The link quality column helps you determine whether the referring backlinks are from authoritative domains or not. You can filter out these backlinks, extract the data, and follow the Google disavow backlinks process to remove them from your website.

Rank Tracking

Enterprises need to have detailed insights on each of their web pages, their performance, and the SOV they bring to the table. And for that, a robust and accurate enterprise SEO platform is required.

RankWatch’s Rank Tracking is the perfect enterprise SEO tool you can use to get all the above insights and more.

RankWatch Rank Tracking dashboard

The said feature analyzes all of your web pages, presents data for the top landing pages, top tags, top keywords, along with a proper keyword distribution chart, potential local keywords, and SOV.

RankWatch Rank Tracking dashboard showing top metrics

Moreover, the SERP snippets section helps you understand which of your enterprise SEO website pages are performing well in Google featured snippets compared to your competitors.

RankWatch Rank Tracking’s SERP snippets section

Each tab of the Rank Tracking feature provides detailed insights for your understanding. You can easily extract this data and use it as per your requirements.

Site Auditor

Enterprises need the perfect site auditor to conduct innumerable site audits and discover any underlying issues that might be affecting their enterprise SEO website. However, selecting a site auditor is a difficult task. 

Why? That’s because most of them demand a lump sum amount for conducting a few audits, whereas the free ones often do not provide accurate data.

This is where RankWatch’s site auditor comes into play.

Using it won’t burn your pocket, and the extensive auditing of your site will help you save it from upcoming risks.

RankWatch site auditor dashboard

Moreover, RankWatch’s site auditor analyzes your website on several factors and gives it a site score along with issues that need to be addressed.

RankWatch Site Auditor Issues distribution section

Since the tool already segregates the issues as per their category, you only need to focus on the ones that need immediate attention and save your website from upcoming risks.

Final Thoughts

Choosing an enterprise SEO tool is tough, as a wrong choice can negatively affect your enterprise SEO performance. That’s why you must select the one that fits your business needs, provides customization options and accurate details, and is also easy on the pocket.

RankWatch serves as the best platform for enterprise search engine optimization. Moreover, we also provide a 14-day FREE trial period that you can avail of without filling in your credit card details!

So, sign up now and see how RankWatch boosts your enterprise’s SEO performance!

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