Airbnb SEO: A Digital Thrust to Sky-Rocket Your Accommodation Business

April 18, 2024 | Basic SEO

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Airbnb is a vast online network that connects people who want to offer their property on short-term rent and the ones who are looking for short-term accommodation at a place. 

Basically, Airbnb centers around two integral notions:

  1. It is cheaper and comparatively budget-friendly than hotels.
  2. It gives a more homely feeling, which is seldom available in lucrative hotel stays. 

Despite such prosperity, you will witness a cut-throat competition to make your brand rank higher in Airbnb listings. 

However, you can capitalize on this business with SEO techniques or possibly what we call “Airbnb SEO.” 

Well, what is SEO for Airbnb, and how can it get your brand at the top slots of Airbnb listing? 

Let’s learn about it. 

What is Airbnb SEO? Know the Fundamentals of SEO for Airbnb

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As we discussed, Airbnb SEO is the process of improving the visibility of your listing page in the Airbnb search algorithm. 

The more you succeed in strategizing the Airbnb campaign, the more discoverable your brand will get on Airbnb search results.

Fundamentally, there are two major ways to boost Airbnb search optimization:

  1. Increase the number of searches your brand would appear for. This will come up with better SEO for Airbnb
  2. Make your listing appear higher in SERP. This will boost up the Airbnb SEO. 

Now, after knowing about Airbnb Search Engine Optimization, it’s important to know about the process in which it works. This will further help you implement the best practices of Airbnb listing optimization.

Know the Entire Functionality of Airbnb SEO

Functionality of Airbnb SEO

If we compare SEO for Airbnb to regular SEO, there isn’t much difference. Perhaps the fundamentals remain the same. 

SEO aims to push your website higher in SERP segments, and Airbnb optimization makes your business qualify for better ranking in Airbnb searches. 

The better you optimize your listing to suit Airbnb’s specific ranking factors, the more visible it will be.

The best part is that Airbnb has recently explained how it generates its results. 

They say:

“Airbnb uses an algorithm to generate search results that appeal to guests. The algorithm sorts through the millions of listings on Airbnb to find the right listings for each search. Guests enter search criteria, and the algorithm returns listings that reflect those criteria. The algorithm considers many factors to determine how to order search results, but some factors have a larger impact than others. In particular, the quality, popularity, and price of a listing heavily influence how a listing appears in search results”.

Airbnb ranking strategy

Some major factors that must be prioritized for ranking in this algorithm are:

  1. Quality: This includes the listing of photos & reviews and other similar elements. The better the quality of display elements, the more the success ratio of Airbnb SEO and possibility of listing.
  2. Price: How much is the price of your listing as compared to other available brands? The pricing should neither be too high nor too low. A controlled price will improve the Airbnb SEO of your listing. 
  3. Popularity: This depicts the frequency at which users engage with your brand. How much they inquire about or book your accommodation services defines the popularity of your brand. The more is the popularity of your brand, better will be its Airbnb SEO. 

