Learn the 10 Best Techniques of Real Estate Content Marketing

May 6, 2024 | Content Marketing

“Buying real estate is not only the best way, the quickest way, the safest way, but the only way to become wealthy.”

— Marshall Field

Marshall Field was an American entrepreneur and owner of Marshall Field and Company, a Chicago-based department store that was known for its then-exceptional level of quality and consumer support. 

This proves that real estate business is not only the front-foot revenue sector in today’s time, but it also lubricated the wagon wheel of the economy around 100 years ago. 

But does the operational delivery of real estate remain the same? Are hoardings, banners, and door-to-door marketing still relevant in today’s real estate market? 

Absolutely NO! 

Just like education, IT, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, FMCG, and manufacturing have gone through massive digital transformation; real estate, too, has adopted digital wings. 

So, in this blog, we will discuss content marketing for real estate which has lately changed the dynamics of this industry. 

Let’s move ahead. 

Why Do Real Estate Companies Need Content Marketing? 

Before we go deep into the concept of content marketing for real estate, let us first understand the requirements of such services in this business. 

There was a time when billboards, television commercials, yellow pages, or personal references would work for the real estate domain. 

However, internet changed everything. Now, people are trusting websites, social media accounts, and digital promotions. 

Thus, real estate businesses gradually started adopting content marketing services, making their brand available on multiple online media and digital platforms. 

Fundamentally, the major purposes of real-estate content marketing are:

  1. Gain the trust of customers.
  2. Drive high-value organic traffic. 
  3. Leverage social media presence. 
  4. Make a good name in this industry domain. 

What is Real Estate Content Marketing?

Image of what

Real estate content marketing is the practice of creating, optimizing, publishing, and distributing real estate content on relevant platforms for the defined and target audiences. 

The content includes videos, blogs, articles, news, guides, podcasts, infographics, social media promotions, and so on. 

Consequently, the agents would gain more prospective customers to sell their properties at different locations. 

So, we can conclude that real estate content marketing is an effective method to leverage the graph of homeownership in today’s fast-forward digital era. If the real estate business is driven by visual content marketing, the results would be more phenomenal. 

10 Effective Real Estate Content Marketing Strategies

Now, let’s discuss 10 effective techniques of real estate content marketing.

1. Add Comprehensive Blogs to Your Website

Image of comprehensive website blogs

Blogging has always been the core of any real estate content marketing strategy. Thus, if your real-estate website does not have attractive blogs, try to add them soon. 

The blogs for real-estate content marketing should be:

  1. Informative, meaningful, and data-driven.
  2. Written as per the demography.
  3. Well-optimized with the right choice and usage of keywords. 
  4. Visually appealing and attractive. 
  5. Relatable to local audiences and their point of interest.

RankWatch competitive analysis

How to find trending topics in the real estate domain?

Firstly, with the competitor analysis feature of RankWatch, you get actionable insights like trending local competitors, their average rank, ranking URLs, ranking keywords, and top snippets.

RankWatch’s rank tracking top landing pages

Next, use the Rank tracking tool to fetch the top landing pages of those successful competitors. 

So now, when you have a list of trending real estate topics, you can go ahead and develop attractive blogs with them. 

To develop well-optimized blogs, you will need a long list of relatable keywords. So, use the free keyword research tool of RankWatch to find search terms and keywords suitable for your content.

How to use it? Just follow these easy steps. 

  1. Login to your RankWatch account
  2. Open the free keyword research tool
  3. Feed the search term in the given column
  4. Select the target location
  5. Choose a phrase or broad match option
  6. Click on the search tab

RankWatch keyword analysis

Within seconds, the tool will give you insights like keyword difficulty, CPC, competition, and search volume trends.

RankWatch question based keyword grouping

After scrolling down, you also get question-based keywords that can be used to make the blogs better and relevant. 

2. Offer Optimized Real Estate Website

Optimized real estate website

An optimized website offers a good user experience to your customers. It makes navigation easy and drives visitors to stay longer on your site. 

Basically, website optimization centers around 3 precise actions ie. on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. 

On-Page Optimization

RankWatch’s on page seo checker can help you with proper on-page SEO optimization.

RankWatch’s SEO IQ

Using the SEO IQ tool, you get insights like exact keywords in meta tags, URL, H1, H2, H3; broad keywords in paragraph, meta title alt image text, URLs, H1, H2, H3, and so on. 

These insights will help you build an appealing title, sub-headings, and meta description.

RankWatch’s SEO IQ analysis

Next, the content recommendations section will give you a list of suggestions on appropriate keyword usage across the content. It helps you assess the number of times they need to be increased or decreased.

RankWatch’s SEO IQ analysis

Finally, the Content Editor slot gives you optimization status with insights on keyword utility, recommendations on the appropriate numbers, and the number of times they need to be increased either in the heading or body of the content. 

Off-Page Optimization

Now comes the turn for off-page optimization. 

The free backlink checker tool helps you build an effective backlinking strategy for your website, eventually scaling up the off-page SEO factor.

How to use it?

Login to RankWatch set the targeted domain URL, and visit the backlinks section of the dashboard.

RankWatch backlink analysis

There, you get to see insights like referring backlinks, referring domains, anchors, pages & paths, IPs & subnets, etc.

Referring backlinks of RankWatch’s SEO IQ

In the overview section, there is a calculative database on total backlinks, percentage of active links, and percentage of deleted links. 

In order to understand the trustworthiness, value, and online authority of the respective website, the referring domain section gives you data on the total number of referring domains, total active domains, and total deleted domains. 

Less is the number of active links and online referring domains, and the least would be the possibility of maintaining a good backlink relationship. 

Technical Optimization

Speed is an essential element of a website’s technical accomplishment, and the free SEO analyzer of RankWatch would help you to improve it.

