10 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Social Media Posts

September 28, 2022 | Social Media

Had you ever been in a situation where you were about to address a large audience and suddenly realized that you forgot your speech altogether? It’s like a bad dream throttling you in the midst of a ‘No Man’s Land’. You want to get rid of it soon, but can’t find a way really.

Well, nobody for sure would like have such a dream ever in life. Haha..um.. just a simple analogy to give you the uncanny feel!

Social Media Inspiration
The point is that a lot of social media marketers strive hard to figure out what new to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or similar social media pages. They know they have to write something new, so they sit down at the keyboard, but then they can’t express anything.

With online store builders like PrestaShop and web template sellers empowering marketers with more and more social media tool options, the practice of frequent posting has increased manifold. So you can’t help but be regular at your social media job.

There is an easy saying – you are productive as long as you can think and act fresh. We understand and agree that remaining fresh at your work is all in your mind. But, believe me it is never easy to develop fresh ideas every other day when you do repetitive work, that too in a creative field. Sometimes you lose all your words and go dumb. This symptom is popularly known as Writer’s Block.

I’m sure many writers in the creative domain like Social Media Marketing have faced it before and they are yet to overcome such awkward situations gracefully. If you are at the delivery end, and your job needs you to produce a multitude of sticky contents in a day, you can’t help but learn how to overcome Writer’s Block.

7 Ways I kept writing
How I look at it is – You need a little inspiration and a proper content creation strategy to refresh your thought process. Going by the book of rules may not always work in a dynamic field like social media, but at least you know that you are prepared to encounter any such odds in demanding situations. Once you learn the tactics and recognize the reasons to Writer’s Block within yourself, you are at home.

Here are the quick tips to help you get going on and on with your social media job.

1. Block your calendar

Take out some time from your buy schedule, preferably in the morning. That is when creative juices start flowing. Capitalize on it at your level best. Just dedicate an hour of time or may be half an hour more. Don’t do anything else like emailing, tweeting or lingering with your favorite WhatsApp, but write as many creative stuffs as you can. Pick certain days (3 to 4) in a week, specify a time and make it a routine job. Believe me, it works. You may also schedule your social media content distribution in advance for LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ using Oktopost
Social Media

2. Collect and recollect your ideas

Perhaps you had a fine call with your client or a business partner over a web conferencing platform – ClickMeeting and you got loads of information from the meeting. Now all that you need to do is to recollect them, prepare a quick note of it and then cut it down to some wonderful statements. A post may appear like,” just finished a wonderful meeting and learned how to…”. Work around a single concept. Take one item at a time and concentrate. Analyze the theme, key points and other angles of it to build a few more stories around the headline.

The next step is to organize your information base. Just categorize the website links based on the topics/domain ideas you want to write on and share, and then pick them up as and when you need. The old method of using numbers (#) and bullets still works. It keeps you focused as you can easily scan through your repository anytime you want.


3. Identify your source for quality information

That’s an art in management. Spend at least an hour a day to explore probable sources of information that are easily accessible. Internal sources such as your company blog, news page, and other marketing collateral for new releases may be handy. But, you may not get a plenty of it. So, you have to prepare a spreadsheet containing links of external blogs, journals, white papers, case studies for easy reference.

Take help of your internal teams. Find out who else than you can keep yourself resourceful. Call for a couple of group meetings in a week with the key people in your team and involve them in active discussions. Understand what news they have stored for you. The news could be a winning story, a list of challenges and hurdles that they are facing right now, a future plan for betterment or any common topic of interest. Such interactive sessions can actually fill you up with social media feeds for a whole new week.


4. Just blog

Start writing at least a piece of content every day no matter what interests you the most. It won’t take you more than 1 or 2 hours. 100 to 200 words of content for each blog are good enough to start rolling the stone. It is like setting up a personal diary and publishing system and oiling the machine for the rest of your life. Focus more on the message, its authenticity, attractiveness and naturalness than its volume or the time you consumed to draft one. Your blog should have three distinct elements – an introductory paragraph, main body content, and a conclusion. The flow of information should include arguments, supporting points and a clear decisive statement.

