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Meta Tag Generator Tool

Enter details related to your site along with the keywords you wish to target and our Meta Tags Generator Tool will instantly produce actionable meta data for your site.

What is a Meta Tag? | SEO Meta Tags explained

Meta Tags are numerous forms of HTML codes from where the search engine crawlers draw their ranking signals. If your Meta Tags are appropriately prepared, it sends quality signals to the bot. After that, the crawler starts to crawl that particular page of your site and index it in the search engine ranking database. Your page will start ranking for the query or search terms you used to optimised your meta data.

The process of creating Meta labels has to be well planned. Also, it is of utmost importance that every meta tag is optimised with relevant keywords. Plus, it is necessary that each meta tag provides the crawler with a gist of the followed content. 

Every meta title, meta description tag, and H1 tag should justify the site's content. If it does, then the signals get stronger, and if it doesn't then your Search Engine Rankings may drop.

When creating your Meta Tags, you must first produce a list of keywords that you are planning to target in your site's content (you can build the list of keywords with our free keyword suggestion tool). It is around those keywords that you will base your content. Apart from that, it is essential that every keyword is organically placed in the content as well as the meta tags. After placing the keywords, you must perform a keyword density test to check whether you have unknowingly stuffed your content with keywords.

If the results suggest keywords stuffing in your content, then you should use synonyms of those keywords instead of their original forms, because people might perform searches using queries that are similar to your keywords. And stuffing would result in search engines pushing you down the SERPs.

What does Rankwatch's Meta Tag Generator do?

Through RankWatch's Online Meta Tag Generator tool, you can create meta tags for your site. Optimising your website with the produced meta code can generate higher rankings for your site. 

How to use Meta Tag Generator Tool?

When you start using our free meta tag generator, you will only realise how easy it is to use and how much time it saves.

Let's get straight to learning how to use meta tag generator tool:

You will have to begin by opening RankWatch's Meta Tag Generator Tool. After that, you need to submit specific information based on which the tool's algorithm will generate the HTML code. Then, that particular HTML code is to be pasted in your site's content for signalling the crawlers to crawl over it.

  1. The required information is:
  2. The title of your website.
  3. Short description of your website.
  4. Generally focussed meta keywords.
  5. Your language.
  6. And active or inactive Robots.txt file.

Based on the information you provide to us, our tool will formulate the most appropriate meta tags code that you can then implement on your site. With information like your site's title and the short description, our tool will easily be able to identify the industry of your brand.

The significance of Free Meta Tag Generator

Meta tags are one of most crucial elements of on-page search engine optimisation. If your site does not have a meta data code, then it will not generate the ranking it deserves. Furthermore, inappropriate meta data content and code or absence of it will lead to your competitors getting an increased number of chances to ranking higher than your site.

When your site has suitable meta tags they give out strong signals to the crawler, and this compels the crawler to crawl your site. The more organically placed keywords are in your meta data, the higher the chances of your site getting ranked. On the contrary, if the crawler finds out that the keywords are stuffed rather than placed, then you will get penalised. 

Note: A search engine's penalty will lead to de-ranking and de-indexing of your site.

Using our free meta tag generator can create the meta code and content in an organical format that can save you from unnecessary penalisation. 

Apart from that, it does not matter if you are a beginner at SEO or a newbie blogger, you can use this tool to help yourself in generating meta data for your site's content within seconds. Whether you are operating a small scale business or a large scale business, when you use the online meta tag generator tool you will be saving a lot of time and efforts.

About Meta Tag Generator

RankWatch's SEO Tags Generator is one of the best SEO tags generator available in the market. By using this tool, you can instantly generate a meta tag code that can be implemented later on your site for SEO purposes. With the help of this tool, you will not only be saving a lot of time and efforts but also, productively utilise your resources by focussing on other elements of your website for better rankings, like Keyword Research and optimisation.

Reasons to choose Meta Tag Generator for SEO Optimization

It is evident how beneficial it can be for you and your site if you begin using the meta tag creator. You are already aware of the fact that our meta tag creator can save you both time and efforts. But more than that, meta tag generator can help with your site's SEO.

Whether you are planning to create meta tags manually or through an online meta tag creator, some aspects of it can positively affect your SEO if each aspect is optimised appropriately with relevant keywords to your site's content. 

Meta Tag Keywords: List of keywords with which you will optimise your site's content and SEO tags.

Title Tag: It is the title of the page, and it is visible in the SERPs.

Meta Description Tag: The short description that is also visible to the searcher in the search result below the title tag.

H1 Tag: There can only be one H1 Tag that describes the contents on a page within 5 to 7 words.

Alt Tag: It describes the contents of an image when slow internet connections are unable to load them.

Robots.txt: An active Robots.txt file sends the crawler a signal informing it not to crawl a particular page.

Use our tool and create meta tags that are not only easy to use but also absolutely free.