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Free Online Grammar Checker Tool

Submit or upload your textual document, press 'Check My Grammar' in our free online Grammar Checker Tool to run an instant grammar and sentence correction test.

Why use Rankwatch's free online Grammar Checker?

Grammar Check Online tool by RankWatch is one of the best grammar checker software available on the internet. You can use it to make your content and write-ups grammatically correct online along with proper punctuation and spelling.

With our tool, you can do English sentence correction online and check your grammar as well. When you start using Instant Grammar Checker, you will find that it is not only easy to use, but also, it does accurate text correction and teaches how to do correct grammar usage in your write-ups.

If a site's content has poor grammar and punctuation, then it can affect the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of that particular site because Google crawls every page for errors during indexation, and if it finds your website has errors, then it will not rank your domain in the SERPs.

Our Grammar Checker Online tool can also be used by students to make their assignments and dissertations grammatically correct and score extra marks. Furthermore, when a textual document has proper grammar usage coupled with appropriate punctuation, then it becomes easier for the user to read and understand the content of that document.

RankWatch offers a wide variety of free tools that help the audience find an instant solution to their problems without any issues. You can find tools like Spell Checker, Plagiarism Checker, etc. Our Grammar Fixer tool is just another part of the many free tools we offer. It provides you with instant suggestions to fix grammatical and punctuation errors. Plus, it is a free grammar check online tool, which means you do not have to spend even a single penny to perform a grammar and punctuation check.

Stay away from embarrassing mistakes using our English Corrector

Committing grammatical errors can be embarrassing, you might think that your sentence is conveying the information effectively to the readers, but you are confusing them instead because of the spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

People commit mistakes like writing ''your'' where ''you're'' is required -Your Welcome and You're Welcome. Other mistakes include spelling errors such as writing ''acheive'' and ''recieve'' instead of ''achieve'' and ''receive'' (the correct ones).

After using our English corrector tool, you will stay away from such embarrassing mistakes and won't harm your credibility. You will begin to identify and resolve grammatical errors on your own.

How to use our Check My Grammar Tool for sentence correction?

The Grammar Corrector tool by RankWatch is based on an advanced algorithm that has the sole purpose of fixing every grammatical error in a textual document. Apart from that, our tool can provide accurate sentence creation followed by appropriate suggestions for correct punctuations as well; hence, you can also call our Grammar Corrector tool a Sentence Checker or a Punctuation Checker.

You no longer have to request your editors to ''check my grammar” because with our tool you are fully capable of doing that yourself. Here's how you can proceed with it:

Step I: Open free Grammar Checker by RankWatch.

Step II: Paste or upload a document of your write-up from your system, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Step III: Choose the dialect in which you want our Grammar Checker and Corrector to run the grammar check (North American English or British English).

Step IV: Click on 'Check My Grammar'.

Just as you do that, our English Grammar Corrector starts crawling your content to check grammatical errors, spelling errors, and also punctuation errors. Since our tool has an advanced algorithm, the grammar check will be faster, more precise, and produce results in an instant.

Every grammatical error will be highlighted in yellow and appropriate suggestions are provided to fix them. With help from our free Grammar Checker, you can learn how to use proper grammar in your write-ups and write correct sentences in English grammar online and also offline.

Why text correction is vital for proper grammar?

Textual content is everywhere be it your website, blog, social media handle, etc. and for it to make sense, you need to write grammatically correct sentences. Even the most minute mistake in grammar and punctuation can influence the context of your content; this can increase your chances of being misunderstood.

For instance, here are two sentences:

1. Let's eat grandpa.

2. Let's eat, grandpa.

Did you notice how the presence and absence of a 'comma' changes the meaning of the whole sentence mentioned above? The first one suggests that the family is ready to eat their grandpa, whereas the second one signifies that the grandchildren are telling grandpa that it's time to eat together.

When you start doing correct grammar usage in your sentences, you will save yourself from these mishaps, and people will begin to understand what you are trying to convey precisely. Plus, using proper grammar makes you a credible source of information.

Moreover, when you start running a proper grammar check on our advanced grammar checker free software, you can start learning from the mistakes and improve your English grammar.

If you are a content writer, it is essential for you to know correct grammar usage because it would become difficult to get a job unless you have a stronghold on grammar.

Even for the students, proper usage of grammar is necessary to improve their spoken and written English. In addition to that, when it comes to writing exam papers, preparing assignments and research papers, being knowledgeable about grammar and writing grammatically correct sentences can earn them extra marks.

Therefore, it is essential for everyone to use a grammar error checker and improve their communication skills and credibility.