5. Read your follower’s content

There is no alternative to reading. Avid readers tend to be good writers. You can’t develop all great ideas and stories on your own. There is a limitation. The more you read others the better you can come up with fusions. It’s like investing in a trade. The more you infuse capitals, the better yields you expect. However, for you, it is not a single time investment.

If it is a Twitter post, learn from others’ tweets and retweets – how they do it. The same goes for other SM posts. This is one of the easiest ways to rephrase your expressions while you write next. Such ideas come for free, so why not try them out.

6. Use Stories that You Like

A story is a sequence of naturally occurring events. The more natural it sounds, the better its acceptability and responsiveness. So take a time to develop personal stories that you can easily relate to your social media posts. With one story, you can generate at least 2 to 3 specific points.

Moreover, nobody is perfect so why your posts have to be. Social media posting is not a dead tree publishing. Neither you are writing anything on paper nor are your feeds going to be a part of The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times. So why bother so much about how they read to your audience? Don’t scratch your head while you have just a few words to make appear. It is good that you are not careless while writing a post, but it is also not good that you become overcautious and take more than 2 minutes to draft a simple post of 140 characters. If you try to be too mechanical with your language and expressions and vocabulary, you may end up nowhere.
Better at Marketing

7. Experiment with your style of writing

It’s like switching between your favorite dishes twice or thrice a week. Why don’t you do some fusions and come up with some new dishes of different tastes? If you notice you will learn that there are certain words or phrases we tend to use repetitively in our posts. Most of the times, it is unintentional. Agreed, but it makes posting a mundane task – something that you are never thrilled about doing. So why don’t you increase your vocabulary and try some synonyms or put your thoughts in some different ways that you never tried before? The more you try doing new things, the better you produce.

8. Energize yourself the way you want

The things that can get you going on and on in social media marketing are your passion, enthusiasm and creativity. If you feel speaking more on a topic than writing, just do that. Your spoken words will automatically reflect on your write-ups.
Also, bring a sense of friendliness. If you consider your social media job a 9 to 5 hours of routine work you will lose all your interests, so your posts too. Take the assignment in a light-hearted spirit. Act interesting and informative rather than selling efforts. The more you tend to be serious in your post, the more it will become a sales pitch. Your audience for sure won’t like it.

9. Don’t exaggerate

If there are a dozen of ideas floating around you and you are not into what you are doing right now, take some time off and see if that heals your mind. If it still does not keep your current job aside and start something new that you did not plan before. This diversion will give you relief and a peace of mind. This way you are not wasting your time but saving your productivity. The abandoned work may happen sometimes later when you are quite prepared to take it up.

If you have already written blogs and editorials earlier it is time to capitalize on them. Just share those links with the world and save on further investment. Your posts are as good as the links you share with them.

10. Take part in conferences, games, and public events

This will nourish your intelligent quotients and enable you to narrate complex ideas from a layman’s point of view. Playing with kids’ books, video games, funny toys can be a great way to upscale your creativity. Keep your eyes and mind open and develop analytical skills. Joining trade shows, exhibitions, industry conferences, debate and such special programs are always beneficial as they widen your horizon of information and knowledge.

You may also start socializing by sharing others’ contents. It may not have a direct benefit for you, but it helps you retain your followers and keeps them engaged in interactive discussions. It means you have more user generated contents to deal with. Once you take part in live interactions you don’t have to worry about what next. The things will automatically fall in place.

Last but not the least, you should listen to your heart and mind. Remain open to your own suggestions. If you have a point to establish just place it at the right time. This way you will build confidence which in turn will motivate you to write super-shareable content. You will never feel at loss because it is your voice getting translated.

So, what did I miss? You must have discovered some other ways to counterfeit Writer’s Block. I appreciate if you share them right here. It is your bragging right, so please come up with your own success stories and let the world learn from you. Can’t this be your next favorite tweet then? Of course, it will. Hope to hear you soon!


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