Speed recommendations of RankWatch’s website analyzer

It gives you speed tips to improve your website performance. The better you implement the recommendations, the more will be the website speed followed by unimaginable customer engagement in real estate content marketing strategy.

RankWatch’s site audit analysis

You can also use the site auditor tool to check if any technical issue exists on your website. 

It offers you insights like missing descriptions, short descriptions, thin pages, canonical URLs, failed URLs, disallowed pages, and so on.

The more you bring down the number of these issues, the better will be the technical upliftment of your website.

3. Offer Subscription to the Visitors

Subscriptions to visitors

Email marketing that offers subscriptions to visitors is a phenomenal real estate promotion strategy. 

Invite them to visit your social media channels and invariably come up with distinctive property updates. 

Social media channels are the most effective medium to bring awareness towards products that have both B2B and B2C audiences. So, real estate businesses can make the best use of social media to inform customers about the latest ongoing subscriptions. 

4. Incorporate Customer Testimonials & Success Stories

Customer testimonials image

Success stories and customer testimonials are the biggest real estate content to influence visitors’ decision-making. Thus, video testimonials or quotes from happy customers play an integral part in content marketing for real estate. 

You can attach customer stories to your website and social media account to influence every purposeful and random online visitor. 

5. Give Timely Updates to Users

There’s no point in real estate content marketing if you are not delivering timely updates to your prospective customers. 

Make them aware of the latest availability of properties, upcoming properties to be sold in the market, homeownership scope in current times, and updates from famous property owners of their locations. 

6. Initiate Partnership With Local Communities

Image of community partnership

Real estate businesses tend to grow bigger when you foster healthy partnerships with local groups and communities. 

A good content marketing partnership will involve three essential factors:


Firstly, the marketing partnership should be relevant to both parties. For instance, a real estate firm can build partnerships with interior decorators. They can even make good partnerships with loan agents or gardening services firms. This will make profits possible on both ends. 

However, if a real estate company thinks of building partnerships with hotels and kitchens, the decision would be pointless and absurd. 


Before initiating any partnership, ensure that you both share common goals and objectives. A right set of business goals driven by professional coordination would never give futile results. So, try establishing a common goal before drafting the plan of action. 


After setting a common goal from both ends, you can go ahead and make a proper agreement with the business. The agreement should encapsulate all terms and conditions that facilitate the business objectives of both sides. 

7. Adopt Efficient Content Distribution Channels

Creating intriguing content is not sufficient for the real estate business. You have to choose the right platform for publication. That’s an integral part of real estate content marketing. 

For example, choosing to post real estate content on LinkedIn would be the worst decision, but Instagram and Facebook are the perfect platforms for this business. 

8. Identify Ideal Customers

Recognizing the taste of an ideal customer is the first step of real estate content marketing. 

You may classify the buyers as per their:

  1. Age 
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Need
  4. Demand
  5. Preference
  6. Education 
  7. Budget 
  8. Psychography

The rank tracking section of RankWatch will help you understand the purchase behavior of customers.

RankWatch’s rank tracking SOV

It offers a distinctive database on country-wise “Share of Voice.” This reflects consumer preference across a defined demography. 

Now, you only have to offer them property deals as per their buying preferences, eventually making the sale numbers higher than before.

9. Make Mobile Friendly Content

Image of mobile friendly content

Today, mobile devices are more common than laptops and desktops. Users tend to search properties more actively on their cell phones. 

So, you need to develop content that would conveniently work on a wide range of mobile gadgets. 

Use technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to leverage real estate streaming videos and optimize them for mobile phones. 

You can also use drone footage to make your videos more attractive, insightful, and attention-grabbing for the customers. 

The free mobile-friendly checker of RankWatch can help you to check the mobile-friendliness of your website.

RankWatch’s mobile friendly checker

Open the mobile-friendliness checker, enter your domain URL, and click on run test. Within seconds, the tool will let you know if your website is mobile-friendly or not. 

In case it’s not, you can work on verticals like responsive layout, font size, loading speed, and web design to strengthen your website’s mobile device compatibility. 

The better your website’s appearance on different screen sizes, the better will be the real estate content marketing. 

10. Rely on Automation

Automation plays a pivotal role in modern digital enforcement. 

It has functionalized the operations and marketing of countless industry verticals. The same goes for real estate content marketing. 

There are many pre-built and ready-made software solutions available today that could automate the gated content related to inquiries, property details, and pricing for customers, eventually scaling up real estate content marketing. 

An automated and visually appealing website is always a boon for real estate content marketing. 

You should keep on adding relevant images, short videos, infographics, iconographies, and other suitable visual content to make your website look professional and visually appealing. 

Even technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can help you automate real estate content marketing. 

Essential Traits to Look for in a Real Estate Content Marketing Agency

When you are looking for a real estate content marketing agency, there are some much-required qualities and traits. 

  1. End-to-end knowledge of the real estate industry. 
  2. An optimum experience in real estate content marketing.
  3. Active involvement in webinars, real estate events, and seminars. 
  4. Have optimum knowledge of financial transactions required in this business. 
  5. Ability to develop real estate content marketing strategy on multiple real estate topics.
  6. Basic social media, news, press release, and website content management techniques.
  7. Good command over language and recent trends to deliver effective content marketing strategy. 

If all these attributes are available with the agency you are hiring, then sign the deal right away!

Chase the Best Real Estate Content Marketing!

Well, this is all about content marketing for real estate, its significance, and effective strategies to implement them. 

We also learned about the utility of RankWatch to deploy a phenomenal real estate content marketing strategy. 

We hope this blog was useful to you, and next time, you will use RankWatch to formulate extraordinary real estate content marketing. 

Cheers to your real estate projects!

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