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XML Sitemap Generator Tool

Submit your website in our XML Sitemap Generator Tool and create sitemaps in a snap!

What is an XML Sitemap?

XML Sitemaps are website maps that lead the Google Bot crawler directly to the important pages of your website.

Generally, these sitemaps are created to help Google find and crawl over those pages of your website that were not included in its internal linking structure.

Creating and submitting Google XML Sitemaps of your domain, only assits in a better and designated deep crawl of your website.

But the creation of sitemaps is not an easy process; plus, not everyone knows how to create XML file for sitemaps. Therefore, you need a sitemap tool that can create XML Sitemap for your domain.

RankWatch has what you need. Its XML Sitemap Generator Tool online can build sitemaps for your site instantly. You need to enter the domain, provide related information about it, and mention the total number of pages you want to include in the XML sitemap. After doing that, you just need to press 'Create XML File', and the XML Sitemap Generator will build an XML Sitemap for your domain. After this sitemap is generated, you can download it by clicking on 'Download Sitemap'.

XML Sitemaps vs HTML Sitemaps?

The main difference between XML sitemaps and HTML sitemaps is the former was written for the search engine, while the latter was for the users.

XML sitemaps have in-depth information about a website whereas HTML sitemaps include a general overview of a site concerning a user.

About XML Sitemap Generator by Rankwatch 

RankWatch has created several tools which help startups, small scale, and large scale businesses to strategize for better SEO and higher rankings. We provide you with tools like Keyword Suggestions, Twitter Card Generator, Website Hit Counter, etc.

Similarly, the XML Sitemap Generator tool has been prepared to help the community. You can create sitemap of your domain with our tool for free. It can scan up to 500 pages of your domain.

It does not matter who is the service provider that hosts your domain (WordPress or Joomla, etc.); our Sitemap Generator can create your website's sitemap in mere seconds. Plus, the XML Map produced by our tool can be used not only by Google but also by bing and other search engines

Creating a website's sitemaps most of the times requires knowledge about codes. But the scenario with our tool is entirely different, you will provide us with the domain and the total number of pages you want to create sitemaps of, and our Website Sitemap Generator creates the code for you.

In addition to that, our XML Creator Online is a free-to-use tool. Which means, you can create unlimited sitemaps with our tool. Due to this feature, a majority of our users sometimes address to our tool as Unlimited Sitemap Generator.

That's why it is considered one of the best Sitemap Generators available in the market.

How to create sitemap using our XML Sitemap Generator?

Every free tool ever launched by RankWatch has always been user-friendly. Users can simply access the tool and start using it. However, giving a short tutorial about how to create sitemap using our free online Sitemap Generator does no harm. It will only be more helpful to our users in creating sitemaps efficiently.

Let's begin.

Step I: Go to the 'Website Management Tools' section and select the XML Sitemap Generator tool.

Step II: Enter the exact URL of your website along with the protocol (HTTP or HTTPS).

Step III: Instruct the Sitemap Crawler. Inform it about your preferences: How many pages of your domain do you want the Sitemap Crawler to crawl, change frequency, default priority, and dates for the sitemap.

Step IV: Re-check information you have entered and then command the tool to create sitemap online by clicking 'Create XML File'.

Step V: Start analysing the sitemap code generated by our sitemap tool, then download the XML file by clicking on 'Download Sitemap'.

And that's how you can use our free Sitemap Generator Tool online efficiently.

What to do after creating Google XML sitemaps?

Step I: You need to add the downloaded sitemap.xml file to your domain's root directory. It is necessary that you unzip the already present XML file and zip the latest one together with the old ones.

Step II: Open your Google Search Console Account and add the URL to your sitemap. If you are concentrating on other search engines, you can add the sitemap to their respective Search Consoles (names may differ). These are not just Google XML sitemaps; our tool creates sitemaps that are readable to every search engine.

These are all the necessary steps to creating a sitemap and uploading it to your search engine's database.

If you have recently launched your website, creating a sitemap will only help the search engine discover your site earlier than its natural course. 

Benefits of using website XML Sitemap Generator

If you want the search engine crawlers to conduct a deep crawl on your site, you need to provide every information related to your site's pages along with their URLs. After all, a website's sitemap gives a clear path to the crawler to crawl every important page of your site with ease.

There are several reasons why users create sitemaps of their website using our XML generator and consider it one of the best Sitemap Generators in the market, and they are as follows:

Detailed Sitemaps: One of the main reasons why people use our Sitemap creator is because it creates detailed sitemaps by covering every aspect of a URL.

Saves Time: Our tool is based on an advanced algorithm. It creates sitemaps within a matter of seconds.

Saves Efforts: You no longer have to create sitemaps manually. Our tool can do that automatically with its advanced algorithm.

Saves Money: The XML Creator Online by RankWatch is a 100% free-to-use tool. And you do not need to invest in an expert to create XML file for your domain.

Why do you need a Sitemap?

There are several reasons why a domain needs a sitemap:

Certain web pages are not internally linked with the other pages of the website, so they need to be discovered. A sitemap helps in achieving that.

The count of quality inbound links is meagre; this affects your online visibility as a new website. You need to get your site indexed and sitemaps can fasten the indexation process.