‘Backlinks’ is now ‘Link Centre’! Check which links are toxic for your website and why!

December 23, 2022 | Feature Update

As far as our old backlink module goes, we provided you with all the essential details about your backlink portfolio such as total backlinks, which were then categorized based on different segments such as ‘Deep Link Ratio’, ‘Do Follow vs. No Follow’, ‘Site Wide vs. Non Side Wide’ and ‘Image vs. Text Ratio’ along with brief data on when each one was added, where it came from, the anchor text that was most widely used and the TLD distribution across your backlink portfolio.

However, there was little emphasis given to the kind of backlinks your domain was receiving and what exactly were the repercussions of each to the general health of your website. We realized that and have refined it to provide you with actionable metrics, which you can then use to improve your overall backlink structure.

Backlinks is now Link Centre! And we are live with the BETA version for the same!

On the top of the revamped version, you will first be able to see the ‘Total Links’ found and analyzed by RankWatch, followed by ‘New Links’, ‘Deleted Links’ and lastly all the ‘Unique Domains’ that are linking to your website identified by the platform as displayed below.


Based on this data, you will now be able to examine each backlink carefully on its value to your domain against 300 parameters and place it under either three key categories. A backlink identified by RankWatch would either be a Toxic Link, Suspicious Link or Neutral as shown below.



Once RankWatch identifies and categorizes each backlink based on the above-mentioned segments, you can view individual grounds on which they were categorized and the overall toxic score for that specific link. For example, if a link is considered as Toxic, RankWatch will tell you exactly why it was considered toxic and list down all the factors that contributed to it, as shown below.

BL Module

You can subsequently, click on the number which conveys the ‘Bad Factors’ influencing that link to be considered Toxic as shown below.

New Backlink Module


Similarly, you can examine the links that are displayed as ‘Neutral’ to your project, having the lowest Toxic score among the backlink portfolio. However, as our checking mechanism is quite rigid, we will still list down factors that didn’t quite meet the Toxicity bracket.



Moving forward, RankWatch has introduced a unique feature that would not only able to identify bloggers and critics that speak about your product or service but also you will be able to get in touch with them directly using RankWatch.

The ‘Writers who wrote about you’ feature allows you to first view the articles they wrote on you and then communicate directly with the individuals who wrote them through their social handles or email address, if available as shown below.



As far as all the information that was available in the old version is still present, just has a completely new look to it.


Link Profile Distribution and the TLD Distribution


Since this feature is still in BETA, we would love to have inputs on how to make it better if you found anything amiss. Drop us a line at [email protected], we would love to hear about it.



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