10 SEO Tips That Can Be Used During Mobile App Development

May 30, 2023 | Advanced SEO

SEO Tips That Can Be Used During Mobile App Development

Search Engine Optimization describes any effort taken to make a website or page or content rank higher in an organic search result. SEO plays a vital role in the promotion of a business or brand. A website or link that ranks higher in the search result will enjoy better traffic and hence have a higher conversion rate.

Once upon a time, optimizing a web page or content for search engine seemed like an enigmatic process, as no one really knew fully how Google’s algorithm works. But over time search engine optimization have been perfected, and effective strategies for optimizing web pages and contents developed.

Before you publish a content it is important you ensure that it is optimized for search engine, as this would allow the content to be easily visible to your target audience. Below are ten SEO tips that can be used during mobile app development.

1. Choose the right keywords

Keywords are the most important elements of SEO. Keywords describe search phrases or terms that people are searching for. Before writing a content, ensure to research and know what keywords people are searching for, only then should you write your content around those keywords.

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There are so many tools, free and paid, that app developers in India used to estimate search phrases or keywords. One of the most popular is Google Keyword Planner.

Perhaps you want to write on “tips for effective android development”. The above-mentioned tool will help you know what phrases have been most used by people searching that particular or related topic. If “Android development tips” is the phrase that has enjoyed the most monthly searches, then you can use it in your content.

2. Write outstanding content

The saying “content is king” holds true more than ever when it comes to SEO. This is so far the best SEO tips that app developers can ever give you. No matter how well you perfect every other trick in the book, if you have shitty contents you may only raise for a while but you will certainly come tumbling down in no time.

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Typically, Google ranks pages based on what it calls authority. This refers to the number of inbound links that the page or content or website enjoys. A page with a higher number of mentions will basically rank higher than one with little or no mention from other sources. The best way to get these mentions or build up these inbound links is to create contents that are so enjoyable or relevant readers share them. The more it is shared the more the inbound link, the higher it’s ranking.

3. Include keywords in the page title

Keywords are meant to be used in specific areas on your website or page. One such location is the page title. Your title must include your keyword, if not in exact form, but in something very close. Your title should also be enticing enough to push surfers to click on it. This is a trick that has been used on media for as long as information communication existed. Therefore, it will be such a shame if app developers in India are found wanting in it and using a title that is actually repulsive.

The page header is another position where the keyword is needed. This helps to inform Google about what exactly your blog is about.

4. Optimize your image

If your content warrants images then you should use those images to further pass across the idea to Google about the central theme of your post. This can be done in two ways; image name and image alt tag.

Your image name should carry the keyword. To achieve this, change the name of the image on your computer before uploading it.

The image alt tag is the name that appears in place of an image when the image does not display or load properly in a web browser.

5. Use keyword in URL

Another important location where your keywords should appear for proper search engine optimization is your URL. This describes what follows the “.com” or “.net” or “org” of your address. Your URL must reflect your keywords to make the webpage more easily visible on Google.

6. Use internal links

Although external or inbound links are the most relevant variable that improves a page or website’s authority and hence ranking, inbound or internal links also play an important role. Therefore, after writing content app developers in India are to visit other old relevant or related contents on their website and edit them as to contain links to their newest most awesome post.

7. Text formatting

The use of proper text formatting will not only improve your SEO but it would lead to a positive user experience. Below are a few guides for formatting post or page on your website;

  1. For the title of a post, app developers in India should use H1 tags
  2. H2 tags should be used for the post main headings
  3. When trying to draw attention to a post, use either bold or italics
  4. Break your content into short paragraphs

A properly formatted text will enhance reader experience and would also influence how Google will regard your content.

8. Page Speed

Google’s guiding principle is to provide users with the most accurate results in the fastest possible time. For the first part of this condition, points such as quality of content, external links, and internal links have handled it, which then leaves speed. Google uses how fast a page loads to rank it in its search result. Fast websites are known to bring about a positive user experience which will encourage visitors to come back. It will also lead to a higher conversion rate and allow the site to rank higher in search results.

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App developers in India can tackle their site speed issues by removing any unnecessary plugins, that is if you are using WordPress. Then you can visit Google Page Speed Service for a thorough analysis of your website and get recommendations on how to improve performance.

9. Ensure that your site is mobile friendly

Majority of searches that are conducted each day are done via mobile devices. Mobile devices are particularly used for online purchases and shopping. A typical analytic data will reveal that most visits originate from mobile devices. Therefore, for proper search engine optimization, it is important that the website for app developers in India must be mobile friendly or optimized for mobile devices.

10. Fresh content

Web crawlers love new content, so also your visitors. They view it as an incentive to come back. So learn to be consistent and to give out new and unique articles.


There are so many types of apps available in the market today. And same SEO tips can’t work for each and every app as all apps work for different tasks and activities. In this article, I try to cover most common tips you should consider during the time of mobile app development. If you are a mobile app developer then this article will surely helpful to you.

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