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Word Counter Tool | Word Calculator

Paste, type, or upload your textual document in the Word Counter tool to calculate the accurate number of words and characters that make up your content.

About RankWatch's Word Counter Tool?

For a writer, having a real-time knowledge of their article's word count is essential. And RankWatch's Word Counter Tool helps you in attaining that knowledge. You can monitor the word count of your written content, while simultaneously writing it in the tool's editor. And if you have already prepared the content, then you can copy and paste it into the tool's editor for monitoring the word count, and the tool will provide you with accurate results within seconds.

Apart from that, RankWatch's Free Word Counter tool provides you with the character count of your written content as well.

Importance of Word Count Checker while writing?

Nowadays, almost every platform has guidelines mentioning the minimum and maximum word limit required for publishing your content. This word limit varies from platform to platform, and the Text Counter Tool will come in handy for whichever platform you are writing the content.

For instance:
Facebook has a maximum character limit of 63,206 characters. Whereas Twitter has a maximum character limit of 280 characters. The character count for each of these platforms was previously stable at 5000 and 140 characters respectively.

So, you wouldn't want to exceed that character limit. If you exceed this limit, then your content will be cropped by the platform, and you will have to edit it again to fit the character count. By re-editing your content, you will waste both your time and efforts. Therefore, it is more than necessary that you regularly use our Text Counter Tool to get exact and real-time information related to the content you create.

Why use a Text Counter?

After you have finished writing an article, you need to count the number of characters or the number of words you have included in it. You cannot read every single line of your content and keep track of both the word count as well as the character count. If you decide to do this manually, then it will consume a lot of your time, efforts, and labour. You will be poorly utilising your time that could have been invested elsewhere. Plus, you will not be 100% confident about the accuracy of the results.

Furthermore, if you ever wonder 'why use a text counter?' You should try manually counting the words and characters in your content. You will soon realise how necessary it is to use our Text Counter tool. Also, do not forget, 'space' is counted as a character too.

How to use our Word Calculator Tool?

We know that while writing a content piece, it's important to save your time and efforts. Therefore, we have provided you with an easy to use tool with a user-friendly interface.

Using the word calculator is effortless. You can open the tool, paste the content for which you want to find out the word count, and our word calculator tool will present you with the total word and character count of your content instantly.

If you choose to prepare fresh content, you can begin writing it in our Word Calculator Tool's editor; the total number of words and characters will be categorised separately. Plus, their numbers will keep on increasing and decreasing depending on the changes you make in your content.

Our tool also allows you to upload an already prepared textual document. You can click on the upload button located below the editor, and browse through your drives to identify and upload the already prepared textual document. Apart from that, you can also drag the file and drop it in the editor to count the number of words and characters in the uploaded document.

What makes our Word Checker different?

There are countless other word calculator tools in the market that will provide you with the total number of words and characters comprising in a textual document.

However, when you use RankWatch's Word Counter tool, you will appreciate the exclusive feature we provide you.

Aside from the easy-to-use user-interface, our word checker tool instantly produces the results and informs you about the total number of paragraphs in your content. It also tells you about the average number of words used in both long and short sentences of your whole content. Other than these exclusive features, our word checker is absolutely FREE.

You can use RankWatch's Word Checker whenever the need arises. And check the number of characters and words in every single one of your textual documents an UNLIMITED amount of times.

Total Word Count Can Influence SERP Rankings?

If you want your web page/ content to rank higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) then, it should have a minimum amount of words enabling your site to outperform your competitors.

For a web page or a blog to generate higher SERP rankings, the ideal word count should be more than 800 words. So, how can you keep track of the total number of words in your article? The answer is simple: RankWatch's Word Counter Tool. You can use this tool or seek help from other free tools like the Keyword Density, Plagiarism, etc. to create authentic, SEO friendly content and rank higher in the SERPs.

Your Private Information Is 100% Protected?

The Word Calculator Tool respects your privacy; every piece of information that you provide our tool is encrypted and 100% protected and not shared with any third-party.

Our Word Calculator is a free tool. It requires no personal information whatsoever; however, you still have to submit textual content on our editor to find out the total number of words and characters in it. 

We assure you that the content you upload, write, or paste, in our editor is 100% protected from being misused. We do not engage with your submitted content in any particular way. Our tool is based on an algorithm that automatically checks the word count when a textual document is submitted.

You can use numerous other tools which are just as easy and free to use as the Word Counter Tool: Website Analyzer, XML Sitemap Generate, Mobile-Friendly Analyzer, etc.