7 Affordable LinkedIn Marketing Tools You Aren’t Using

July 7, 2023 | Social Media

Did you know that LinkedIn now has over 500 million users? That’s close to a fourth of Facebook’s user base, but with double the power. Being the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn can connect you to people who fall within a wide range of job titles, which could be anything from student intern to C-suite executive.

Used right, LinkedIn could connect you to partners, prospects or clients and serve as a great alternative to traditional offline networking. But to expand your capacity and build many great relationships, you need the assistance of LinkedIn marketing tools that can streamline and amplify your efforts.  

The following is a list of seven LinkedIn marketing tools that can help you publish effective content, and initiate and manage important relationships.  

1. DrumUp

The first thing you need to succeed at LinkedIn marketing is relevant and effective content. The content you post establishes your brand, speaks to prospective connections and decides your LinkedIn marketing performance. Created or curated content, you need an efficient way to manage and publish it to your LinkedIn page.

DrumUp is a social media management tool that also works as a content curator and publisher. You could set up keyword based content suggestion streams and RSS feeds on DrumUp to create a convenient source of fresh and relevant news and trends to share easily on LinkedIn directly from the app. You can also store posts created by your content team in “libraries” and set them on automatic posting schedules at specific frequencies in advance to save yourself a ton of time.

2. SumAll

Analytics and reporting is an important part of LinkedIn marketing. With metrics to measure your efforts and draw insights on their effects, you can optimize your marketing strategy to yield the best results.

SumAll is a social media reporting tool that records interactions on your LinkedIn pages and reports the metrics in an easily readable format. The reports include social media engagement metrics, so you can identify the content that is working and isn’t for your page. The reports can also be used to show managers, partners and clients your progress.

3. SyncME

Building relationships via offline networking was never easy, and while technology may have resolved logistics based issues, it has had little to no effect on the dynamics of relationships. If anything, elements of relationship building like building trust has become harder ever since screens replaced face to face conversations.

SyncMe is an information syncing tool that collates details of your contacts from different online sources through which you are connected with them, to provide you with a more complete picture of who they are in one place. Through SyncMe, your LinkedIn contacts are saved on your mobile device and their details from Facebook, Google Plus, etc. are collected in your contact book, so you can make your conversations more personal and effective.   

4. Crystal

While personal details can help you connect with your contacts, knowing what they’re like in person can help you make a better impression. Conventionally, sales personnel met with important clients to wine and dine them and keep them happy. Today, you can do the same over a phone call, provided you have the right details.

Crystal is a social media personality analysis tool that can give you insights into anyone with a social media account. This means that the tool can pull insights about people and their personalities from their LinkedIn profiles. Armed with this information, you can transform your conversations with important people like clients and partners.

5. Canva

Visual content performs well on LinkedIn, just like on any other social media platform. Whether you are publishing on Pulse (LinkedIn’s publishing platform), your LinkedIn page or SlideShare, using visuals to communicate your message will earn you extra brownie points (or in this case likes, shares and comments), according to this study by OkDork.

Creating visuals from scratch can be an intimidating task; you need a canvas of the right size, an attractive background and the right colors and font. With the help of a graphic design tool like Canva, you can easily create engagement-worthy visuals for your LinkedIn page.

6. Webfluential

LinkedIn is a great platform for influencer marketing; primarily relying on connections, the platform can give you access to your target market through your influencers. But connecting with influencers themselves can pose a problem.

Webfluential is an influencer marketplace that connects brands to their influencers. Influencers who wish to work with brands sign up on the platform and brands who wish to find influencers browse through influencer profiles on the platform to find the right one to work with.


If you use Gmail to manage your communication – customer care and enquires, HiverHQ offers a great way to make the process organized and efficient. Do you have hundreds of emails coming in with no system to keep track of them? That’s never a good idea if your intention is to build a great relationship with customers.

HiverHQ allows you to collaborate with colleagues and collectively manage an inbox. Using the tool, you can assign tickets to people, set deadlines and reminders, add comments to convey important and urgent information and track the progress of your email tickets.


LinkedIn marketing can prove useful not just to the marketing department, but also to the sales and customer service departments of your company. With the right LinkedIn marketing tools to support your daily content publishing and interaction routines, you can make a great impression on the social media platform.

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  1. This blog has been absolutely beneficial for me in terms of my LinkedIn marketing strategy! I had no idea there were so many affordable tools out there that could enhance my approach. After diving into this post, I decided to give some of the suggested tools a try, and I can’t believe the amazing results I’ve seen so far.

  2. Wow, this blog was truly beneficial for me! I never realized how affordable and effective LinkedIn marketing could be until stumbled upon these tools. Thanks to your recommendations, I’ve not only saved money but also seen a significant boost in my LinkedIn engagement and lead generation. Keep up the great work, and please keep sharing more resources like this!

  3. This blog completely transformed my approach to LinkedIn marketing! I was unaware of the abundance of budget friendly tools available that could significantly enhance my efforts. Thanks to your suggestions, I’ve expanded my audience reach, improved progress tracking, and reclaimed valuable time. My LinkedIn engagement has seen a remarkable has seen a remarkable boost, and I’m truly grateful for you covering these valuable resources. Please continue delivering outstanding content!

  4. Wonderful post! But i’m looking for a LinkedIn tool that could tell you since when has a follower been following you(his age following me not his actual age), and would put data in a Pie-Chart or any other graph. Awaiting your reply. Thanks!

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