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Hit Counter or Click Counter: What is it?

There are nearly 1.8 billion websites active on the internet, and even at this instant, the number is increasing. Each of these websites is competing against one another to attain the top rankings in search results. All of them aim to improve their web traffic and overall website performance. Hence, they employ Search Engine Optimisation techniques to enhance their website stats and rankings.

Amidst the billions of website, how to determine which sites are performing exponentially well? Which ones are consistently climbing towards higher rankings? And which website is struggling even to rank?

To know the answers to these questions, you need a Website Hit Counter for website tracking and monitoring the site visitors.

But What is a Hit Counter?

Hit Counter, also known as Click Counter, is a counter that counts and tracks the web traffic or the website hits on a particular domain. It is a visit tracker that does a live visitor count of every person who visits your website. You just need to enter your domain and select the type of Hit Counter you want to include in your website design. Then, the Free Website Visitor Tracking Tool by RankWatch will formulate a visitor counter HTML code that you can add in your site's code. After doing that, your site will show the online visitor counter that will keep track of the website hits.

With the help of the online counter, Website Analysis will become easier for every visitor. They will be able to monitor the web traffic and the website visitor statistics in the live Click Counter Online. Now, visitors can determine the website hit number of a domain easily.

When to use Website Hit counter? | Traffic Counter

The purpose of a Website Hit Counter is to provide users and website owners with the volume of web traffic driven to their domain. You will get live hit numbers about the people visiting your website. If your web traffic estimated in the Traffic Counter is higher than other websites in the same niche, then this means your site is ranking higher than your competitors.

But, including a Hit Counter Widget on your site is not an easy task, you need to know the exact code that will create a customised Hit Counter. Therefore, website owners trust the Website Hit Counter by RankWatch. Our tool produces the Hit Counter Widget code for your domain in mere seconds.

Apart from that, there's another reason for using a Website Hit Counter Online: it saves time. If you were to check the web traffic manually, it would take a lot of your time, and even though you were to formulate the Visitor Counter HTML code, you will not be saving enough of it.

So, if you use a Website Hit Counter Online, preparing your visitor counter for website HTML code would be easier than breathing and just as effective.

Website Analysis using Online Counter

Every tool provided by RankWatch has been motivated towards helping the community. We have provided you with tools that cater to all your content needs, domain and website management needs and whatnot. We even provide you with tools for generating a Favicon for your domain, analysing every link on your site and conducting detailed keyword research. However, there are two common characteristics of every RankWatch tool: Easy to use and Free.

Every RankWatch tool is 100% free and easy to use. And the Website Hit Counter for tracking web traffic driven to a website is no different. You just need to provide your domain and select the style of Hit Counter you think would go with the design of your domain. We have more than 10 options for the hit counter; you can select the one you like and press the 'Create Hit Counter'button. Just as you press the button, our tool starts processing your request and produce the free Website HTML code for your chosen Web Counter instantly.

You need to enter the Website Counter HTML Code on your website's code, and that's it. The counter will change depending on the live people count.

However, before adding the Website Counter Widget code on your website, you need to set an estimated number from where the Hit Counter will start tracking web traffic and include it in the Click Counter tool. So, when you add the code, the tool will start the live people count from that number.

You have customisation options for the Website Hit Counter tool. You can produce the free Website HTML Code that tracks page views and Visitor Counter HTML Code that keeps track of unique visitors. You can choose the type of Hit Counter you require, and our Website Hits Counter tool will produce the code accordingly.

Why use Website Visitor Tracker for Website Stats? 

Conducting a website analysis and knowing about your website stats including the driven web traffic is essential for every website owner. And by using a Website Visitor Tracker, you can track your web traffic and live people count of the visitor accessing your site in an instant.

With information related to web traffic, you can determine the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. You can analyse whether your SEO strategies are working efficiently or not. If they are and your web traffic is excellent, then showing it to your audience can help build your credibility. When visitors see how many people visit your site regularly in the live Website Visitor Tracker, they will consider your domain as credible.

The visitors will compare the web traffic of you and your competitors. If they find your website stats to be better than your competitors they will trust your domain; otherwise, they will confide in your competitors. With more people start visiting your domain more than your competitors, then your rankings will increase. Which means your website will start ranking higher in the SERPs and above your competitors.

So, when you want better rankings, better website stats, increased web traffic, and a SERP position above your competitors, you should start using the Website Visitor Tracker by RankWatch.