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Check Internet Speed Tool | Speedtest

Just hit the 'Test Speed' button and check your network speed with our Internet Speed Test Online Tool.

About Internet Speed Test Check Tool

Internet Speed Test online is a free tool by RankWatch that provides you with the live internet speed meter. In today's world, almost everyone is connected to the internet. People use it for getting directions to their destinations, connect with the world, know other people, broaden their knowledge sphere, entertain themselves, and whatnot. Sometimes we connect to the internet with the help of our telecom service provider or through broadband services. Those services that provide us with internet connectivity are called ISP (Internet Service Providers). 

To use the internet smoothly, one must have a fast connection, and it is the ISPs technologies that influence the browsing speed of the internet. Some of the broadbands use fiber optic cables, and the others believe in using cables made of copper. If your ISP is providing you with a fiber optic cable connection, your internet speed would be a breakneck. So, when you will conduct a Broadband Speed Test Online and check the download speed and upload speed of your connection, you will find the internet speed meter going running fast. However, if your connection is copper wire-based, then your network speed calculated by the Internet Speed Test online would be comparatively lower than the network speed delivered in a fiber optic connection.

People have been running after and requesting high network speed from their internet service providers. They want high internetspeed, download speed, and upload speed. Gamers want high network speed to play games online; social media influencers want high network speed to be active on social media with their uploads and live streaming, and cinephiles want a fast connection speed to download new films every day. Everyone is going after an ISP that provides them with strong connections and high network speed.

Therefore, you will find a lot of competition amongst the ISPs that provide over-the-top broadband speed. And due to this competition of strong connection speed, the ISPs make claims like 'my internet speed is best' or 'my net speed is faster than the other ISP', and this confuses the user about whom to trust? And How to check internet speed of an ISP? One answer: Free Internet Speed Test Online.

The free internet speed test tool by RankWatch will provide you with live connection speed, broadband speed, download speed, upload speed, and the ping about your broadband connection.

Why is it important to check your Network Speed | Broadband Speed

It is not necessary for you to conduct an internet speed test to check broadband speed every hour. You only need to check your connection speed when you are about to use the internet for a task that requires a strong connection. For instance, if you are a gamer, you do not want your connection to break while you are in the middle of a game (that will be frustrating). Therefore, you should conduct a speedtest before you start online gaming.

Apart from that, it is practically impossible to check internet speed manually. So, to save time, using the Internet Speed Test Checker is necessary. 

How to use Internet Speed Test Tool Online?

Wondering, 'what is my internet speed?'

Well, you have come to the right place. With the help of our Internet Speedtest Tool, you can get live updates about your broadband speed. You can check your netspeed, download speed, connection speed, etc. regularly. 

RankWatch has launched numerous free tools to help the community with their digital marketing needs. You can use our Domain Authority Checker to check DA of a site, or you can use our Link Analyzer Tool to perform a detailed analysis of your backlink database. There are countless other tools by RankWatch that focus on Domain Management, Website Management, Content Management, etc. 

Every single one of the free tools by RankWatch is easy to use, but the Internet Speed Test Online Tool is the easiest one of them all. For conducting a bandwidth test, you just need to open the Internet Speed Test Online Tool and click on the 'Test Speed' button. 

Just as you hit the 'Test Speed' button, our internet speed meter starts running and begins to give you live updates about your broadband speed.

Importance of using Internet Speed Checker Tool

Many Internet Service Providers make false claims related to their broadband speed and fibre optic connections. To identify those ISPs, you need to conduct a broadband speed test online with our Internet Speed Checker Tool. By analysing the produced results, you can determine if the claims about the internet speed made by the ISP is reasonable or not.

Apart from that, Internet Speed Checker Online can be used to compare numerous ISPs and help you choose the best one that serves your requirements greatly.

About different Internet Speeds | What is a good Broadband Speed?  

Almost everyone who uses the internet wonders 'what is a good broadband speed?' or 'what connection speed is fastest?'

The answer to these questions depends on your needs. For instance, if you want a broadband connection for streaming videos, you should choose the ISP which provides you with the internet speed of 2 MB to 5 MB per second. And if you want to download and stream simultaneously, you should go with the ISP that is offering 10 Mbps broadband speed.

There is an availability of fast connection speed as well that are faster than 10 Mbps, but they cost extra. The price rises with broadband speed. If you are a gamer, then you need to look after the ping, and for high ping, the connection speed needs to be a minimum of 20 Mbps. But if you want the online gaming to be flawless, 100 Mbps is considered the best connection speed.

If the broadband speed is as high as 100 Mbps, watching TV series and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any other online streaming network, will become quick and smooth.