Snackable Content: The Best Appetizers Of Digital Marketplace

April 29, 2024 | Content Marketing

Any product, subject, belief, idea, notion, ideology, or service that is written, said, created, or represented is content. 

Content in the world of digital marketing holds a strong identity. There’s a reason why everyone says, “Content is KING!”

It is the core fundamental unit of any website, social media channels, online ads, or marketing platform.

Now, some content forms are comprehensively tough, whereas others are relatively easy to understand. It all depends on the industry vertical, target audience, and product or services that you are dealing with. 

Snackable content is one such trending aspect of digital marketing that is known for grabbing visitors’ attention. 

So, let’s learn more about them. 

What is Snackable Content? Know the Significance of Snackable Content

Image of what

Snackable content is short-format, visually appealing, and easy-to-digest content. It aims to hammer down the idea quickly and efficiently. 

Unlike long-format content that gives a late climax point to understand the context, snacking content can be consumed within a couple of seconds. 

A few benefits of snackable content are:

Expresses the Brand’s Persona: Memes, GIFs, reels, etc., are known for expressing the brand’s personality with quick humor, emotions, and values.

Pepsi GIF

Efficiently Delivers Information: Snackable content like infographics quickly delivers the message of the respective brand, products, and events.

Coca Cola Vs Pepsi infographics

Offers Better User Experience: Since snacking content is comprehensive and easy to digest, it understandably gives a better experience to customers.

Digestible snackable content

How Does Snackable Content Maximize Engagement? 

The beauty of snack content is not only the humor or brevity but the infinite potential to drive visitor engagement. 

Its unique display and characteristics allow the audience to experience better content. 

Now, let’s delve into more specific details about how digestible content can maximize user engagement. 

High Consistency

Icon of high consistency

The first reason why snackable content drives an unimaginable user experience is consistency. 

You must have seen those Gen-Z Instagram influencers posting reels and shorts all day long. 

Ever wondered why their engagement rate is so high? It’s because they are consistent with their snackable content!

Maintaining a constant surge of content is the fundamental practice to keep the brand up front on the internet. It eventually improves your engagement rate.

Short Attention Span

Icon of short attention span

We are in a digital era where the internet is overloaded with data, information, strategies, solutions, products, and services. 

At the same time, our busy schedule refrains us from consuming long-format content. 

Here, snack content comes as a solution. It grabs the users’ attention quickly and makes them stay there till the content ends. 

This is how snackable content brings an abundance of visitor engagement. 


Icon of easy to digest content

Another reason for digestible content highly relating with the visitors is that they are comprehensive and easy-to-digest. 

Most snackable content pieces offer a single message with minimum text and understandable graphics. Be it GIFs, memes, infographics, pictures, or short videos, there is nothing that cannot be understood and digested. 


Icon of share

Snackable content like memes, GIFs, videos, pictures, and reels are quickly shared. 

You don’t have to do a time-consuming transfer of large files and videos. Just choose the respective platforms and share them. 

So, when the circulation of content is easy, the engagement of customers would understandably be higher. 

Mobile Friendly

Icon of mobile friendly content

Since snackable content conveniently runs on mobile devices, it is seen by a large number of users. This paves the path for a flood of views, likes, shares, and comments.

Don’t worry, we’ll also learn how to create mobile-friendly snackable content as a tip to create effective snackable content. 

What are the Different Types of Snackable Content? 

After knowing about the snackable content and their intent, you must know about their types and categories. 


Image of memes

Memes have always been one of the most shared types of content in the last couple of years as they engage with the audience’s mind and deliver a clear message about the brand. 

But what are memes?

Memes are basically viral images or videos along with written text that is entertaining and refreshing in nature. 


Pepsi GIF

A GIF is particularly an animated image file that conveys emotions and reactions. 

They are also one of the most consumed and digestible content because of their short length, relatability, and easy application to many scenarios. 


Pepsi infographics

Infographics are the mode to communicate complex but end-to-end information in a single go. 

They are more effective than text-based content as the former offers you illustrations along with written information. 

Quote Graphics

Pepsi quote graphics

Quote graphics are the images amalgamated with a quote on a single frame. 

The best part about a quote graphic is that it drives your mind with an image and text at the same time. This makes quote graphics quite impactful among all snackable content. 

Short Videos

Videos under 60 seconds are mostly described as short videos. 

These videos voraciously improve brand awareness across channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social platforms. 

Interactive Content

Quiz as interactive content

Interactive content promotes real-time participation of the users, followed by the introduction of products or services. This includes games, poles, quizzes, assessments, calculators, and other active interactions that almost work as a CTA for the audience. 

User-Generated Content

User-generated content, often known as user-created content, is mostly images, audio, videos, texts, testimonials, or other similar stuff that are explicitly brand specific and posted by users online. 

Customer testimonials have always been an elemental base for visitor engagement, and they phenomenally gain the trust of new users. 

Tips to Create Eye-Catching Snackable Content 

Well, now that we had a complete discussion on types of snackable content, it’s time to know how to create these snackable content for your brand. 

Incorporate Texts and Visual Elements

Pepsi texts and visuals

A combination of texts and visual elements is the perfect promotional stuff, especially for social media. 

