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Page Authority Checker Tool

Enter a URL to check Page Authority of your website with our free Domain Authority and Page Authority checker tool.

What is Page Authority?

Both the Page Authority and Domain Authority is of utmost importance for a website. Your Domain Authority Score determines the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) position of your domain over other domains (the DA Authority Score is out of 100). For instance, if your domain has a DA score of 50 and your competitor's domain has a DA score of 40, then Google will favour your domain in topmost SERP positions.

Similarly, every page has a separate page authority score which influences the SERP rankings of that page and the related site domain authority. Now you know what is Page authority and what is domain authority.

About Page Authority Checker Tool

Since your Page Authority score has the power to improve and deteriorate your SERP rankings, it is essential that you know about the reason which can affect your Page Authority Score. There are various factors responsible for influencing the Page Authority and Domain Authority of a website.

However, all those factors are related to quality only. If your site has quality content, quality backlinks and internal links that are all complimenting each other, then your Page Authority score will increase. But, if you are following black hat techniques by publishing spin articles and buying backlinks, then your PA Score will fall which will affect your Domain Authority Score as well.

Therefore, to save your credibility and to determine the actual Page Authority score, RankWatch has created the Page Authority Checker tool. Our DA PA Checker is highly advanced; it can crawl over your backlink profile, your site's content, the UI (User Interface), the UX (User Experience), and the whole internal linking structure within a matter of seconds. Also, our Domain and Page Authority Checker can find out domain authority and web page authority of the submitted URL in a jiffy along with a detailed report.

So, whenever you worry about 'what is my page authority?', or 'what is my domain authority?', then you know what tool to use to find domain authority and web page authority score of your website.

Difference between the Page Authority and Domain Authority

Sometimes people confuse themselves in understanding the difference between the Page Authority and Domain Authority. But when you read more about it, you will clearly understand how one is different from another but still interrelated.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is the authority that a domain has over ranking higher than the other domains in the SERPs.

What is Page Authority?

Page Authority is the authority a domain's particular page has over the other pages (in your domain and other domains) in ranking higher in the SERPs. Your page authority can influence your domain authority. 

This is the major difference between the DA PA of a website.

Apart from that, there are hardly any differences between the two because they perform a similar purpose, except one is based on the domain and the other on just the pages of that domain.

Why use our Page Authority Checker Tool?

When you search on Google 'what is my domain authority' or 'what is my page authority', you will find numerous tools that provide you with your DA PA score. But there is a bleak possibility for the page authority score and domain authority score produced by the listed tools to be accurate. However, when you use our Page Authority checker, you will find the actual Domain Authority and Page Authority score.

RankWatch has a wide range of offerings in the sect of free tools. There is a Google Malware Checker, Keyword Density Checker, Keyword Suggestion tool, and so on.

Moreover, we know what we want to deliver, we aim to help the community in the best way possible; thus we added the free Page Authority checker tool to the list of our other free tools. Also, our free tools are easy-to-use.

For instance, if you want to use our Page Authority checker, you need to enter a URL of which you want to check the authority and click on 'Find Page Authority Score'. Just as you do that, our PADA Checker starts running its algorithm and produce the Page Authority score instantly. After conducting the page authority test, when you start analysing the PADA Checker report, you will find that it not only included the Page Authority Score, but also the Domain Authority score as well.

Apart from that, the report includes IP address and its location too.

How to improve Page Authority?

Increasing the Domain Authority and the Page Authority depends on you. If you perform ethical Search Engine Optimization on your website, then your Page Authority Score will increase. However, if you are using unethical SEO techniques such as buying backlinks and writing spin articles, then your Page Authority score is bound to fall.

There's only one suitable way to improve your Page Authority Score, and that is to stop considering the unethical blackhat techniques and confide in using just the ethical ones.

How to use our Page Authority Tool?

Using our free page Authority checker tool is one of the best PA Checker available in the market, and three reasons make it best.


Our PADA checker is easy to use. You need to enter the URL and click on 'Find Page Authority Score'. The tool starts running its algorithm, and within seconds, our tool produces the report.

Accurate Results

The produced report is accurate. With our tool, you will get the authentic Page Authority Score along with the Domain Authority score as well.

100% Free

Here's the most exciting part, the Page Authority Checker tool by RankWatch is 100% free to use. You do not have to spend even a single penny on finding page authority score and domain authority score.