Now, let’s watch out for the 12 Best Practices for Airbnb SEO

Best practices of Airbnb SEO

  1. End-to-End Amenities: Give free parking, kitchen, WiFi, AC, and pool, along with basic essentials like a dryer, dedicated workspace, heating facility, iron, etc. This will elevate the Airbnb SEO of your brand. 
  2. Complete Profile Description: Maintain a good brand description, identity verification, homeowner name, and photos. This will uplift your brand’s SEO for Airbnb. 
  3. Comprehensive Listing Description: Mention your location, property space, guest access, and other friendly reminders that are useful for your visitors. A well-understandable listing description will sky-rocket the Airbnb Search Engine Optimization of your brand. 
  4. Optimize Listing Titles: Optimizing the title by capitalizing the first letter of each word; mentioning the city name or location; keeping it short, simple, and catchy. By optimizing the listing title, you can grab a high degree of Airbnb SEO. 
  5. Incorporate Professional Photos: Upload proper and professional photos of living space, workspace, amenities, balcony view, etc. This will certainly boost up your Airbnb SEO.
  6. Reduce Rejections and Cancellations: Improve the operational aspects to reduce the number of rejections and booking cancellations. Less is the rejection; better will be the SEO for Airbnb.
  7. Accelerate Your Replies: Don’t delay replying to your customers. Maintain a good rate of responses and a good average time taken to respond. More replies will pave the path for better Airbnb Search Engine Optimization. 
  8. Turn on Instant Book: Try to speed up the booking procedure and confirmation to get higher on Airbnb ranking. Instant booking and confirmation strengthens the Airbnb Search Engine Optimization. 
  9. Offer Competitive & Budget Pricing: Keep decent, competitive, budget-friendly, and smart pricing for your customers. A smart price is directly proportional to good Airbnb SEO. 
  10. Keep Updating your Calendar: Update your calendar to show the availability of future bookings, early bookings, and even unavailability of bookings. An updated calendar improves the Airbnb SEO of your listing. 
  11. Shorten the Minimum Stay Time: Reduce the minimum stay time to offer a budget-friendly and feasible booking for your visitors. For better Airbnb Search Engine Optimization, short minimum stay time is essential for your listing.  
  12. Offer Outstanding Hospitality: Offer quick check-ins & check-outs, professional cleanliness, accurate listing, value-added services, and clear communication to your visitors. To keep a good SEO for Airbnb, outstanding hospitality and reviews are vital for your business. 

How Traditional SEO Can Optimize Airbnb Listing?

Image of SEO

Now, whatever be the impact of Airbnb SEO, you should always mix it up with traditional optimization techniques to get fruitful results.

Let’s find out how it helps in better Airbnb SEO.

Identify Right Keywords for Better Airbnb SEO

Choosing the right set of keywords is not an easy task in SEO marketing. 

There was a time when manual hand-picking of keywords used to be relevant. Now, keyword optimization without an automated keyword research tool is of zero value. 

But some of the market tools are expensive and even hoaxes.

As a solution, RankWatch offers you a free keyword research tool that gives you accurate & AI-based results.

RankWatch free keyword research tool

Using such a value-added feature, you can withdraw insights like Keyword difficulty, CPC, competition, search volume trend, and question-based keyword suggestions.

Now, an ideal SEO strategy says that you must use keywords with high SV, low competition, and the least difficulty. The above-mentioned data serves the following purposes. 

Check the value of keywords and use them accordingly in your campaign to be on top of Airbnb listings. 

Incorporate the Search Terms for Airbnb Search Engine Optimization

Just like keywords, search terms are the relevant terminologies or groups of structured or unstructured terms that customers use to search their queries. 

It can be a word, a combination of words, a question, an expression, an affirmation, or a phrase. Also, search terms can be informational, commercial, navigational, or transactional. 

Just like keyword analysis, you can use the same tool to find the relevancy of your search terms. 

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the chosen search term or keyword. 
  2. Choose the target location.
  3. Select whether you want results in phrase or broad match options,  
  4. Click on the search tab.

Instantly you will get a list of relevant keywords and search terms along with the same insights we discussed above ie. search volume, CPC, competition, difficulty level etc.

RankWatch keyword research insights

Further, the tool also offers you question-based keywords that you can use in the listing for better results.

RankWatch question based keyword terms

Use this data to improve the comprehensiveness and tone of your listing and boost up your brand in Airbnb SEO. The more you are able to use the data strategically in the listing, the better will be the SEO for Airbnb. 

Leverage Long-Tail Keywords for Airbnb Search Engine Optimization

Not only short keywords but long-term keywords are also significant for traditional SEO and Airbnb optimization. 

Use the same technique to find the relevancy of your selected long-term keywords and incorporate them in your listing campaign accordingly to get better results. 

Conclusion: Get More Bookings with SEO for Airbnb

Now, here’s the bottom line. To improve the Airbnb SEO of your accommodation business, Airbnb search optimization would be a great decision. However, traditional SEO can also extend its helping hand and brighten up the scope of listing in phenomenal ways. 

And obviously! If the chosen platform is RankWatch, more often than not, the results of SEO for Airbnb will be extraordinary.


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