Start-ups, fashion brands, influencers, and artists, all use these techniques to brighten up their visibility on social media platforms. 

Now, the free keyword research tool of RankWatch can help you find the most relevant search query of a particular brand. Once you have these search terms in hand, you can incorporate them throughout your digestible content and avail their benefits.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the search term. 
  2. Set the target location.
  3. Select whether you want results in phrase or broad match option,  
  4. Click on the search button

RankWatch keyword research tool

Instantly, you will get a long list of keywords and search terms along with insights like Keyword difficulty, CPC, competition, search volume trend, and question-based keyword suggestions.

RankWatch question based keyword terms

As you scroll down, the very same tool also offers you question-based keywords that you can use to develop better content in regards to the combination of text and visuals.

Develop Single Message Content

Single message content

Snackable content generally focuses on one single and clear idea. 

Rather than keeping multiple segmented information, it’s better to make the users consume a solo message.

RankWatch top landing pages insights

Now, RankWatch can help you decide the central theme or message of your snackable content. 

  1. Open the rank tracking section of RankWatch and fetch the top landing pages of a domain. 
  2. Analyze those high-value pages along with the topic and ideas that they are discussing.
  3. Create a single message content based on a trending topic of those top landing pages.

Content Repurposing Across Multiple Channels

Image of content repurposing

Content repurposing involves modifying the existing content format to create new content, possibly of updated format. 

For example, you can repurpose a single blog post into multiple social media content. You can break down a YouTube video into multiple GIFs. 

These days, several clips of movies are cut down to create various memes for posting on social media platforms. 

Make Mobile Friendly Content

Mobile friendly content

In the era of social media influence, snackable content that does not run fluently on mobile devices is of no use. 

Technical consultants, marketing enthusiasts, and creative geeks are invariably making sure to create snackable content for mobile users. 

So, you must focus on creating mobile-friendly content.

RankWatch free mobile friendly checker tool

The more you keep your website stuffed with mobile friendly content, the better will be the device compatibility of your website.

And the best part is that the mobile friendly checker of RankWatch can help you check the mobile-device compatibility of your website. You can evaluate your mobile friendly test score and figure out the areas that need to be improved to elevate your score. 

For instance there are factors like responsive layout, font size, loading speed or web design that determines the mobile friendliness of your domain. You just have to keep these factors intact in order to sustain the virtue. 

See What Your Competitors are Creating

CocaCola images

Finally, you need to keep a hawk eye on your successful market competitors. The type of digestible content they are creating, strategies they are using to promote their product via that content, and the scope of improvement you will come across if you adopt such similar content.

RankWatch competitor analysis

You can use RankWatch’s competitor analysis feature to find out your trending market rivals and replicate their website’s and social media snackable content for better engagement.

Implement Snackable Content Across Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The inculcation of snackable content across your digital marketing approach is always a thoughtful and better decision-making process. In the fast-paced and even complex digital ecosystem, snackable content is the ointment to users who don’t understand or do not try to understand complex stuff across multiple platforms. 

Thus, in this section of blog, we must discuss the method of implementing bite sized content in your modern digital marketing strategy. 

Let’s find them out. 

Understand the Snackable Content

Image of snackable content

Before you move forward to developing and implementing snackable content verticals, you must understand the basics to create it. 

Bite-sized content is visually appealing, short, and specifically designed to convey the message. You need to format it in a way that customers are able to consume it quickly. 

Mark the Right Platforms

Right platform for content publication

Developing content is not sufficient enough. You need to have the right strategy to implement it. 

For example, Instagram is known for posting reels, YouTube is suitable for shorts and videos, LinkedIn is best for infographics and iconographies, Twitter is the platform for textual and witty content, and so on. 

You have to get a rational understanding of the platform that best suits your brand’s snackable content. 

Integrate with Audience Preferences

Understand the audience preferences

Before developing the bite sized content, you have to research the target audience who will highly resonate with your brand. 

So, get a clear understanding of users as per their demographics, locational preferences, interests, pain points, consumption habits, and other similar factors. This can be done with the detailed analysis of social media trends, examination of trending market content, and by conducting insightful surveys. Further you can develop the interactive content as per the requirement. 

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Choose quality over quantity

Snackable content should always center around quality, not quantity. 

A single high-quality, well-researched, clear, information driven and graphical content is far better than countless flat and dull content. 

Thus, to leverage the marketing strategy of your snackable content, you must choose quality over quantity. 

Develop a Content Calendar

Develop content calendar

Consistency is the major factor for getting a high audience engagement.

So, maintaining a content calendar, posting plans, and scheduling the posts, is a good way to implement bite sized content across your marketing strategy. 

 Make sure to maintain the calendar regularly and update it as per the changing of trends, festivals, and events.

Measure the Performance

Track the performance

Tracking and measuring the performance of your snackable content is vital for your brand. Use analytics tools and hire marketing experts to track the conversion, reach, and engagement. 

Wrapping Up!

So, we have discussed all about snacking content, the significance of snackable content, types of snacking content, and strategies you can use to create trending digestible content for your brand. 

We have also learned how an impactful digital marketing platform like RankWatch can help you to create effective bite sized content or snack content. 

Hope this blog is useful to you and has offered you every necessary details on snackable content required for your brand. 


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