The Ultimate Guide On Click Through Rate (CTR)

March 13, 2024 | Advanced SEO

When we talk about important metrics for analyzing various marketing campaigns, there are certain things that come to our mind, like impressions, clicks, bounce rates, etc. 

Out of these, CTR or click through rate is one of the most prominent metrics that digital marketers use to analyze whether the marketing campaign was a success, discover mistakes, and implement the findings in the next campaigns.

What is CTR?

Well, that’s what we will discuss today, and much more!

So get ready to know everything about click through rate, its importance, the difference between good and bad CTR, factors impacting SEO CTR, tips and tricks to increase CTR%, and various other norms!

Tighten your seatbelts, folks!

What Is CTR Or Click Through Rate?

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Before moving to the big questions, let’s start with the basic definition, shall we?

CTR, or click through rate, is defined as the percentage of users who actually clicked on your ad campaigns as compared to the users who viewed the link to your ad campaigns.


Let’s simplify with an example:

Let’s say that you are running a paid ad campaign for “dance classes for adults.”

Now, users who are searching for “dance classes” will obviously see your ad due to the presence of similar keywords. 

However, only those users who actually need “dance classes for adults” will click on your ad.

So, the CTR for your ad will be the number of people who clicked on your ad divided by the total number of people who saw your ad.

How To Calculate CTR?

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Calculating SEO CTR is pretty simple. 

You just need to follow the CTR formula below, and you will get the CTR percentage of your ads within minutes.

[CTR = (Clicks / Impressions) X 100]

Now, what are clicks and impressions?

Clicks are defined as the number of users who clicked on your Ad link and navigated your website while viewing your Ad.

Impressions are defined as the number of users who only saw your ad’s link.

Remember, all clicks were once impressions, but all impressions are not clicks.

Let’s understand the CTR formula with an example.

For your Ad campaign of “dance classes for adults,” around 1000 people saw the ad, but only 20 users actually clicked on the link.

Here, the number of clicks will be 20, and the number of impressions will be 1000. Implementing the values on the CTR formula, the CTR percentile for your Ad campaign will be 2%.

However, manually calculating the SEO CTR of all ads can be tiring and further pave the way for errors.

And, let’s be honest here; even a single mistake can cost you a lot while designing your next Ad campaign.

So, to avoid such errors, it is better to opt for RankWatch Console and check the SEO CTR percentage of each of your Ad campaigns with ease.

RankWatch Console displays your Ads’ current CTR%, previous CTR%, and even compares them to state whether the percentage has increased or decreased.

RankWatch Console dashboard

RankWatch Console Advanced Filter Menu

Through these findings, you can easily understand which ads are working as intended and which are only wasting your money and your ad rank. 

Based on these details, you can make the necessary changes to your Ad campaigns.

Is Click Through Rate An Important Measuring Metric?

When we talk about CTR, the first question that arises is whether CTR is as important as various digital marketers and experts claim it to be.

As per the definition, it can be clearly stated that CTR helps us understand whether our paid ads are working as intended or not.

However, apart from that, CTR percentage also helps us in ways stated below:

  1. Verifying the effectiveness of the campaigns
  2. Evaluating the ROI on cost-per-click-based Ads
  3. Providing metrics to improve Ad ranks

High Vs Low CTR: Which One Is Better For Your Campaign?

We know what you must be thinking: Is this even a question? Obviously high CTR marketing percentile  is better than low click through rates!

But it’s not always true.

So, what is a good click through rate?

The definition of good CTR marketing varies from industry to industry. 

What you might consider a fairly good ad CTR might be considered too low for other industries.

So, how do you define a good CTR for your industry?

It’s simple; you cannot define the term. However, as per Google Ads data and experts in the field, there are certain CTR marketing benchmarks for different industries that you can use to measure the effectiveness of your Ads.

Industry-wise CTR benchmarks

Besides, most of the time, a high CTR can be really harmful to your business. 


Let’s say you are getting around 10% CTR for one of your Ads, but simultaneously, your conversion rate is too low. 

