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February 16, 2024 | Digital Marketing

There are millions of marketing aspirants across the globe who are just starting out in the digital world. They would either look for a free SEO tool or a tool that would offer them millions of free features. 

Other than that, there are many companies that are transforming from manual to digital operations. Those brands will be speculating over any big investment in digital marketing tools. 

Thus, there are many free internet marketing tools in the market that offer you free end-to-end SEO services, and if not, at least a long list of free tools that boost up the holistic optimization of your business.

Certainly, RankWatch is one among them. Right away, from getting a RankWatch 14-day trial to a complete boutique of free tools, everything is available in your bucket. 

However, before we discuss these specific verticals, let’s first know who exactly needs it. 

Who Needs to Have a RankWatch Account?

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The ones who are looking forward to end-to-end digital marketing practice with both SEO and strong PPC programs must adopt RankWatch as their digital marketing partner. 

RankWatch pricing is feasible for a wide range of industry verticals, including manufacturing, health care, pharmaceuticals, information technology, FMCG, media and entertainment, hotels and tourism, etc. 

So, no matter which industry you belong to and what your marketing needs are, RankWatch is ready to offer you anything and everything. 

Apart from that, RankWatch price also takes care of the customized SEO requirements of different brands and consequently comes up with distinct packages with different clients as per their tailor-made SEO needs. 

Simple Sign-Up Account Vs RankWatch Free Trial Account 

RankWatch has two sign-up categories for you. 

Firstly, you can sign up for RankWatch by simply using your email address, and secondly, you can use the 14-day RankWatch free account and get a free trial of these tools to check the SEO compatibility. 

The SEO demand of a brand keeps on fluctuating, as per the operational requirements of their business. Thus, it is better to get the essence of the tool that your marketing team would be using. 

So, before knowing the RankWatch pricing, get a comprehensive understanding of the whole framework and analyze the potential of this platform to foster a good digital strategy. 

Now, which tools should you try? 

In order to know the actual capability of the RankWatch trial tool, you can use these three features during the free subscription period. 

Rank Tracking

The rank tracking section of RankWatch is phenomenal when you start formulating the digital strategy for your brand.

RankWatch rank tracking

You just have to set the domain URL as the new project and click on the rank tracking section, and there you get the insights like a country-wise share of voice, keyword distribution, top keywords, top tags, top landing pages, high-ranking SERP snippets, and a lot more. 

All these insights are significant for empowering your digital marketing campaign in the right direction. 

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing the marketing focus of your successful competitors is another vital forte of digital marketing. Until you don’t replicate their actions, success won’t fall in your favor. 

But how to do that? Don’t worry. RankWatch is here to help you.

RankWatch competitor analysis

It offers you a competitor analysis feature that is sufficient for conducting an end-to-end evaluation of trending market rivals. 

As usual, set the website URL as the new project and jump into the competitor analysis section. There, you get insights like competitors’ ranking trends, ranking keywords, ranking URLs, top snippets of competitors, and much more. 

Analyze all these data and build your own marketing campaign to push your brand up in the market. 

Site Audit

And finally, the site auditor. Without this, every SEO action goes all in vain. A site audit is a foremost need that could vouch that your brand site is visible, relevant, and easy to discover on the internet. 

Well, how do you perform site audits with RankWatch?

RankWatch site auditor

Follow the same steps. 

Log in to your RankWatch account and click on the site audit section. 

The AI-driven feature will automatically crawl over your domain and offer you insights like HTTP status code distribution, duplicate page issues, missing titles, missing description, canonical URL, page depth, page response time distribution, failed URLs, disallowed Pages, and a lot more. 

On top of that, you also get a site score according to the issues existing on your website. You just need to fix them and improve the score for better SERP visibility. 

So, if you are looking for the free trial, evaluate the RankWatch plans that suit your SEO needs and then sign up.

Know About the Free Tools of RankWatch

Now, it’s time to learn about the long list of free tools that RankWatch offers you in order to leverage your digital strategy and unlock the full-fledged potential of the market. 

Let’s find them out. 

Mobile Friendly Checker

Making the website mobile-friendly is an integral part of today’s digital business. As the number of cell phone users is rapidly increasing across the globe, it’s the foremost duty of online brands to make their sites mobile-compatible. 

Now, here’s the best part! RankWatch is a preferred digital marketing platform that offers you a free and limitless mobile friendly test.

RankWatch mobile friendly checker

How to conduct it?

Log in to your RankWatch account and scroll down to the mobile-friendly checker on the given dashboard. Feed the respective URL in the given column and click on run test. 

Within seconds, you will get a mobile-friendly score according to the compatibility of your website with mobile devices. 

If the score is fine, you don’t need to worry about this vertical anymore. 

In case the score is not good, you can work on parameters like responsive layout, loading speed, font size, web design, and so on. 

The more you optimize these parameters, the more compatible your website will be with mobile devices. 

Website Analyzer

To improve the site performance, you can use the free SEO analyzer of RankWatch. It not only gives you a site check-up report but also highlights the issues that degrade the site performance across the Google SERP algorithm.

RankWatch website analyzer

How do I get the report?

Login to RankWatch and visit the website analyzer section. Feed the site URL and click on the analyze option. 

The feature enabled by our own AI algorithm will automatically offer you a site check-up report. 

The report encapsulates multiple parameters like loading speed, loading time, meta tags, and on-page and off-page SEO issues, which hampers the holistic performance of your website.

You just need to work on these areas and improve the site permanence in Google. 

Backlink Analyzer

Third comes the backlink analyzer. Constantly keep on improving your backlinking strategy using this phenomenal tool of RankWatch. 

Now, what is so special about RankWatch Backlink Analyzer? 

Firstly, RankWatch offers you a free backlink checker tool. When most digital marketing tools are asking for a heavy subscription, RankWatch offers you endless sessions of backlink analysis, that too, without spending a penny!

RankWatch’s backlink analyzer

How to perform backlink analysis? 

Log in to your RankWatch account, or you can also take a 14-day free subscription. Visit the backlink analysis section. 

Here, you get the insights on backlinking status like referring backlinks, top referring pages, top referring domains, backlink type, link quality, referring domain niche, ranking keywords, average outbound link breakups, estimated page rank, link acquisition trend, and more. 

Further, this section is bifurcated into multiple slots where you get insights like anchor text, target URLs, first indexed date, link type, domain quality, referring domain organic keywords, unique anchor text, referring IP, and so on. 

With these insights, there is nothing more that you need to build outstanding backlinking strategies for your website. 

Free Keyword Research Tool

Keyword analysis is a significant part of digital marketing. But how is an effective keyword research session possible? Can it be done manually? 

Absolutely NO!

You need an automated keyword analysis tool that is driven by its own algorithm of artificial intelligence. 

How to perform? 

Log in to your account. You are even welcome to sign up with a 14-day free RankWatch subscription. 

Set your site’s URL as the new project and scroll down to the free keyword research tool.

RankWatch’s keyword research

Enter the keyword in the respective column and click on the submit tab. The feature will instantly give you keyword insights like CPC, competition, keyword difficulty, search volume, geo-distribution, organic keyword suggestions, question-based keyword suggestions, paid keyword suggestions, keyword grouping, and much more. 

This holistic overview is sufficient enough to let you structure an efficient digital marketing campaign. 

Wrapping Up!

So this is all about the free, existing features along with the pricing of RankWatch that is exclusively available to all users to succeed in their digital business.

Next time you look forward to having a free SEO tool for your marketing team, don’t forget to use it. RankWatch costs you within a budget-friendly framework and is easy to use.  

Good luck!

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