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June 8, 2019 | Interview

SEO Specialist & Digital Marketing Professional with a focus on performance metrics and social engagement strategies. With over 8 years of experience in Digital Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Brand Visibility Solutions, Social Media Marketing and Web Traffic Analysis. Specialize in initiating engaging social media and digital marketing campaigns for a business and working across different social and digital media platforms to create a cohesive brand and image for a client. Certified in Google Analytics.

Please tell us about yourself, where you work and your role at your company.

I am an SEO Specialist & Digital Marketing Project Manager at Good Monster. Good Monster is a sales-driven engagement marketing agency that builds highly effective strategies to help businesses and brands engage and converse with consumers in the modern, digital world.

How did you get introduced to digital marketing, more specifically SEO?

I became interested in SEO working for a startup e-commerce company in NYC. This was more than 7 years ago, and SEO was a newly-emerging field that many people hadn’t heard of yet. I taught myself the basics of gaining visibility on search engines and went on to work at a large digital marketing firm where I learned technical aspects of on & off page SEO and influencer-engagement techniques. I also got certified in Google Analytics to better evaluate and measure the success and reach of our campaigns and to find areas of opportunity for new strategies.

How do you think SEO has changed over the last 10 years? And, how do you think year 2019 will shape up for SEO industry?

In the last 10 years, Google index algorithms have switched focus from quantity of ranking signals to QUALITY of ranking signals. Building backlinks on irrelevant or spammy sites or repeating keywords on the page won’t cut it these days. In 2019 and 2020 SEO’s should focus on relevancy, consumer trust and branding. Additionally, SEO in 2019 and 2020 will be all about voice searches. According to Google, 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020, so brands and companies need to start working on gaining visibility in voice searches. I also think Local SEO is a huge area of opportunity for companies with a local presence or with multiple locations. Voice search usage compared to text search is three times more likely to be used for local purposes and be location specific so make sure your company is optimizing for local searches.

SEO is a process that keeps on evolving. So, how much time do you dedicate to your SEO daily to keep yourself evolving with it?

I try to dedicate at least a half hour, on top of my daily SEO work for clients, to researching new trends in SEO and learning all the latest indexing and algorithm updates from Google. These can have a huge effect on our work for clients, so I like to make sure I am up-to-date on all algorithm changes so I can understand if our work is being affected. I also like to review Google Analytics daily for my clients, to see how my work has impacted their site and search for new areas of opportunity.

What are the services you provide to your clients and what do you think makes your business stand out among your competitors?

We drive business results with social media, SEO, web design, Amazon marketing and influencer campaigns. We are sales-driven. Which means unlike most agencies, views, likes, and comments are not enough for us or our clients. Every strategy we create funnels down to the number one goal. Make money for our clients. Good Monster lives for its team members, and we give them the opportunity to build a career that is truly their own. We foster an environment that encourages the entrepreneurial spirit, new ideas and individually, which in turn leads to strong success for our clients and lasting on-going partnerships with our clients.

Everybody knows what you have achieved, I would like to talk about your failure stories and how they impacted your professional life. (As we know Rome was not built in a day)

I love this question! Working at a small e-commerce startup, I had to wear many hats. I quickly learned that social media marketing isn’t my speciality – I had to run Facebook ad campaigns and make creative content for the company’s social media outlets, and I definitely struggled with writing ad copy and using Facebook’s ad platform. By having to work in a field I wasn’t comfortable in, I learned where I can be most valuable to a company, which is SEO and analytics. I decided to continue learning and expanding my knowledge of these fields so that I could provide the most value in a field I understand the best (and enjoy working in most!)

Who are some of the remarkable people you connected within the industry who’ve made a memorable impact on you? (And how they have helped you stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the marketing/startup industry).

Working at a large technology firm that did enterprise- level SEO allowed me to work on some big name accounts in the e-commerce field such as Adore Me and Casper. I am lucky to have worked with some incredible and creative SEOs who always find new ways to engage online communities with the brand and to get valuable results – whether they get crucial back-links to top-level pages on the site, or increase social media engagement and reach. Working in such an evolving field keeps me on my toes and I am always coming up with new strategies to get the desired results for my clients.

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