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Free Keyword Competition Tool

Identify the low competition keywords with high traffic using our Keyword Competition Tool and strategies for your PPC campaigns.

What is Keyword Research?

Nearly every person on the internet performs searches on their preferable search engines. While some people visit seeking answers to their queries, there are others who conduct searches on Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc. Every single website, be it an eCommerce site or a blog, wishes to get to the top of these search engines in order to generate high traffic and eventually revenue. This is where the competition begins and these websites start seeking help from our Keyword Competition Tool.

But, before using a competition tool that does your competitive keywords research, you need to understand 'what is Keyword Research?'

Keyword Research is the initial stage of implementing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on your site. After completing this stage, consider half of your work complete. A rigorous Keyword Research can produce a powerful keyword list that can position you on top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) after placing them appropriately in your content.

There are numerous tools available in the market that work with the motive of generating top SERP rankings for your site, by helping you prepare a robust and strong keyword list. Those tools are Long Tail Keywords Suggestion Tool, Related Keyword Finder Tool and Keyword Suggestion Tool. Plus, you have the Keyword Competition Tool for finding competitive keywords and competitor websites.

All of the tools mentioned above do not require any kind of investment from you. All you need to do is provide your seed keywords, and the tools will conduct keyword research for you to broaden your curated keyword list for free.

What is Keyword Competition Checker Tool?

After doing keyword research and creating a list of related keywords, you move on to the process of on-page optimisation. And there are numerous elements of on-page optimisation that you should focus on; those are title tag, meta description, H1 Tag, Alt tag, slug, and evidently, the content body.

However, before you start optimising these elements, you should analyse the competition for every keyword. What the Keyword Competition Finder Tool does is it produces a stats report representing how competitive a keyword is. 

Why is Keyword Competition Checker Vital for SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a process that can position a site from the last search engine result page to the top if followed correctly. There are two parts of SEO, one is On-page optimisation, and another is Off-page optimisation. On-page are implemented on your site, whereas Off-page is for optimisations done anywhere except your website (link building, guest posting, commenting, social media, etc.).

Keyword Competition Checker is a significant part of On-page optimisation because it is after the competition check that  you can know your competition. This makes SEO Keyword Competition Analysis very crucial for generating the #1 position in the SERPs.

When you get an approximate idea concerning the keywords with which you are planning to optimise your website, you will get a clearer picture of whether you have chosen the right keywords or not. Because if you choose a keyword with high competition, it would be hard to rank for that term. In such a case, no matter how much SEO you perform on your page, it will only become more stringent. 

You need to know your competition and the competitive keywords to prepare a strategy that ultimately pushes your site from your current position to the top of the SERPs. So you eventually rise as a victor in the search engine competition for rankings.

How to find Competitive Keywords using our Keyword Tool?

RankWatch's Keyword Competition Checker Tool is an easily operable tool that you can use to find competitive keywords, after all, it is one of the best SEO Competition Analysis Tool. The process to know your competition using our tool starts with the submission of the seed keyword. After doing keyword research, the one particular search term that you choose as your seed keyword, you can enter it, and our SERP Competition Tool instantly begins to perform competition check on the keyword. 

The results will tell you how many people are using the exact variation of the keyword for optimisation, and how many people are using the keyword's synonymous counterparts or related keywords.

Tips on using Keywords Competition Tool by Rankwatch

Now, you have answers to what is keyword competition? How vital is it to use keyword competition checker tool for SEO? and How to check keyword competition using our tool? But still, you don't know the most effective way in which you can use our tool and benefit a lot from it: Low Competition Keywords.

What are Low Competition Keywords?

Competitive keywords that have low search volume are considered low competition keywords.

How to find Low Competition Keywords?

You can use our low competition finder tool to identify and list low competition keywords. Our tool lists out the competitive keywords along with their respective search volume, so it is easier for you to identify low competition. 

Create a Low Competition Keywords List

After identifying the low competition keywords from the high competition keywords, you should put them in an excel sheet and create a low competition keywords list.

Benefits of Low Competition Keywords

After creating a low competition keywords list, you should start bifurcating them into a low competition high traffic keywords list and a low competition low traffic keywords list. 

Then, you should start placing the high traffic low competition keywords in your site's content along with a mix of high competition keywords, and low competition low traffic keywords. So, you will not only be ranking for the high volume keywords but also, you will start ranking for the low competition terms as well. 

You need to play this one smartly if you crave the #1 position.