Challenges Digital Marketer Faced and How to Own Them in 2018

September 24, 2022 | Digital Marketing

No matter what businesses you are in – whether it’s a small business, big business, or working individual – there are a core set of challenges that as a digital marketer you face.

Since businesses are more dependent on sales, the modern marketers are more stressed out.

But you shouldn’t worry, you are not alone. There are always solutions to every problem.

The first thing you need to do is – figure out the obstacles that are holding you back to achieve your marketing goals. Only then you can find the way to deal with them.

Top 5 Marketing Challenges Digital Marketers Face and How to Deal With Them

According to a study of Hubspot, generating quality traffic and leads followed by explaining ROI is the major challenges marketers facing these days.  Take a look at this year’s data:

1. Generating Quality Traffic and Leads

The 2017 State of Inbound report, claim that generating quality traffic and leads was one of the top marketing challenges digital marketers faced this year.

If we see closely, marketers are fighting with producing enough demand for their content. As the time passes it will become even worse.

Since there are lots of platforms to publish and promote the content, it’s hard to identify which platforms marketer should use.

What Can You Do?

Before you start creating content that generates quality traffic and leads, I need you to answer these two questions:

  1. Are you honestly creating quality content – I mean do you think people would pay for that content?
  2. Is that the content people actually expect from you?

For example – Hubspot’s study found, 43% of users want to see more video from marketers in the future, while only 29% prefer blog posts.

To be in the marketing race you need to learn how people are reading and interacting with the content. Once you start creating right types of content, the second task you need to do focus on is – promoting that content to the platforms where your audience spends their time.

People are creating more content than ever before. As a result, consumers usually don’t need to Google to find the solutions to their queries. As an alternate, articles, newsletters, and push notifications fill that gap.

Needless to say, content promotion is not the same as it was five years ago, you need to know the right strategy and platforms to promote your content.

2. ROI of Your Marketing Activities

Measuring the ROI (return on investment) of marketing activities is second challenging tasks and it’s getting more challenging by every passing year.

But also it is the most effective way for digital marketers to learn about the effectiveness of each marketing campaign, piece of content, etc.

Moreover, proving ROI will help you to ask for more marketing budget from your boss.

The math is simple:

No ROI tracking = No ROI = No Budget

Tracking the ROI of every single marketing activity isn’t easy, especially when you don’t have interaction between your marketing activities and sales reports.

What Can You Do?

When we talk about proving ROI, you’ll need tools that could track each activity of your marketing campaign such as clicks on your links, how many visitors converted – and what sources customers came from?

Only then you can calculate the correct ROI of your marketing campaign.

3. Marketing Budget

Working with a limited budget could be the pain for marketers to work effectively as well as getting their marketing goals.

Especially for small businesses that aren’t working with a planned marketing budget.

However, securing marketing budget shouldn’t be difficult for your marketing team and strategy.

What Can You Do?

The only way you can increase your marketing budget is – show the ROI of your marketing efforts to the management.

According to a study of Hubspot, businesses that can calculate ROI (Return on Investment) are more likely to get higher marketing budgets.

Effective marketing strategies can also help you earn more marketing budget that the only way you can get more results for your marketing efforts.

And, when you believe in your marketing strategy you can demand higher budgets for your marketing teams.

4. Right online marketing software

Finding the right online marketing software is the fourth biggest marketing concern of marketers we noticed this year.

Nevertheless, the internet is full of internet marketing software but the problem is – most of them are not providing the solution to the marketers or too costly to afford.

In that case, you need a piece of technology, tool or software that solves a specific marketing problem without disturbing your marketing budget.

What can you do?

For those who are facing the same challenge and now looking for software that solves a particular problem, I would recommend to check out the RankWatch.

It is the complete online marketing software that your online business needs.

The reason I strongly recommend you RankWatch, because over 100 countries’ digital marketing agencies are using this software for their clients.

Furthermore, you’ll get a complete online marketing toolset at the price of one. Rankwatch offers 14 days FREE trial.

5. Hiring the right candidate

No business can grow if it is running by the wrong people.

Hiring the right talent was the fifth biggest challenge marketers faced this year.

Many companies are shifting their business to online, means more demand for top marketing talent.

It can take months or even more to finding the right candidate and evaluating his skills.

It becomes even more challenging because the types of talent companies are looking for is getting complex day-by-day.

In a study of Moz, they found that thousands of job postings on, employers were looking marketers who had technical and creative skill sets, both.

As a result, the demand for this kind of jobs has caused the marketing skills gap, “making it hard to find person who have the technical, creative, and business skills needed to succeed in digital marketing.”

What can you do?

Companies are actively looking for marketers who have multiple skills such as content marketing, SEO, digital marketing, and social media marketing.

If that’s the case, the first thing you need to do is determine the candidate you are hiring what goals he can achieve for your business.

Before you start hiring the right candidate, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What types of task you want new marketers will do for your business?
  2. What milestone or challenges the new marketer might face?

Take the help of above questions then create an engaging job description.

After that, post that job where skilled digital marketers will find them. Though posting job on traditional job sites such,, or LinkedIn will help, I strongly recommend you to check out

This is the place where worlds’ most talented digital marketers hang out.

In the final analysis, focus on your job description and prepare a 3-month advanced plan that adds value to the candidate’s career. A study shows that 58% of people change job just because to seek career growth, while 50% needs a good work and life balance.


When it comes to marketing challenges there are two options either you face them or run. However, running is not a solution better learn the way to face the challenges.

A deep analysis of your current marketing strategy and its performance will help you discover where your biggest marketing opportunity lies and where needs improvement.

Once you know the weak areas of your marketing strategy, you can start improving that.

Try to tackle one challenge at one time, only then you can measure your success.

Let me know which marketing challenge you are struggling right now?


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  1. Really helpful article! Well, you wrote “Effective marketing strategies will help to earn more marketing budget” could you please mention a few Strategies please. Thanks.

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