Such scenarios can cause a lot of problems for your business because PPC-based ads charge you whenever a user clicks on your ads, irrespective of whether they convert as your client or not.

So, in such cases, a high CTR percentile can prove to be harmful to your brand. 

How can you save your brand from such scenarios? 

By understanding the shortcomings of your Ads that are leading to high CTR and low conversion rates.

This is what we are going to discuss in the next section.

How To Improve Click Through Rate Of Your Ad Campaigns?

Now that you know why click through rates are considered important in the digital marketing field, it is time to understand how you can improve CTR marketing percentages for your ad campaigns and make the most ROI out of them.

Target Accurate Keywords

The first thing you need to do before designing your Ad campaign is conduct proper SEO keywords search.


Because keywords help you understand the search intent of your target audience, and if you are targeting the wrong keywords, then your CTR percentile will increase, but conversion rates will go down.

So, to avoid that, you need to incorporate proper keywords that match the essence of your Ad campaigns and users’ search intent as well.

And what better way to find such keywords than using the best free keyword research tool

The RankWatch keyword researcher is designed to present keywords that are similar to the entered search query in the dialog box.

RankWatch Keyword Researcher dashboard

Moreover, it also states the CPC, search volume, and difficulty level of each keyword, making it easier for you to decide which keywords will work best for your Ad campaign.

Design Creative Ad Copies

Once you have proper keywords at your disposal, it is time to design creative Ad copies that will hook the users to your campaign. 

For that, you need to create proper titles and meta descriptions.

Optimize Title & Heading Tags

It is often advised to design amazing titles to catch the target audience’s attention.

Besides, if you have any ongoing offers, make sure to include them in your title tag SEO strategy, as it would encourage users to click on your Ads.

Apart from title tags, you also need to focus on your heading tags, or better known as HTML H1 tags. 

Here, SEO IQ can be of great help to you.

RankWatch SEO IQ “exact keywords in H1 and H2”

RankWatch SEO IQ “broad keywords in H1 and H2”

The feature analyzes your title tags against your competitors, sees how they have designed their title tags, and, based on those insights, suggests the changes that need to be made to your title tags.

These suggestions will help you curate better title tags for your Ad copies.

Remember, heading and title tags should never be deceiving in nature as it can negatively affect your Ad rankings.

Curate Precise Meta Tags

Apart from title tags, your meta descriptions should be precise, to the point, and intrigue the users to click on your Ad. 

As meta description tags are the second thing that a user sees, they must be clear and state the gist of the ad copy properly.

Make sure not to give away everything in the heading and descriptions, as users won’t click on your Ad link after that.

In case you have any doubts, our SEO IQ provides a complete on page seo check to help you.

RankWatch SEO IQ exact keywords in meta tags

RankWatch SEO IQ meta description and title length

The feature will analyze your meta tags against your competitors, verify the presence of keywords, and then provide suggestions for you to make improvements.

Write Crisp URLs

Another thing that you need to take care of is writing crisp SEO friendly URLs

Why? Because Google loves crisp URLs, and that can increase your Ad rankings as well. 

So, designing clean URLs for your Ad copies is a must to enhance their clicks, which will ultimately increase your CTR percentile.

With RankWatch’s SEO IQ, you can verify whether your URLs are up to the mark or not.

RankWatch SEO IQ “exact and broad keyword in URL"


RankWatch SEO IQ “characters in URL”

The feature states the presence of keywords in your URL, along with appropriate URL character length, so that you can make necessary changes.

Summing Up…

The click through rate is one of the important factors that helps a digital marketer decide how to implement their upcoming marketing strategies, Ad copies, and steps they need to take in order to gain maximum traction.

CTR percentile helps marketers gain the most out of their investment. However, to improve click rate, one needs to take severe steps, as mentioned above. 

Remember, until and unless your target audience converts into clients, the high CTR percentile won’t matter.

So, ensure that not only is your ad copy’s CTR high but also that the conversion rate is optimum.

Hope this blog helps you!

See you soon!

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