Top 6 Advanced SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic

June 21, 2023 | Advanced SEO

The world’s most renowned search engine runs on user-experience. Google always looks to reinvent itself by delivering SEO (Search engine optimization) friendly websites that are user-centric. 

Google’s instructions are simple: 

  1. Never compromise on the quality of the content and its visual structure 
  2. Try engaging your audience with all the arsenal at the disposal
  3. And don’t think that you could outwit me! 

Understanding SEO strategy in one go is like diving into the deep ocean with the bare minimum equipment. In this blog, we’ll focus on techniques that can be put to practice at once and by the rule of the thumb are widely used to drive organic traffic without shelling little or no money. 

Nowadays, the success of any business depends on its online visibility and thanks to  Google’s algorithm, everyone gets a fair share of opportunity to generate traffic and climb up the search results.

Before we dive in, let’s understand the importance of keywords. 

Keywords are phrases or a group of words that connects the audience to what they are looking for online. 

People put words in search queries and expect to find rightful information. These keywords have to be constantly updated to stay relevant to what people are searching. They are an important constituent of content and the right target keywords help rank up in search.     

Keywords could be rewarding if the SEO technique is just put right. They have to be consistent with your content otherwise they run on the thin ice of losing credibility in no time. 

6 Effective Ways to Drive Organic Traffic

Formulating content strategy doesn’t wholly depend on keywords. There are other major factors that decide the fate of one’s ranking. These methods could be implied by anyone who wishes to climb the SERPs.  

1. Write long engaging content

1890 words are the golden number to remember. 

Stressed by top marketing professionals like Neil Patel and backed by research, this is the average which makes the front page. 

Hitting this mark, only highlights the authenticity and quality of how far one could go to engage an audience.  

Not every other content which strives to rank up has to go through this ordeal,  a shorter blog is as effective as the longer one, the only pick is that content larger than 1.8k words has more keywords.  And it’s also important to update your old content. 

You don’t want to scratch your head writing a new article every time. If you are confident that your page generates a good amount of traffic adding relevant information to the existing one and making it more  SEO friendly would rack up effective results. 

2. Using multiple keywords


Keywords,Target keywords

When it comes to targeting your audience, you have to constantly stay updated on current trends and think from their perspective. What would one search if somehow it’s relevant to your business? 

If you design custom footwears  then having these keywords in your posts could reach a wider audience: 

  1. Custom footwear 
  2. Footwear design  
  3. Footwear trends 

One of the other tricks is to follow Google’s Auto Suggest. Google updates its keywords every 2-3 weeks to stay what’s relevant. Type a keyword that’s related to your business and figure out how google ends it. There is also no harm in copying your competitor’s keywords. As long as you deliver quality content, Google’s algorithm won’t mess with you. 

3. Infographics

Bill Gates’s famous essay back in 1996 is coined “Content is King”  which highlights how the printed publications would get transformed on the internet.  

Similarly, Infographics acts like a sword of the rightful king because they -cut right where it matters. 

Infographics give enough information that’s required of the subject in an engaging manner. As primates, we are designed to respond to visual elements, and it allows designers/writers to explain complex problems in a simple way to reach a wider audience.

Conventional and unconventional designs should tickle with the audience’s imagination and invite them to be part of the process rather than spectators.                      

4. Social media

Social media presence is very important to drive traffic

When starting new, building a strong social media presence will be advantageous. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter seem to be obvious choices. 

But these aren’t enough! Likes of Quora, Linkedin, Medium, Pinterest, etc have the potential to build authority and improve brand’s visibility for the longer run. 

Since they serve a more role-playing audience, quality blogs won’t go unnoticed and your brand has better chances to attract more followers and build a loyal customer base.  

5. Video Content

Video content has also made rapid advancements. We have all come across video links on Google’s front page. Youtube is the second most searched name on the internet. It has become mandatory for companies to own their channels on youtube and create engaging content for a worldwide audience. 

Behind the scenes, interviews, and commercials raise the bar high for companies to drive traffic. 

In today’s digital world, video content knows no boundaries. Don’t worry if you are just starting new. You could make a high definition video with minimum production cost. All you need is a witty idea, a camera, and editing software. 

SEO on youtube works on similar grounds as it does on google. Your title has to match the video content and be friendly to the viewer as well as the algorithm. Use keywords to optimize your content and create a legit title. 

Description and thumbnails should also follow this rule and do remember to embed your videos within a blog post. 

6. Quality backlinks

It’s quality over quantity here! 

The more links your website has, the more chances there are for you to rank higher. 

A large number of quality backlinks lead to higher rankings in the SERPs (Search engine result pages). This SEO technique is tried, tested and confirms that quality backlinks are the most important factor when it comes to the ranking of the page. You should not create more than 5-10 backlinks a day.

There have been instances where people have gone haywire to post backlinks. Linking backlinks to hundreds of websites were so common for many. Google penalized to those who were found guilty, 

In 2019, working on assumptions that you have found a loophole in the system? Well, all the best to you.  

Here’s the list of Backlinks that are known to violate Google’s guidelines. Some of them were common practices years ago but are simply no-no today. Google’s algorithm has become pretty smart enough to track suspicious activities and you would like to stay clear from:

  1. Paid Links 
  2. Comment Spams 
  3. Low-Quality Backlinks 
  4. Backlinks with Duplicate Content 
  5. Low-Quality Guest Posting 


Google is known to reward low bounce rate sites. If your site has a low bounce rate, it means that you have devised an engaging content that makes users spend more time on it. Crafting infographics will not only generate more traffic but will make your content reach a wider audience through options like sharing. Embedding your videos within a blog post is highly recommended.

Websites that are spammy and take time to load will always have a high bounce rate. You also have to make sure to stay clear from dubious websites that always run the risk of harming one’s system with a malware attack. 

Last but not least. If you could shell some good money. Hire a social media manager who could write copy/headlines, drive campaigns, generate reports/tracking and most importantly,  engage customers. This would not only guarantee social media presence but would also help improve customer service. You could also avail SEO services from leading SEO companies who manage every aspect of your branding with cost-effective solutions. 

Crawling up the web page has become highly competitive for businesses. It all looks calm on the surface, but the flurry of activities beneath it makes digital marketing exciting and challenging. 

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