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Know About Domain to IP Converter Online Tool

For converting your URL to an IP address, you need a Domain to IP Converter Tool. However, before incorporating such IT assets in your business for end-to-end operational utility and benefits, let's discuss a few fundamental aspects first.

What is a Domain?

A Domain is fundamentally the name of the website. Internet users can access your website after they enter the URL of your Domain in the address bar of their browser. For better understanding, if they enter, the web browser will directly route them to RankWatch's Domain ( 

What is an IP Address?

IP is the abbreviation of Internet Protocol. It consists of an array of numbers structured homogeneously to identify any device and its location on that particular network. On top of that, internet protocol plays a significant role in domain hosting. 

Every Domain is aligned to a specific IP address. Nevertheless, structuring the IP address is often an entangled process. However, with the help of RankWatch's domain to IP converter, you can fetch the IP address of every Domain.

Know the "How To" Method of Converting your Domain Name to an IP Address

After evaluating innumerable ways on how to convert website URL to IP address, you will cross paths with countless ways of conversion. Other URL link to IP converters will only recommend you with tracer or ping commands. Eventually, going through the process, you will find it too monotonous and complicated. However, there's no need to worry about this. Rather than initiating with the manual procedure, you can drive the solution with a Domain to IP Converter layout. 

After using RankWatch's "URL to IP Address Converter," you no longer need to count on manual and tiresome processes. All you need to do is to open our RankWatch’s URL link to IP address converter, feed the Domain for which you want the IP, and click the "Convert Domain to IP" option. RankWatch's URL to IP Converter will take on your request and generate the report quickly. 

Further, when the report is generated, you can find the additional details in the Domain to IP report:

  • Name of the Domain

  • IP Address of the Domain

  • Location for the submission of the IP address of the Domain

  • Fetch the ISP information given to you

Note: The hosting company or ISP (Internet Services Provider) that manages the name.

The gathered data demonstrate how well our Domain to IP converter performs. You can use the details in the online Domain to IP report to find out who hosts a specific domain and its location.

Our URL link to ip address converter is free and provides complete information from URL to IP Address. You can use our service as often as you like to convert URLs to IP addresses without paying a cent. You can access the free tools provided by RankWatch, launch the Domain to IP converter, and begin immediately converting DNS to IP.

The best part of RankWatch is that the non-chargeable benefit is not only assigned to URL to IP Address converter; there are many Free Tools of RankWatch that assist you effortlessly in content creation, website enhancement, and domain management.

Know more about Static and Dynamic IP Addresses.

While learning about IP addresses and getting the best way to convert your Domain to an IP Address, you will undoubtedly come across two very relatable terms: Static IP & Dynamic IP.

Static IP Address

A static IP is a single IP address that stays constant and is used to connect to your device. This is useful for troubleshooting and debugging your network connection and if you need to share the same IP address among multiple devices on your network. It is also essential to keep track of the device. For example, if you are using the VPN service, then tracking out the IP is required for the service provider to know the location of the place where the service is being used from. 

Public static IPs are IP addresses that a network device (such as a router) always uses. These addresses are assigned to most devices that don't need to be configured regularly, such as a computer or mobile phone.

Dynamic IP Address

A Dynamic IP Address changes each time you connect to the network. For example, if you are functioning on an XYZ hosting service, XYZ will provide you with IP; meanwhile, if you switch to The IP Address used is assigned by your ISP. This solution provides you with a double layer of protection - by using the assigned IP address and port number, someone looking for your details can only see the information posted on this site.

Dynamic IP addresses are frequently used to enable Internet users in locations where computers and other network devices may be shared to access Internet resources.

Use RankWatch's Domain to IP Converter

In case you don't know about your Domain's IP address, it will be essential for you to resolve your Domain to an IP address. Initially, you will start with the manual proceeding, but eventually, you need a proper setup of Domain to IP converter. 

We understand your needs and offer you a free service on Domain to IP conversion. With our non-chargeable Domain to IP converter module, you can resolve the Domain to IP instantly. 

All you need to do is just adhere to the cakewalk process:

  • Open Domain to IP converter tool

  • Submit domain name

  • Click the "convert domain to IP" option

Other than Domain to IP Converter, there are other free tools by RankWatch, such as URL Redirect Checker, MD5 Hash Generator, Reverse Image Search Tool, and many more.