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Free Online Plagiarism Detector Tool

Advanced Plagiarism Detector to check for duplicate content and make sure your document is 100% original

A little detail on what is Plagiarism and Plagiarism Detector?

Every year new technologies arise, that are capable enough to help people become more productive by investing in minimal efforts. Our online plagiarism checker is one of those technological advancements that can make your numerous content strategies easier to implement.

Plagiarism is an act of thievery. When someone copies another's ideas and claims it to be one's own original idea without giving any credits to the real conceptualist, that process is called plagiarism. Our plagiarism detector scans a textual document, compares it with countless other pieces of content available on the internet. Then it produces results related to the submitted document. These results inform you about the nature of the document whether it is original or plagiarized/copied. Also, the Plagiarism checker provides you with the links to the web page/ website from where the content has been copied.

Importance of using Plagiarism Checker or Similarity Checker?

Plagiarising someone else's idea is not only unethical but can prove to be fatal for your website. If your site has duplicate content, then search engines will penalise it. You will not be indexed by their crawlers let alone getting ranked. So, you will not be able to drive traffic, generate leads, and get conversions on your site. All the efforts that you invested in positioning your website on top of the Search Engine Result Pages would go to waste. Would you be willing to let this happen to your domain?

Getting penalised is one of the most powerful reasons why you should be using a plagiarism checker tool. But there are other reasons as well:

If your website has a blog for which several authors write guest posts, but you don't know how many of them have written authentic and credible content. It is then that you will require our plagiarism detector. Through our plagiarism checker tool, you can detect how many of your authors have included duplicate content in their article. Doing so, you will protect your site from being penalised, and you would know which of your authors are not being original in their content writing

Our plagiarism detector can also come in handy for university professors and teachers as well. They can run plagiarism test on dissertations submitted by their students and score them accordingly (54% of students admitted to plagiarising content from the internet). Even for students, our free plagiarism checker software can be helpful; they can check if they have unknowingly copied content.

Furthermore, you can also check if some other website has copied the content only available on your site. It is relatively easy because when you provide the content in the tool's editor and run the plagiarism test then, the end results will show the source of the copied phrases, sentences, etc. from your content.

How to check Plagiarism with RankWatch's Plagiarism Detector?

The best part about RankWatch's Plagiarism Detector is how easy it is to operate. We have designed the Plagiarism Detector tool in such a way that you don't have to go through any rigorous process of entering your email or anything. You just have to paste or upload a textual document, or else, type new content right there and then (whichever you prefer), and finally run the plagiarism test.

You can begin that right away if you like.

Copy and paste content from a website, run the plagiarism test, wait for a few seconds, and see for yourself how quickly our Plagiarism Detector tool presents you with the results. It will tell you about the source from where the information has been copied so that you can support your argument with facts.

The best part about RankWatch's Plagiarism Detector is that it is 100% free. You do not have to provide us with any money for our services. There are other free tools by RankWatch that can help you a lot. For instance, the word counter, MD5, etc.

Interpreting results of Anti Plagiarism Software?

After submitting the document and clicking on 'check plagiarism', the tool will run and instantly provide you with the results. RankWatch's anti-plagiarism software represents results in the form of a percentage: Percentage of unique content, as well as plagiarized/ duplicate content, is displayed in a single result.

It also presents you with unique parts of the content as well as the plagiarized parts. There's a colour code for the plagiarism detector's results for easy interpretation: unique content is marked in green, whereas the colour red signifies plagiarized content. Clicking on the content highlighted in 'red' shall directly lead you to its original source.

How to find Plagiarized Work and what to do with it?

If you are ever doubtful about someone's work for being plagiarized or not, you can upload it or paste it in our Plagiarism tool's editor. You can then run the plagiarism test to find out if a particular document has plagiarized content or not.

If the tool has detected plagiarized/ duplicate content then, what should you do with it? The outcome of such type of unethical work can have numerous consequences that differ from industry to industry.

For instance, if a student plagiarized his/her dissertation, then he/she will be asked to write the paper again or worse he/she might be failed for using duplicate content.

But if you are an organisation or a website, you cannot support plagiarized content. If you do, then the party you have copied from can file a lawsuit against you. If the similar case happens to you when someone has plagiarized your content and called it theirs, then you can first approach them and inform them about the actions they have committed, if they still not take it down or source it back to you then you can file a lawsuit against them.

However, if someone has plagiarized your content and is sourcing it back to you, then that is not considered as an act of plagiarism. 

About Rankwatch's Free Plagiarism Checker Online?

RankWatch's Plagiarism Software is one of the best free plagiarism checker available in the market. It is not only easy to use but also it can produce results in seconds. Plus, RankWatch offers this service for FREE. You do not have to spend even a single dime for using RankWatch's free plagiarism checker online.

Apart from that, RankWatch would like to assure you that every single piece of information that you provide us with is 100% protected.