Advanced SEO Tactics To Enjoy Better Ranking In 2018

May 30, 2023 | Advanced SEO

advanced SEO tactics

SEO is primarily termed as a major form of programming. It will not involve any typical classes, coding structures, and objects. However, this sector has its very own syntax to cover. It comprises of its own modules and methods. SEO is also defined as the science of ensuring that the product page or website is right at the top of desired search engines for higher human traffic online.

The truth to know

People generally have a misconception that SEO is about keyword stuffing, which is genuinely not the case. It is not also about having multiple pages for spanking up ranking. There are text limit, rules, and ratio for everything possible. It is all about just one fact, which is relevancy. Unless your web page features relevant Key phrases or KW, minimum security services, and mobile-friendly version, you don’t have any chance of gaining the desired results, to be honest. For a better understanding of this sector, it is vital to catch up with some of the SEO techniques, resulting in better ranking.

Going for some longer meta descriptions

Those days are history when short metadata was the in-thing. Right from November 2017 end, some tools have reported an upsurge in average snippet length, which is going to be around 230 characters. Now you might be wondering the reason for its concern, right? Well, Google is not quite cutting off around two-thirds of long descriptions like it might have been before.

advanced SEO tactics

  1. You will be amazed to know that Google wrote meta description of certain websites as original ones were short and not quite descriptive enough.
  2. Moreover, long metadata does not give you the permission to rave on. The content needs to be crisp, meaningful and must provide all relevant information only.
  3. However, you should not give away way too much and keep a limitation on that. Companies with organic SEO services are well-aware of ways to create meta descriptions for driving more clicks. So, you can try taking those help for a change.

Checking on the speed loading

Websites are not quite your basic medium of providing information. They can be your perfect resources to help visitors find what they are looking for. They have to do that within a long span of time. The lesser will the readers spent time on search session the better results are going to be. In case the loading website’s speed is mediocre, you can easily experience some unwanted bounce rates. In case, Google comes to find it, then be prepared to pay some hefty price.

advanced SEO tactics

  1. What will be the way to resolve this challenge? For the first step, you need to examine the present speed of your website.
  2. Remember to use some of the major tools as procured from Google. Among the lot, Page Speed Insights will be a reliable one helping people to access the loading speed of the site.
  3. In case the loading speed of a website is 80 or above, then you are on good charts. The websites should also provide you with some recommendations on the changes to make for enhancing speed.
  4. On the other hand, you can come across a firm offering affordable SEO practices and get speed test done over there.

It is vital to add an internal link

advanced SEO tactics

While going through an interesting blog, there are some words hyperlinked in the text. Clicking on those links will take you to another blog site. It is a way to encourage readers to read more and gain some extra information about a subject. It is termed as internal linking, which is another proven SEO strategy of 2018.

  1. Internal linking helps in creating better blog structure, especially in this competitive market.
  2. It will further help in keeping the bounce rates as low as possible, which is also perfect for SEO’s current standing.
  3. If you can follow any similar pattern like that of Copyblogger or Wikipedia, then you are right on track. It will make it easier for you to interlink blogs.
  4. After creating an article, plan to link it to some other relevant blogs. The ones, which are interesting, will attract more readers, and turn them into your visitors soon.

Try to use meaningful keywords

Keywords are always important, and it is mandatory to use them in the proper way. You can get to check the website for some more details on keywords and their accurate usability. While working on the content of any online site, you need to maintain tone with focus keyword, which is coming quite naturally in that content body. Targeting keywords are really very important as using them properly can provide better ROI.

advanced SEO tactics

  1. For pages to perform a lot better, you have to conduct keyword research on AdWords Keyword Planner. It helps in offering the right search volumes and information about keywords, which others are targeting.
  2. You can further use the keywords for working on search volume or even analyzing competitors, as targeting SEMRush.
  3. The keyword planner you are willing to use will also offer different keyword variations, which you can use on a certain page for optimizing it.

Get to optimize images too

advanced SEO tactics

A picture will help in attracting multiple visitors when optimized in a proper manner. You have to work hard to start optimizing blog images for the on-page SEO. For that, you better follow some simple steps.

advanced SEO tactics

  1. You have to provide a proper name for the images and don’t work on it randomly. Change the name of the file into relevant ones.
  2. Next, you need to offer Alt text for image description. It will help you check on the page, in case the image fails to load.
  3. It is clever to use captions to help people read them 300% more than the main one. WordPress is what you need for adding captions and alt text will help you do so by adding images to it.
  4. The image file’s size needs to be light for faster loading. You can use some tools for reducing images sizes if needed. But, it should never affect the quality of your selected images.


These simple tactics will help improve your website’s ranking in 2018 easily. Proper image optimization, adding meaning full keyword these like SEO tactics you’ll leave your opposition into the dust. They won’t realize what hit them.

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