4 Ways To Entice Your Competitors To Read Your Blog Post

September 24, 2022 | Content Marketing

Make your competitors read your blog post

Isn’t it frustrating trying to create stellar content that people want to share only to realize that you get only a few shares?

You’ve been through all the unorthodox techniques and tried some unique approaches to no avail.

I’m sorry if you are experiencing this.

Not because it’s my fault, but I know how it feels to create great content with no one reading it.

Now, why does this happen?

Why is it that your articles are of little worth compared to the ones getting thousands of shares within a couple of hours?

That’s a million dollar question and I will try finding the best answers to this in this detailed blog post on writing high-quality content that will be loved even by your competitors. In the end, you’ll learn how to craft a blog post that even your competitors can’t help but share.

Let’s start off:

1. Be Offensive

I suggest you take this nasty key from this entire article, especially if you want more blog readers:

Offending readers is cool……

In fact, it can be an eye-catcher.

You don’t have to go the extra mile to be cordial in all your posts. You don’t need to appeal to everyone all the time. The fact is if you do that, it can emaciate your blog.

That said, being offensive doesn’t translate to going on a full frontal mission to offend someone. Assaulting their culture, belief system or anything else can prove to be detrimental. What it basically indicates is taking a strong stand on what you have to say. Let readers know what side of the fence you’re on and allow them to feel whatever they want to feel about it. You shouldn’t be judgmental.

By taking a stand you can easily find who supports you. And this can be a great way to build a great audience.

Here’s an example……

Make your competitors read your blog post

Let’s say you run a fashion blog and planning to write an article on winter fashion.

Instead of saying, “You can wear a scarf this winter but I wouldn’t personally recommend it as they are a thing of the 90s,” you could possibly say, “ Unless you’re in the deeper zones of Alaska, wearing a scarf is not sexy. They are clunky, obnoxious and big. Plus it’s never been so cold to put on a scarf, has it?”

The first statement is placid and doesn’t invoke any reaction. On the other hand, readers who read the second statement would kick up a fuss. People who despise the idea of wearing scarves will give you high-fives and inform their friends about it, which will bring in more readers.

At the end of the day, no one gets offended. However, you’ve taken a unique and robust position on your view of scarf that people start talking about it.

The main idea is to stick to your guns and learn to be decisive. It’ll do your blog and your shares on social media a world of good.

2. Discover The Obscured Emotion

We’re inundated with the digital noise during our waking hours. As soon as we get up, most of us spend some time on our favorite websites and apps, dodging unappealing headlines and unwanted ads along the way. However, there are some posts which you can’t ignore but read and share. Whether that’s a Facebook status, Tweet, Advert, blog post, YouTube video or anything that incites emotions within you.

If you’re not invoking emotions in your readers, the content you create will get very low levels of engagement.

But you must be thinking………How do I find the right emotions in my blog posts like:

  • The three fundamental chords for rookie guitarists
  • 5 ways to get more email opens with emoticons
  • 10 new camera lenses you ought to try this 2018

On the periphery, these topics may not be considered emotional. But as a blogger, your duty is to find the latent and deep emotion with every topic.

For instance, let’s look at the third topic on camera lenses. It looks boring and dry and is nothing else but a shopping list. However, if you give it a detailed look, you’ll find a decent number of hidden emotional angles.

Take it this way. Think about how a new camera lens can help your readers.

  • Allow them to capture wonderful memories of a family vacation
  • Help them take beautiful pictures of their brother’s wedding
  • Make extra cash for their photography business
  • Record videos of their daughter’s maiden school concert

The list is endless.

Make your competitors read your blog post

Now whether you capture the right emotions with images or words is solely dependent on you. The only thing to remember is that you incorporate it well into your blog posts. Because that’s when you’ll see the number of shares skyrocketing!

3. Listen To Charles and Ernest

If you are dead serious about creating content that will be read by your competitors, there are two guys you need to pay close attention to:

  1. Charles Bukowski
  2. Ernest Hemingway

Not a single one of them ever had a blog, but if they ever did, they would be sitting right at the top-the reason being they were two great writers who could easily connect with the commoners.

They never used long words, with complex meaning and long sentences. They instead chose to write fast and hard. They used language that was easily comprehensible. And the most important part was that they were absolutely natural and remained themselves without copying their contemporaries.

They discussed life, talked about real topics, and sometimes crossed the lines writing on topics that were considered taboo in those days.

They talked to people as if they were their childhood friends.

Take a look at these two sentences:

“If you purchase this product today, you can walk away with an extra one without paying anything.”

“Buy one, get one free.”

Without an iota of doubt, the second seems more rational and sensible.

You have to choose language that resonates with your audience. And when your articles go viral with thousands of shares, they will go beyond your audience. There might be readers who aren’t bothered about your topic or niche. So using simpler language and less jargon will help more people understand what you exactly want to put forth.

4. Try Keeping Them On Your Page For A Long Time

One of the greatest problems with blogging is keeping readers glued to your page.

In fact, getting your readers go beyond the introduction can look onerous.

But here are some sneaky tricks to help you do so:

1. Use Ellipses

Ellipses are the god of punctuation and are nothing but “…….” like the ones I used above. They are super powerful in enticing readers move down the page only for one reason and that’s……..

Your brain dies to fill the gap that it leaves. It’s seductive and juicy, and the completionist element of your readers will do everything to read more.

2. Put Up Questions

Try finishing your subheads with a question and provide the answer in the next line.


Because no one has ever left the answer unread after reading the question. It’s that simple. Humans, in general, are always looking for solutions, reasons, and answers.

3. Boiler Brigades

Boiler Brigades are similar to ellipses where you place a colon in the middle of a sentence, after which you make your point on the next line. They also create a gap your brain has to fill.

If you scroll back to the post, you’ll find many boiler brigades and ellipses that have helped in bringing you so far.

In fact, this is a great tactic used by Brian Dean. So far he has published approximately 30 articles but his reader base has exponentially grown.

Try incorporating any of these three techniques within your blog post when you think readers might drop off. By doing so, you’ll not only garner more readers but a higher number of shares too.


By now you must be wondering how simple it is to get more readers to your blog. Be offensive, be unique, keep them on your page and learn from the honchos.

There’s no magic formula for getting shares or going viral. It’s just writing for your audience, working hard and using some effective blogging tips and tricks to find what your readers are actually looking for. The rest is the action of your audience, which is way beyond your control.

Just follow these steps to improve your chances of your article being read and shared.

It’s time to work now!

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